And let God’s people say Amen.





“Let the day end,
the night fall,
the world move into silence,
And let God’s people say AMEN.

Let minds unwind,
hearts be still,
bodies relax
And let God’s people say AMEN.

But before the day is done,
Let God’s holy name be praised,
And let God’s people say AMEN.”

~ Wild Goose Resource Group/Linda Lockwood





Image Pintrest Location ~ Lochranza Castle on the Isle of Arran
Text & image source: Night Prayers


It is quiet now…….




“It is quiet now. All the cares of this long day are drifting away. There is
peace in the house, and in the garden, and over the fence into the wide world
beyond, a peace that passes beneath the trees and through the fences, circling
the moon in a spiral of silver light, following the night air, going into places
where lonely hearts hide, searching for the wounded among us, comforting the
dreams of the innocent. It is quiet now, for the love of God walks this night,
as every night, gently seeking, seeking those who need love the most, as they
wait, wait for the coming of the dawn.”

~ Steven Charleston






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Text & image source: Night Prayers

Nigh time reflection . . .




“For the night skies opening outwards,
star upon star, expanse after expanse,
thanks be to You, O God.
For the mystery of Your presence
in and beyond all that can be seen,
thanks be to You.”

~ Celtic Benediction, J. Philip Newell






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Text & image source: Night Prayers

Goodnight . . . . Let us pass this night in safety,




“Let us pass this night in safety,
under Your protective care,
and rise when morning comes
to give You thanks and serve You with
joyful hearts.”

~ Anna Lin





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Text & image source: Night Prayers

#Goodnight . . . A rest from all toil and sorrow;




“A rest from all toil and sorrow;
Earth folds in her arms my weary frame
And shelters it till the morrow;
My soul is at home with God in heaven,
Her sorrows are past and over.”

~ Magnus Brostrup Landstad





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Text & image source: Night Prayers

Rhythms of the night . . . The Great Silence ~ ~ ~




“When darkness comes,
I move into the Silent Wonder of the night . . .
For there is peace . . .
For there is God.”

~ Anna Lin


“My soul yearns for You in the night,
My spirit within me earnestly seeks You.”

~Isaiah 26:9






Image source: Earthschool Harmony
Text source: Night Prayers

#Goodmorning . . . Keep your energy in the High Vibe.




“Keep your energy in the High Vibe.
First thing every day, think of something you love and run that vibrant energy
through every cell of You….
Instead of running on your personal energy, connect with the limitless Life
Source energy that thrives throughout the universe and let that be the well
spring that sources your well being, your creative drive, and your passions
for life! ”

ಌ⊱♡☼♡⊰ಌ Zura Shishani







Text & image source: Zura Shishani