Illuminated souls….

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“Illuminated souls do not seek after occult powers….

but occult powers, by themselves, come to them….”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan ~
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Tones of love!

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“The lover who leans upon the Beloved’s response,
his love is like the flame that needs oil to live….

but the Lover who stands on his own feet,
is like the Lantern of the Sun that burns without oil. ….”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan ~
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The mark of true nobility!

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“Truly powerful people have great humility.
They do not try to impress, they do not try to be influential.
They simply are. People are magnetically drawn to them.
They are most often very silent and focused, aware of their core selves. …
They never persuade, nor do they use manipulation or aggressiveness to get their way. They listen.
If there is anything they can offer to assist you, they offer it;
if not, they are silent.”

― Sanaya Roman, Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation

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A toast to Non-Violence!

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On 15 June, 2007 the United Nations declared October 2nd the International Day of Non- Violence! It is well known that this declaration was substantially inspired by the work of Mahatma Gandhi whose birth day falls on the day.
We are therefore, on one hand, joining the international community to “disseminate the message of non-violence.…” Also, we heartily join all those who cherish the life and times of Gandhi to commemorate his birthday and celebrate the resilient Spirit of modern India!
Mahatma Gandhi! The word “Mahatma” meaning “great soul” says it all. Be it in philosophy, spirituality, politics/statesmanship, or humaneness, Gandhi stood out as a highly evolved soul! In a previous anniversary post, ( , we extolled his virtues and the relevance of his principles to even modern-day life! Today as we shout out “Happy GANDHI JAYANTI” to all, we would like to reflect on one of his vintage quotes:

“You must not lose faith in humanity.
Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,
the ocean does not become dirty.”
– Mahatma Gandhi
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Look for the remedy inside the pain!


“Don’t run away from grief , o soul

Look for the remedy inside the pain,

because the rose came from the thorn,

and the ruby came from a stone.”

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Happy New Month of October

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Welcome to the season of Thanksgiving and festivities!
Welcome to the birthstones tourmaline and opal and the birth flower calendula.
Above all, welcome to the period of attenuating Veils and permeable Layers!
Like we once said:
“Through Luminous guidance, we now know that the days and nights of the transition of October to November are specially “permeable” periods; a time when “nature” partly lifts the veils of the spiritual, animistic and material planes, thus enhancing the possibilities of interaction between human spirits, substantiate beings(including the elementals) and spiritual guides!
During this period, the “sensitive” ones among us can easily peep into the beyond, while beings and guides can also make themselves better understood! It is supposed to be a period of freer exchange of vibrations and impulses between the spiritual and matter swinging in the Will of the Light!
There is nothing spine-chilling, ghostly and sinister about this; it is not the time to glorify the dead or mimic death but, a celebration of life and the living…”
It is a special time to confirm and affirm that there is life and living beyond materiality; that uniform Laws stream through Creation and that helpers and guides are always standing by, if we know how to ask!
It is the time to prophesy, to see visions, to dream dreams and live life to the fullest, to the Glory of The Most High!
Have a great month everyone and special thanks to the Channels who will bring us admonitions, heralds and glad tidings from On High during this special period!
Happy New Month!

Bring In The Light

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Each of you carries a bit of darkness inside.  Whether it is from past negative experiences or things you feel you may have done wrong in the past.  Today, you are invited to take a closer look at that darkness and how much space it takes up within your being.  If you chose to release that darkness, can you see what an incredible amount of space would be available for Light?!

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