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Sunday reflections . . . I do not care very much . . .


“I do not care very much what men say of me,
provided that God approves of me.”

~ Sir Thomas More






Photo credit: Purple Flowers https://web.facebook.com/share.purple.flowers/
Quote source: http://www.luminarium.org/renlit/morequotes.htm

. . . the heart sees within and has no doubt


the mind looks at life as something to flout
sending worry and fear from the inside out
the heart sees within and has no doubt
warm and benevolent as love pours out





Text & image source: Jean-Pierre Royal Gregoire https://web.facebook.com/lovestruehome

Love takes courage.


“Hate is easy. Love takes courage.”

~ Anon






Text & image source: http://www.earthschoolharmony.com & Earthschool Harmony https://web.facebook.com/SpiritualQuotesandSoulfood/

Grail Thoughts #16 . . . you should never bring destruction to your fellow creatures,


“…. You are not to become combatants who throw bombs and grenades
and kill human beings,
you should never bring destruction to your fellow creatures,
but you are to strike with the Sword of Conviction,
behind which stands The Omnipotence of God, which no resistance can oppose !
What I have given and ever again given you is the unconditional victory !”

~ Abdruschin. “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth)

Text & image source: Andrew Ezeudegbe https://web.facebook.com/andrew.ezeudegbe.7

unfold thyself gently gradually . . .


“unfold thyself
like a mystical origami swan
spread wide thy glistening wings
release thy glorious splendour
shimmering lights
celestial sounds
thou art resplendent soul
child of God
beautiful,… forever free”

~ Sri Gawn Tu Fahr





Text & image source: Jean-Pierre Royal Gregoire https://web.facebook.com/lovestruehome

This faith transforms . . .


“This faith transforms the whirlwind of despair
into a warm and reviving breeze of hope.
The words of a motto which a generation ago
were commonly found on the wall in the homes
of devout persons need to be etched on our hearts:

Fear knocked at the door.
Faith answered.
There was no one there.”

~Martin Luther King Jr.,






Artist~✯~Charles Courtney Curran, May Afternoon
Text & image source: Rest in the Arms of Angels https://web.facebook.com/Rest-in-the-Arms-of-Angels-164081253667227/

Say yes to its fierce, ruthless, and loving grace.


“Your life, all of your life, is your path to awakening.
By resisting or not dealing with its challenges, you stay asleep to Reality.
Pay attention to what life is trying to reveal to you.
Say yes to its fierce, ruthless, and loving grace.”

― Adyashanti




Text & image source: Harmony https://web.facebook.com/Harmony-578149188866564/