Splendour. . . . in silent moments.




“Real action is in the silent moments.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson






~ Image by Philippe Rouyer
Text & image source: The Garden Of Pensiveness https://www.facebook.com/The-Garden-Of-Pensiveness-367268523352486/


High recognitions . . . . Immorality




“Immorality, which currently reigns on Earth,
is spreading faster than an epidemic –
poisoning and dragging human beings of
good and bad volition alike into the abyss.”

– Roselis von Sass (The Great Pyramid Reveals its Secret)
The author draws inspiration from “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin






Text & image source: Garden of Illumination https://web.facebook.com/Garden-of-Illumination-1433140463620723/

At the setting of the sun!




At the setting of the sun,
in the enveloping darkness of night,
at the interplay of hours
with sunlight giving way to moonlight,
we step from the day into the night
with a desire to be still,
and in being still
to turn to You, O God,
and in turning to You
to return to the creative depths of our soul.
At the setting of the sun,
in the darkness of the night
we turn to You.

~ John Philip Newell
in Sounds of the Eternal:
A Celtic Psalter






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Text & image source: Night Prayers https://www.facebook.com/Night-Prayers-387068448123614/

#OmensandSymbols . . . .The Fox




“The Fox is a totem that has touched almost every society on the planet.
It is a totem that speaks of the need to develop or the awakening of camouflage,
invisibility and shapeshifting. It is one of the most uniquely skilled and
ingenious animals of nature. It can teach these skills to those whose life it enters.
There are 21 species of fox and they can be found in most parts of the world
and in varied climates. …The fact that there are 21 different kinds of foxes found throughout the world had great metaphysical significance.

~Ted Andrews, “Animal Speak”


“Fox’s Wisdom Includes: Shape shifting, cleverness, observational skills,
cunning, stealth, camouflage, feminine, courage, invisibility, ability t
observe unseen, persistence, gentleness, swiftness, wisdom, reliable friend,
magic, shape shifting, invisibility.”

~Ina Woollcott






Text & image source: Between the Realms https://web.facebook.com/BetweenTheRealms/