High recognitions . . . The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth”

“To aid in the present transformation toward a new age, knowledge concerning all the
Laws of Creation has been given to us with simplicity and grandeur. In the same manner,
knowledge concerning the meaning and purpose of our lives, and all the connections of
human existence, has been conveyed—knowledge so comprehensive, so complete, and
logical that mankind today cannot imagine possible…. This knowledge is found in the Grail
Message, which, unfolding the truth contains all the truths that have ever been transmitted to
humanity, untwisted. The Grail Message shows us a solution for the most urgent questions
related to humanity, and reveals all that is necessary for the authentic spiritual uplifting of
mankind. Presented in a clear and understandable manner, this vast knowledge of Creation
shows each individual the path to a natural change of his destiny, which results from his
ability to comply with the laws of Creation, that help and favor him. Simultaneously, this
brings about a “spiritual readiness” with which everything is embraced. This is the long
awaited for renovation that begins with the spirit.”

– Roselis von Sass (Threads of Fate Determine Human Life)

Text and image source: Garden of Illumination


#AustraliaBushFires . . . Our children will bear witness

Be a witness:

We see you as your rain forest burns
ancient green lungs erupting into flame
we hear your anguished cries
the same ones mass media ignore
we will give a voice to the voiceless

We will be a witness

Greed and eco terrorism rule
trade deals and wealthy landowners
deal in secret handshakes and dirty money
genocide ecocide sabotage corruption and lies
human impact fuels the flames

We will be a witness

This holy green cathedral burns
sacred land and sentient beings fall
billions promised for bricks and mortar
the hypocrisy of government and religion
trying to blind us to the truth

We will be a witness

We each need to look within
reassess our individual greed
reassess our individual need
make change and take account
all living beings equal

We will be a witness

No fear only love
no violence only action
no longer blind we see
we choose to rise
in gentler ways

Our children will bear witness

~ Earthschool Harmony 💚

Text & image source: Earthschool Harmony

High recognitions . . . Not even a single hair of a person will be touched if…

“Not even a single hair of a person will be touched if that person, himself, at one time did
not create a reason for it. This is true for individuals as well as for a whole people……

Their conviction in the absolute infallibility of Divine Justice would free them of their karmic
burden. They then would receive assistance in the most unexpected ways, which would
improve their terrestrial lives. For human beings are continuously subject to the Law of
Reciprocal Action, and receive everything exactly as they themselves once wished.”

– Roselis von Sass (Threads of Fate Determine Human Life )
The writer draws inspiration from “The Grail Message”
(In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

Text & image source: Garden of Illumination

High recognitions . . . Divine Justice is infallible and goes beyond one earthlife.

“Divine Justice is infallible. It affects each human being as he, himself, deserves.
Every individual reaps what he sows. This is the infallible Divine Justice that,
acting within the Laws of Creation, can only be understood by those who
truly believe in reincarnation.” 

– Roselis von Sass (Threads of Fate Determine Human Life )
The writer draws inspiration from “The Grail Message”
(In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

Text & image source: Garden of Illumination

#Omens&Symbols . . . . There is nothing as near as the eternal.

‘Ta Tir na n-og ar chul an ti – tir alainn, trina cheile’ — that is, ‘The land of eternal youth is behind the house, a beautiful land fluent within itself.’ 
The eternal world and mortal world are not parallel, rather they are fused. The beautiful Gaelic phrase, ‘fighte fuaighte’…’woven into and through each other’…captures this.”

-John O’Donohue; Anam Cara 

Photo: “Skomer Wildflowers” by Anne Gilbert

Text & image source: Between the Realms

#WisdomfromthePast…..Health in the time of the Incas and in the present time

Originally, the Inca people did not know what “diseases” were… But they did not know what a lie was either. There was not even a word in their language to designate the concept of lying. They lived in unrestricted conformity to the Laws of Creation, in a natural way, for centuries. They were the last people on earth still connected to the Light.
In contrast, almost all humanity has been living in opposition to Natural Laws for millennia. That is why almost everyone today bears some kind of disease, be it a simpler or more serious one. This is only one of the many negative effects of a wrong way of life, to which we have indulged in not only during this earthly life but also in the previous ones. We have sown bad seeds, and now we reap the bitter fruits thereof.

Text & image source: The Day Without Tomorrow

High recognitions . . . . abuse of pure sexual force

“Only after earthly death do the consequences of the abuse of the pure sexual force become visible in all its tragic reality. By then it is usually too late for redemption for the misuse and squandering of the pure sexual force corresponds to a sin against Love, according to the Law of Creation.

– Roselis von Sass (The Book of the Last Judgment)
The author draws inspiration from “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

Text & image source: Garden of Illumination

There is no royal road to anything.

“There is no royal road to anything.
One thing at a time, all things in succession.
That which grows fast, withers as rapidly.
That which grows slowly, endures.”

– Josiah Gilbert Holland

Text & image source: Harmony

High recognitions . . . .’Numbers are the Essence of Everything in Creation



“The universal language of vibration is articulated by number and expressed
through geometric ratios that define sound, colour (light,) and form. Everything
in Creation is designed and defined by these archetypal patterns. It is the
geometric expression of these archetype energies that open our intuitive
awareness and understanding of these energy characteristics. Numbers and the
symbols that express them have the same meaning throughout this world’s
cultures, and indeed, it is this language that is truly universal.

Learning the language of vibration embarks one on the journey of Creation
itself, unfolding from the Source of all-that-is (and all that shall be!), from

1.) Unity (1)= Power
2.) Division (2)= Creation
3.) Multiplication (3) = Light
4.) Manifestation (4) = Nature
5.) Reproduction/Transformation (5) = Love
6.) Reflection/Balance (6) = Might
7.) Evolution (7) = Will
8.) Infinite-Awareness (8) = Spirit
9.) Enlightened Perfection (9) = Faith

The Laws of Numbers is a great mysterious Knowledge in Creation NOW being
UNVEILED in the sense of The Eternal Laws of Creation or Nature bearing and
expressing the Perfect Will of The Almighty, as they swing throughout all the
Realms of Creation in the eternal rhythm, synchronicity and harmonics….”

~Herbert Vollmann






Text & image source: Jude Teme Adonne

Sunday reflection . . . .Why is there no fear to go to sleep?




“But then, the fear of death is based on what?
I tell you:
Solely and only on the uncertainty whether there is or not another life after the loss of this life,

Who of you is afraid before going to sleep, even though the sleep is only a periodical death of the body?

Why is there no fear to go to sleep?

Because it is known from experience that there will be a waking up in the same life, even if it seems to be a new life.

Take away this experience and everyone would, before going to sleep, be afraid in the same measure as he is afraid of physical death.”

J. Lorber.- The Spiritual Sun part 2 –





Text & image source: Obinna Magnobi