New Week Inspiration ❤️☀ . . . May your heart be blessed with love and light.

May your heart be blessed with love and light.
May your day be blessed with grace and ease.
And May your world be blessed with hope and peace.

I wish you all a great start for a new week with inspiration and motivation.
And may your week ahead be blessed with health, happiness, peace, love and kindness. Happy Monday!

Text and image source: Mitra Shahidi

New Moon in Aries 🐏♈

New Moon in Aries – 11th/12th April
The first new moon of spring and the new astrological year.

Kick starting a new cycle, a fresh start, energy reset and taking back the reins of your life.

This moon ushers in the energy of rebirth. As the cosmic energy amplifies you may well feel as if we are approaching a ‘Full’ moon instead of ‘New’ – the fiery energy is already being felt.

This New Moon will refuel your inner fire, boost your Divine power and really push you forward to better times. By working with this energy you will be able to easily create the changes that are much needed.


Carrie M Bush.

Text and image source: Carrie M Bush

High recognitions . . . Adopting foreign things

“In the advancement of its own culture alone lies true progress for each of the peoples! There must naturally be ascent in everything, and no standstill. But this upward progress must always take place upon and out of its own soil, not through adopting foreign things, otherwise it is never progress.”

  • (In the Light of Truth – Message of the Grail, by Abdruschin, The beauty of the peoples)

Text and image source: Garden of Illumination

Weekend Inspiration . . . wishing you peaceful energy

Before you embark on your day, take a few minutes to think about how you want to feel today. Feeling peaceful always produces a lovely day.
Ask God to surround you with peaceful energy and enjoy a day of happy serenity.
May your weekend be filled with blessings of Peace, Harmony and delight. ❤️☀

Text and image source: Mitra Shahidi

… and Charlie Chaplin spoke.

Charlie Chaplin lived 88 years
He left us 4 statements:
(1) Nothing is forever in this world, not even our problems.
(2) I love walking in the rain because no one can see my tears.
(3) The most lost day in life is the day we don’t laugh.
(4) Six best doctors in the world…:

  1. The sun
  2. Rest
  3. Exercise
  4. Diet
  5. Self-respect
  6. Friends
    Stick to them at all stages of your life and enjoy a healthy life…
    If you see the moon, you will see the beauty of God…
    If you see the sun, you will see the power of God…
    If you see a mirror, you will see God’s best creation. So believe it.
    We are all tourists, God is our travel agent who has already identified our routes, bookings and destinations… trust him and enjoy life.
    Life is just a journey! Therefore, live today!
    Tomorrow may not be.

Text and image source: English Literature