This Mother’s Day weekend . . .




This Mother’s Day weekend let us also honor the women who chose not to have
children, those who wanted but were unable to have children and those who are
trying everything possible and would give anything they have to become a mother.
And let us remember those mothers who have lost a child and live on with broken
hearts. We know the passion for mothering is often expressed in surprising,
unexpected and all kinds of beautiful and loving ways. And we know that
expression of love is just as important, just as powerful and just as essential
as any love that exists.









Text & image source: Begin with Yes
Photo by Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld:


May Contemplation . . . the Festival of the Holy Dove…





Pentecost approaches..
The renewal of Power..
Ratification of the oldest Promise..

He, the “I am that I am” Willed:
“Let there be Light…”

This was followed by:
“Let the Light be anchored…”

From that Moment,
The yearly renewal of the Power
Occurring through the Holy Spirit began.

It is called, the Festival of the Holy Dove..
The outpouring of Power through the Holy Spirit.

Breathlessly Creation await this Moment.

May this Blessed Grace reach us in His Unsubstantiate incomprehensible Love.






Text & image credit: Obinna Magnobi

Come May, sweet May, with all thy bloom,




Come May, sweet May, with all thy bloom,
Thy fragrant breezes, azure skies,
Come quickly to the waiting earth,
And bid its bidden treasures rise.
Give us again the song of birds,
The scent of blossoms on the air,
The rustle of the growing grass,
The dainty primrose, sweet and fair.

Oh! there are hearts that long to feel
Thy soft caress on cheek and brow;
Hearts grieving, that would fain be glad;
Come then, dear May, and teach them how.
Come, tell us of thy sister June,
What gifts from her shall follow thine?
Ah! roses red she wears for crown;
Bright May, thy primrose shall be mine.

All yellow o’er the grassy lane
The cowslips spread, and ‘neath thy skies
The sweet “May blossoms” in their beds,
With violets, ope their soft blue eyes.
Then come, come quickly, charming May,
Strew the broad earth with gifts so sweet;
And hill and vale, and earth and sky,
Thy praises ever shall repeat.

by Mary Dow Brine






Art Michael Coulter
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

Full Pink Moon Blessings!




Mother Moon will be in her full beauty on April 29! The Moon in Scorpio brings
light to our shadows that we avoid to deal with. Scorpio Moon is profoundly
transformational and invites us to contemplate the eternal transformations of
life, and how life continually creates new forms from the death of old ones. The
Moon encourages us to explore a shadow side of ourselves, face its presence and
let go everything that holds us back from our truth and purpose. We need to
learn to fearlessly manifest our true essence and true Self.

The name for this Full Moon came from the pink wild ground phlox, the first
blooming flowers in early spring. It was also called the Egg Moon or the Fish








Photo: Athar Javed
Text & image source: Rivers in the Ocean

Easter Thoughts #3 . . . The Easter Flower



Far from this foreign Easter damp and chilly
My soul steals to a pear-shaped plot of ground,
Where gleamed the lilac-tinted Easter lily
Soft-scented in the air for yards around;

Alone, without a hint of guardian leaf!
Just like a fragile bell of silver rime,
It burst the tomb for freedom sweet and brief
In the young pregnant year at Eastertime;

And many thought it was a sacred sign,
And some called it the resurrection flower;
And I, a pagan, worshiped at its shrine,
Yielding my heart unto its perfumed power.
The Easter Flower

~ Claude McKay








Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

Easter Thoughts#2 . . . What a man sows that also shall HE reap.




The Truth is actually the opposite of what
the earthly man-made belief systems would have us believe!

Torture and Murder of others does NOT take away or redeem OUR sins/karma
Far less the torture and murder of a Divine Envoy from the light!
For under universal Cosmic Law: “What a man sows that also shall HE reap.”







Text & image source: Return To Eden

Easter Thoughts . . . The Cross was already known before Christ’s time…





Photo credit: Archer Eton