The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is here!


It‘s no longer news that a total eclipse will be visible
within a band across the contiguous United States.
This is a once in a lifetime cosmic event which last happened in 1918,
and enthusiasts have dubbed it “The Great American Total Solar Eclipse.”

Going deeper let’s hear from John Kralovec:
“For indigenous cultures, a complete Solar Eclipse is the physical manifestation of the sacred union of the Divine Masculine (represented by the Sun) and the Divine Feminine (represented by the Moon).
This will be a time of deep spiritual introspection and renewal.
Falling, as it does, on a New Moon, this is a particularly auspicious time
for healing, manifestation, and new beginnings.”

— O. John Kralovec, author, Pathways to the Divine; One Man’s Journey Through the Shamanic Realm of the Ancient Maya





Text & quote source: Dusty Bailey

Sunday Reflection . . . Childlikeness


You do not have to be a child to have childlikeness.
True childlikeness is a characteristic of purity,
and this the human being can cultivate in himself
at any age, just by wanting.

Childlikeness brightens the environment and enlivens life,
makes thinking simple, and clarifies intuition.
And it still makes us live fully in the present.







Text & image source: The Day Without Tomorrow

Her power is drawn upon the color of her heart.


“She closes her eyes and raises her hands to touch the source of all creations as her heart sings for the love of life.
In solitude but far from alone she meets with her angels as they greet her with respect and love.
The power of her magic is not in spells, nor is it in her sacred dance.
Her power is drawn upon the color of her heart.”

~ Casey ~






Text & image source: The Color of A Woman’s Heart