. . . and then when you get into bed . . .


During the daylight hours focus on making good things happen
and then when you get into bed
leave the rest up to the Universe.





Text & image credit: Begin with Yes

As tonight settles in . . .


As tonight settles in, we have a gift waiting for us.
When you turn off the bedroom light, use that “click” as a reminder
that no matter how you’re feeling physically, emotionally or spiritually
right this minute, you have every right and every reason to be hopeful
about more love, more peace and more opportunities
to share who you are with the world.



Text & image credit: Begin with Yes

. . . at the day’s end


“When I stand before Thee at the day’s end,
thou shalt see my scars
and know that I had my wounds
and also my healing.”

•Rabindranath Tagore






Text & image source: Earthmother Holistic Events

When our heads finally hit the pillows tonight . . .


When our heads finally hit the pillows tonight,
let’s think about the people we love, those nearby, those far away
and those who are sweet memories that will linger forever.
Remembering each with a smile is a way to count your blessings
and invite sleep to gently find you.




Text & image credit: Begin with Yes

The ache for home . . .


“The ache for home lives in all of us.
The safe place where we can go
as we are and not be questioned.”

~ Maya Angelou





Image~Going Home Tom Engelhardt
Text & image source: Rest in the Arms of Angels

It is time to float on the waters of the night.


“It is time to float on the waters of the night.
Time to wrap my arms around this book
and press it to my chest, life preserver
in a sea of unremarkable men and women,
anonymous faces on the street,
a hundred thousand unalphabetized things,
a million forgotten hours.”

~ Billy Collins







Artist~Jacek Yerka
Text & image source: Moonlight Serenade

When the day is over . . .


When the day is over, let it go.
Don’t dwell on what you could’ve or should’ve done.
Tomorrow is another day, and another chance to get it right.





Photo & text credit: Spiritual Awakenings ॐ