Sunsets are proof…..

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully. 

~ Kristan Butler

Text& image source: Spiritual Awakeningॐ-105433989565465/

ABMAS, a celebration of The Grail Message!



ABMAS is a word I have coined to remind me of 18th April, the birth Anniversary of Abd-ru-shin, the Author of The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth). To those who know, this day has become very special; a commemoration of the anchorage of Light (Divine Unsubstantiate Essence) on earth and the fulfillment of Profound promises to our Universe, Ephesus!
Since the Light Envoy emphatically demanded that each individual should be allowed to personally seek and discover His identity, let us concentrate more on His Mission than His Personality! His constant admonition should echo loud and clear in our minds: “Heed the Message not the bringer.”

Like I once said in a post, “Celebrating Abd-ru-shin and The Grail Message (In the Light of Truth.), the Message leads the reader in simple words into the Knowledge of Creation and explains even the most intriguing World-Happening from a spiritual standpoint. With…

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one for Charlie Chaplin’s birthday(16 April 1889)

“There’s something just as inevitable as death, and that’s life. Life, life, life.
Think of all the power that’s in the universe, moving the earth, growing the trees.
That’s the same power within you if you only have courage and the will to use it.”

~ Charlie Chaplin

Text & image source: Jana Eid