The Award for Love and Kindness!


Here’s a big thank you to Eric of for nominating me for The Award for Love and Kindness
What an exciting award; beautiful in design, lofty in ideals! It was created by Barbara Mattio who believes Love and Kindness are necessary tools for promoting peace in the world! The award is her special way of sharing her respect and appreciation for these values particularly among bloggers! In her words:

“It is important for us to remember that we are One Family living in One World; we are Sisters and Brothers, no matter how we look, what culture we live in, what religion we practice or who we love. In many ways, blogging removes some of the obvious barriers between us, and helps bring those of us from all walks of life, ethnicity, creed, colors and ideals together as One Family,”

Thank you Eric, for extending Barbara’s hand of love, kindness and peace to me!
A few words about Eric! He likes to be identified as a Christian and believes in a monotheistic Godhead but discusses Divine Truth, spirituality, life and existence with a very open mind! He glides through various philosophical thoughts, religions, cultures, traditions and esoteric practices with the balance and fairness of an accomplished mentor! His blog is therefore a veritable classroom for Truth seekers; irrespective of their religion, spiritual endeavor/ orientation!
With a grateful heart, I dedicate the award to all friends and readers of Purpleraysblog! Your support and encouragement together with the inspirations you share on your various blogs have made every of my single day a joyful experience to look forward to!
Warm wishes of love, kindness and peace to you all!

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Thank you Marlyn for the inner peace award, and a toast for Tracy


Early last week, Purpleraysblog was nominated for the Don Charisma’s version of Inner Peace Award by Marlyn of
Marlyn understands the language of colors and pictures and speaks it with uncommon eloquence! You have probably heard that “a picture speaks more than a thousand words”, you can say that again and again for Marlyn’s illustrations! They don’t only express thousands of words, they speak many languages! They have something for every tongue, culture, religion or, creed; and for those who do not understand the language of pictures, she spices her posts with insightful words to serve a complete menu! A big thank you Marlyn, for the award
Now to the award!
Its simple acceptance condition stands the award out: write a short piece on why you are accepting it! That’s it!
Like I said in the acceptance post of a similar version “The award’s magic lies primarily in its wording: INNER PEACE! Who doesn’t wish himself or herself inner peace? “Go in peace”, “Peace be upon you”, “Peace, I leave with you”, are some of the unforgettable heralds given to mankind by Masters and Light Messengers over the ages!”
More so, I cherish every nomination and consider it a hand of appreciation extended by friends! For me, “Awards are like hugs and nominations are like out-stretched arms for a warm embrace! Once someone offers you one, courtesy demands that you also reach out or, at least, tone it down to a handshake; unless, you have serious issues with the person!”
I offer the award to my friends/readers on the WordPress platform for their wonderful inspiration and support! Also, I am specially dedicating it to Tracy of
Tracy opened my eyes to the world of the scourge of breast cancer and what my late cousin secretively endured! In her last days, my cousin was always ‘seeing the doctor’ and her closest confidants only told us she had BP problems! It was only months after she had passed on that I stumbled on the information that she actually had breast cancer. I was speechless and still don’t understand why they shrouded her illness in such secrecy! Every now and then I keep wondering how many more health issues are firmly tucked away in my extended family cupboards?
Not so with Tracy and what a delightful change! She freely discusses the ailment and her treatment procedures without bitterness! She spares no detail and bears no grudge, not even on cancer! It is only a benevolent soul like Tracy that can still afford to say, ”In spite of everything that’s happened I don’t resent cancer; it’s just something that happened.”
Fortunately, she is gradually recovering and as usual, taking life as it comes with exemplarily positive attitude!
Deeply stirring are Tracy’s words in a recent post:

“It seems some good can come from almost any situation, including those that derail the life we once knew. Twenty-two months of change has driven me to chose the road less travelled. Though there are bumps along the way, I suspect its a happier and healthier road overall.”

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Blog Awards are like Hugs; they deserve some appreciation!

Photo Credit: Sun Gazing on Facebook

Awards are like hugs and nominations are like out-stretched arms for a warm embrace! Once someone offers you one, courtesy demands that you also reach out or, at least, tone it down to a handshake; unless, you have serious issues with the person!
I would consider it an embarrassment if my open arms are ignored or spurned! Unfortunately, there’s hardly a month I do not ignore nominations from my friends which, if you ask me, smacks of embarrassing them! I got the sad hint last week when a friend nominated me and was full of appreciation for my work, only to end on the sober note:
“If you don’t accept it, I’ll understand”!
That triggered an alarm bell! I could immediately recall that this was not the first nomination from this guy and, this was not the tone of a happy friend! I’m therefore going back to the early days of this blog! Every single nomination will be acknowledged with a thank-you post and a partial fulfillment of the award conditions! Partial, since I may not send out nominations because I’ve lost count of my “No awards here, please” friends out there!
Rather, I’d use the opportunity to honor friends who as beacons of light and enlightenment, are breathing positive energies into the hearts of their fellow humans and the entire Universe through their blogs! With few words and images these bloggers who resonate with the vibrations of the Light in Creation, have spread more wisdom, blessings and inspiration than many a pulpit and temple…..freely without an ‘offering’ box for appreciation! The least I can do is mention them in special dedications!
So, if every now and then you find thank-you posts and, if they appear too frequent for your comfort, please bear with me! Like I said, awards are long distance hugs and like sincere friendly hugs they transmit pure energy and engender good, uplifting feelings! The least I can do is show appreciation!


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Awards Bounty from the Humble Prince!


Early this week, the highly respected Ajaytao of splashed the blogging community with awards. To every nominee he gave the options to choose two (2) or three (3) from a collection of thirteen (13) awards. This gesture, set off a string of goodwill and friendly sharing!
Purplerays had the rare honor of two nominations! One with 2 slots for our post, “What do Blog Awards Mean to You? (A Shining example by Morgan), and, the other with 3 slots for, “WALK BY FAITH”! These were joyful moments not only because of the bountiful number of slots, but, also because of the hand they came from. Like we once said, “The life and essence of an award lies in the hand of the giver”.
Ayataov and his work require no introduction. He is one of the shining lights and occupies a place among the royal ranks in the Blogging Kingdom. His blog has something for everyone in any mood and in any circumstance! Yet, in humility he makes no big claims for the great work and all the time he puts in on daily basis to keep the blog ever fresh! No grand-standing; just a willingness to share his passions! Hear him:
I cannot express myself properly. I don’t know how to put it in words but still let me try & tell you all, that whatever content, I have put in my blog, is everything which I am too passionate about, may it be ‘ Pictures, Books, Ebooks, Poetry, Religious Text, Quotes etc etc ; everything is just directly what I liked from my heart.
Photography is a hobby(advanced), Writing is a hobby, Graphic Designing a hooby. Compilation & Reading a hobby, so the point is, I don’t want to take any credit as to what I do, or to what I have posted on this blog. I just want to share everything possible with you all.
Just straight from my heart hope you all will like it. Please bear with me

This is a lesson in humility and Vintage Ajaytao!
We appreciate the honor and wish to pass it on to all our friends, readers and viewers. You are the real spirit and bearers of Purple Rays!

What do Blog Awards Mean to You? {A shining example by Morgan}


Last week, Purplerays was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. This nomination was particularly special and full of pleasant vibes! Why so special? Is every award not special? Is it your first award or your first time of receiving this award? These and many more questions you may ask!
True, every award is special, a gift, an appreciation and a handshake! However what makes an award ‘particularly’ special; what makes a handshake warm and even turn it to an intimate hug, is the enthusiasm and value the person who nominated you attaches to the award. The life and essence of an award lies in the hands of the giver!
Nine-tenth of bloggers take blog awards for granted and when they ‘have the time’ to acknowledge a nomination, they do so as a matter of courtesy! No problem with that; everyone should have the right and discretion to acknowledge, accept or reject a gift! But why pass them on? Why nominate and pass on an award that means little of nothing to you?
The good, happy and engaging bloggers on WordPress deserve much more than cold patronizing!
Many thanks to Morgan of who nominated us! Her enthusiasm was infectious; the excitement ‘came through’ real big. Have a ‘feel’ of her words:

“Richard Ankers has honored me more than I can say by nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. For someone who only started blogging two months ago, this is as amazing to me as it is thrilling and I literally had to get up and do a happy dance before I could think clearly again Thank You Ever So Much Richard”

Morgan is a versatile writer, no doubt! She has proven right the saying that when the blogger is ready, ideas come flooding from different directions! Although barely 2 months old, her blog has well over 220 unique, thought-provoking and sometimes almost eerie posts in 10 categories! Over 220 posts; increasing like clockwork by the day; definitely a blogging sensation in the making!
Her example speaks volumes: she received the award with joy and passed it on with joy! We her nominees could not but perceive and share in the joy! This is what makes the award a joyful experience!
….and you, dear friends, what value do you place on blog awards? If they mean nothing to you, you do not have to pass them on!
Share your warmth, not your unwanted baggage! That’s what friends are for!

45 Likes in 3 Minutes! How Did He Do It?


Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Last Tuesday, I opened my mailbox to find that one blogger (not a follower) had hit Purplerays with 45 likes. This kind of got my feelings mixed up!
For sure, I value every visitor to my blog, no matter how casual, and truly appreciate those who go further to like, comment, reblog, nominate, or, take any other similar action. More so, the blog has opened up a whole new world of warm friendship and selfless sharing! For this and many more reasons, I am eternally grateful to WordPress and my friends on the platform!
On the other hand, experience has shown that mass likers are impatient readers! They simply skim through your post, click some likes and move on. The big boys and big girls (bloggers) are the worst culprits! They don’t visit often and when they come calling, in a jiffy, they drop 4 or 5 likes; more like a pat on the back.
This fellow must have been around for a good while! Was he? So, I did a quick check and viola—this guy ‘went through’ 45 posts in 3 minutes 26 seconds! This to me was record shattering:
45 posts comprising, 37 text, and 8 photo materials all inside of 4 minutes; i.e. approximately 5 seconds per post?
I checked out his blog and believe me, he is not just another new kid on the block! With over 132,000 hits, 1,400 followers and an archive dating back to October, 2010, the guy has sure got a handle on blogging! What am I missing?
Unsure of what happened, I left his blog with the following message:
“Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. You liked 45 posts in less than 5 minutes. I am just wondering how you covered so much in short a time. Please, how did you do it?”

Still waiting for a reply!

INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

Early this week, the WordPress blogosphere, particularly the spirituality/philosophy axis, was awash with Inner Peace Award.
Summer’s blog started the avalanche, and within hours, many blogs were either offered or, already hoisting the Peace banner. It felt good! How I wish peace and good will could be spread among mankind with such love and generosity!
The award’s magic lies primarily in its wording: INNER PEACE! Who doesn’t wish himself or herself inner peace? “Go in peace”, “Peace be upon you”, “Peace, I leave with you”, are some of the unforgettable heralds given to mankind by Masters and Light Messengers over the ages!
A second catch is that the award is easy to accept: offer it freely to all your followers, nominate a few if you so wish and leave an inspiring word on peace. You don’t have to dust up your bio data and string out a long list of nominees who in any case, either already have the award or, are too busy to even acknowledge your nomination.
Purplerays benefited from the largese through nominations and open followership offers. See why I said it felt good?
In the spirit of the award, I offer it to all my followers and readers of this post. Where would Purplerays be without you?………….in the wilderness! I owe you all much more than I can ever repay! In addition, I want to specially thank these friends who nominated Purplerays:
1. Summer of The searching one, who challenges you to “dare to be,” to say yes, or no, only out of inner conviction rather than bowing to herd mentality; but, to pursue your dreams with friendliness and love! She believes that “We all are born with a pure heart. That ‘pure inside’ of you, will always be a part of you no matter what…….”

2. Tatiana of Easygoing but deep! She talks wisdom, love, success and happiness; one moment it is the usual everyday gist, the next moment, it is a sober spiritual reflection. That’s the paradox of life that Tatiana draws your attention to! Good, inspiring mind laced with a simple life principle….”love yourself and love ALL people”.

3. Soumyav of The Lady of Words! She writes short, simple poems; but in their simplicity lie greatness and transcendent beauty. She breathes life into words and they become living pictures. You become part of the pictures and absorbed into a journey in non-physical space and time! Thank goodness, she always brings you back before signing off! .

Thank you, great friends, for wishing me inner peace! May you also reap bountiful peace and love!

….and now my word on Peace, which is a favorite quote from the Sage himself:
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” – Gautama Buddha

Awards Thank You!


Within 24 hours Purplerays has been nominated for ‘The Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ by two blogs. Beautiful coincidence, sheer joy and double honors!

 The first came from Karra of Karra, the lively one! You cannot really put her in a box; she writes about everything under the sun (and probably beyond) and wears a big infectious smile. A smile that obviously runs in the family! No dull moment on Karra’s blog. That is Karra, the vivacious one for you.

 The second nomination was from Josephine of Josephine, the prayerful Christian whose trade mark parting words for comments on her blog are ‘remain blessed’. In her own very words “I love to listen to people pour out their heart issues and to help in any way possible”. Great soul!

 I thank these ladies from the bottom of my heart and wish to pass on the award to all followers of this blog. You all inspire me in more ways than one.

 Have a joyful June, dear friends!