#One-linerWednesday . . . . Whoever is happy…

Whoever is happy
will make others happy too.

– Anne Frank

Text & image source: Precious World


#TenderTuesday . . . . are we not ‘all’ a bit of Peter Pan?

“There could not have been a lovelier sight;
but there was none to see it except a little boy
who was staring in at the window. He had had ecstasies
innumerable that other children can never know;
but he was looking through the window at the one joy
which he must be for ever barred.”

~ J.M. Barrie, “Peter Pan.” (The Return Home).

Illustration by Scott Gustafson.
text & image source: Nina Mera/ Edmund Dulac

There is a stage after which language fails us.


There is a stage after which language fails us.
When you step into the zone of love, you won’t need language.”

~ The Forty Rules of Love

Text & image source: Amin Muhammad @ Mystic Rhythm of sufi love*F



The old man sat with eyes closed, dozing in his chair
Until a little voice he heard say “Grandpa, are you there”.

He gazed upon a little boy while waking from his nap
Then reached down with a sweeping move and placed him in his lap

The child was carrying a book that he wanted him to see
He held it up and asked him “Grandpa, will you read to me”?

The old man cleaned his glasses then opened up the book
And suddenly the two of them a wonderous journey took

They ventured lands so far away, sailed seas not sailed before
Met knights and kings and wizards on every distant shore.

Together they fought dragons, saved damsels in distress
Freeing lands of monsters and the treasures they possess

When the old man closed the cover to end their magic ride
He told the boy “We’re much like books, what’s important is inside”.

But one day when the boy arrived and rushed to Grandpas chair
Much to his disappointment, his Grandpa was not there

He ran to find his mother for surely she would know
Why the chair was empty, where did his Grandpa go

She sat him down and asked him if he remembered in each book
The adventures and the journeys that he and Grandpa took

He took you there to show you the things that you can find
The wonders that are yours to see if you open up your mind.

But he still walks beside you in the stories you have read
You’re not left to go alone, he’s just gone on ahead

The child then went and chose a book and climbed up in the chair
And opening up the cover whispered “Grandpa, are you there”?

Bob Quigley

Artist Norman Rockwell
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

#TenderTuesday . . . There is dew for The Flow’ret.

There is dew for the flow’ret
And honey for the bee,
And bowers for the wild bird,
And love for you and me.
There are tears for the many
And pleasures for the few;
But let the world pass on, dear,
There’s love for me and you.
There is care that will not leave us,
And pain that will not flee;
But on our hearth unalter’d
Sits Love—’tween you and me.
Our love it ne’er was reckon’d,
Yet good it is and true,
It’s half the world to me, dear,
It’s all the world to you.

Thomas Hood.

Artist Dee Nickerson
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

Every now and then, take an inventory of your life.

Every now and then, take an inventory of your life. Figure out who is in your life and why.
We often hang on to old, toxic, worn-out relationships that keep our lives cluttered and
prevent new, more nurturing relationships from coming in. Do you have friends and
acquaintances you do not want or need in your life? Release them from your heart and mind.

~ Iyanla Vanzant

Text & image credit: Iyanla Vanzant