Contemplation for the month of August……thoughts are potent!

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“Thus in the course of time thoughts of hate and envy may thrust themselves upon individuals, groups or whole nations, wherever they find homogeneity, impelling them to actions expressed in forms entirely different from those that first arose through your toying with thoughts!……..
But on the other hand you can also contribute even more powerfully to the peace and happiness of humanity, and through pure, joyful thinking can have a share in works that develop through total strangers.
From this the blessing also naturally flows back to you, and you do not realize why.
If you could but once see how the immutable Justice of God’s All-Holy Will is always fulfilled in the self-acting Laws of this Creation for every single thought you habour, you would strive with all your might to attain purity in your thinking!”

– “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin:


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