Look within and slowly carve away….


“…If I desire to become a more loving, compassionate, kind and tolerant human being; then I must slowly and consciously carve away that which inhibits me from doing so; those negative thoughts, emotions and habits that prevent my Spiritual growth.
Look within, carve away that which does not serve your higher self and create the person you wish to be; a more loving, compassionate, happy and peaceful human being….”

– Delores.




Photo & text source: “Pathways To Oneness: Spiritual Energy Therapies and Guidance” https://www.facebook.com/Pathways-To-Oneness-Spiritual-Energy-Therapies-and-Guidance-668266206602583/?fref=nf

…today and always.


“In silence we connect to a deeper sense of who we truly are.
In the quiet and tranquil gardens of our hearts,
may we cultivate the beautiful seeds of love, peace and happiness,
today and always.”

~ Mary Anne Byrne





~ Image “Amidst the lavender” by Dorota Miklaszewska
Text & image source:ॐ Simplicity, Elegance and Grace of Nature ॐ https://www.facebook.com/%E0%A5%90-Simplicity-Elegance-and-Grace-of-Nature-%E0%A5%90-1594041744215476/?fref=nf

Goodnight…embrace peaceful thoughts tonight.


Look for and embrace peaceful thoughts tonight….
…Every storm cloud passes – Every single one.



Image: (Senna Relax Photography)
Text & image source: “Begin with Yes” https://www.facebook.com/beginwithyes/?fref=photo

…That plant becomes your teacher.


“The moment you become aware
of a plant’s emanation
of stillness and peace,
That plant becomes your teacher”

– Eckhart Tolle




Photo credit: “Waftings from the Ether” https://www.facebook.com/Waftings-from-the-Ether-388467361318607/?fref=photo

All things seem possible in May!


“The world’s favorite season is the spring.

All things seem possible in May.”

~ Edwin Way Teale




~ Image “Love” by Ans van de Sluis
Text & photo source: “The Garden of Pensiveness” https://www.facebook.com/The-Garden-Of-Pensiveness-367268523352486/?fref=photo

Busy Monday….


“They whom truth and wisdom lead,

can gather honey from a weed.”

~ William Cowper




Text & image source: “Nature and Soul” https://www.facebook.com/1natureandsoul/?fref=photo