Golden words on the Path to the Light #5…….Lucifer!

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The personality of Lucifer is so shrouded in mystery that even those who declare themselves Satanists know little or nothing about this enigmatic being!
Lucifer is not a principle, a state of mind or, phenomenon. Rather, he(a living being) originates from the Divine Realms as an arch angel, a powerful servant of the Godhead! When the lower World of Matter came into existence, he was sent down to help in the development of the region particularly, the nascent human spirits! His task was not to walk about on earth but, standing in the ethereal, he was to guide the volition, thought and intellect of mankind with helping love.
Unfortunately this messenger from on High failed; instead of helping love, he in impatience, introduced the Principle of Temptation! He thus failed! Through his failure, he became heavy, his wings stunted and lost the possibility of ascending to the Light and was estranged from the Luminous Realms through his wrong voluntary decision!

As The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin puts it:
“Lucifer is one who has severed himself from the Light, which is equivalent to having been cast out.
This expulsion was also bound to occur according to the existing Primordial Laws, the irrevocable Holy Will of God the Father! It could not possibly happen otherwise!”

Liking is wounds from the expulsion, he vowed to divert every being within reach from the Light..”If I am going down, this part of Creation and its hosts will have to go down with me.”
That, very briefly, was how Lucifer became the arch enemy of the Light, the anti-Christ, the Serpent and the son of perdition; how he dropped out from the lofty heights and ranks of arch angels and became the malignant Satan, the Devil!

Rusted heart!

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“The heart will never approve that which is wrong,
except those hearts that have been rusted with evil
and therefore can not tell the difference.”

~ Imam al-Ghazali

See that you are truly alive….!

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.”… The real question is not whether life exists after death.
The real question is whether you are alive before death … ”

~ Osho

All is not lost!

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Every day more, albeit relatively few, souls are coming aglow through recognition and enlightenment! New ‘light anchorages’ joining hands and connecting with already shinning ones under the renewed radiance of the Light of their Lord and King! Gradually the earth is being covered by a growing network of the uplifting volitions of those who “Stand in the Light”!
Thus will emerge the new earth as a blessing, a jewel and a bride in the Universe Ephesus, as it was meant to be!
Yet, we prefer to see nothing of this! We prefer to see images of a completely destroyed earth!
Yes, darkness, war and despair may prevail for a while but, the glorious dawn is breaking.
All is not lost; even in our personal lives! You will not die in the flames of your problems like a phoenix before you rise again!
All is not lost!

I lift up my eyes…….

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“In the sky there are always answers and explanations for everything: every pain, every suffering, joy and confusion.”
― Ishmael Beah

Deep in our hearts!

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“Deep in our Hearts, the Light of Heaven is shining.”