#EnchantingRaysofPurple . . . . Rhythms of the Holy Week

Photo credit: Purple Flowers

#GoodMorning with . . . . ‘Armani’

One of the darkest, reddest peonies ever grown! ‘Armani’ has intricately ruffled petals creating a tasteful, sophisticated look. Give Armani a sunny spot, keep the soil moist but well-drained, and enjoy decades of garden beauty!


Text & image Credit: Wayside Gardens

#GoodMorning . . . .with ‘Love Hearts’

Compact and exceptionally long-blooming, Dicentra ‘Love Hearts’
is a splendid cultivar with handsome blue-green foliage
and delicate heart shaped blooms ……


Text & image credit: Wayside Gardens

#GoodMorning . . . . with Vibrant Tulip

Spring Flowers-Tulips.

Tulips shyly smiling, greet the spring
Tightly closed when at 
First we meet
Tulips slowly opening, begin to sing
Gaining volume 
Ever sweet 

No longer shy, as days grow longer, 
Raising their heads 
They begin to flirt
Tulips dressed in many a color
Breezes swirling 
Each floral skirt

Tulips, brazen painted hussies, 
Part their bright lips trying to seduce
The busy buzzing bees
Far too bold for dainty tussies
Vibrant Tulip flowers produce
Visions certain to please.

Mary Havran.

Artist Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

The Tulips Are Coming, The Tulips Are Coming.

Here come my dear tulips again.
The distinct spikes are starting to show.
I have to put on paper with pen, 
To tell you what flowers I grow.

My favorites are the deep dark red; 
They’re scattered throughout the gardens.
I have some in every bed.
For this, I beg no pardons.

A hobby, a joy, a love so grand, 
My gorgeous tulips will survive.
All winter I’ve thought and planned, 
For the days when they’ll arrive.

Soon there will be hundreds anew; 
All over the grounds you’ll see.
And I’d love to guide you through, 
My many gardens – Just You and Me.

Just a quick walk through my place, 
To stop and visit my flowers.
It will surely put a smile on your face; 
And take only a couple of hours. 

~ J.B. LeBuert

Artist Unknown
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

#GoodMorning . . .with standout ‘Longwood Blue’

This superior shrub was selected for its upright growth,
long bloomtime, heavy flower production, and superb silvery foliage.
Caryopteris ‘Longwood Blue’ is a garden standout that needs little attention
to look its best for years.


Text & image credit: Wayside Gardens

#GoodMorning . . . with gorgeous Redbud

‘Appalachian Red’ Eastern Redbud was discovered growing beside a road in Maryland, and was released by the University of Tennessee. It has since won the Dr. Max Byrkit Award, and we expect that this is only the first of many honors to come! It will fill your landscape with three seasons of unparalleled beauty.


Text & image credit: Wayside Gardens