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Everything in the world of existence has an end and a goal.

Everything in the world of existence has an end and a goal.


The end is maturity and the goal is freedom. For
example, fruit grows on the tree until it is ripe and then
falls. The ripened fruit represents maturity, and the fallen
fruit, freedom.


The final goal is returning to one’s origin. Everything
which reaches its origin has reached its goal. A farmer
sows grain in the ground and tends it. It begins to grow,
eventually seeds, and again becomes grain. It has returned
to its original form. The circle is complete. Completing
the circle of existence is freedom.


Travelling the Path of Love, S.30
Text & image source: Johanna von Bernus @ The Celestial Sanctum https://www.facebook.com/groups/celestialsanctum/

Reflection . . . .

Teach us that even as the wonder of the stars in the heavens
only reveals itself in the silence of the night, so the wonder of life
reveals itself in the silence of the heart. In the silence of our heart
we may see the scattered leaves of all the universe bound by love.

Artist: Unknown
Text and image source: The Celestial Sanctum https://www.facebook.com/groups/celestialsanctum/

To thyself be true!

” So many of us think that if we act like a thing doesn’t exist, it will just go away.
When you are on a spiritual path, you must come face-to-face with yourself
and acknowledge all of who you are. Only through this process will you grow
and become the embodiment of a true spiritual consciousness.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant

Text & image source: Iyanla Vanzant https://www.facebook.com/DrIyanlaVanzant/

Into the light is where I was found.

” Into the light is where I was found. 
For many years my soul was tied and bound. 
I gave into the darkness 
and then surrendered into the light
I let go of my fears 
and set my soul to flight.”

– Melanie M Koulouris 

photo credit: http://www.grahamowengallery.com/
Text & image source: Precious World https://www.facebook.com/ourpreciousworld/