#WingedJewels . . . Fantastic plumage.



Grey Peacock-pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum) by Yann Muzika.

This peacock-pheasant is distributed in lowland and hill forests of Bangladesh, Northeast India and Southeast Asia. An American counterpart is the ocellated turkey.





Text and image source: BIRDS page


#Omens& Symbols . . . The Magic White Cat


The magic white cat was based on a real pet cat in Medieval Ireland. Pangur Bán belonged to a 9th century Irish Monk who wrote a famous poem about him while working in an Irish Scriptorum in Austria.

The poem was translated by Robin Flower (Bláthín to the Blasket Islanders) who was the Deputy Keeper of Manuscripts in the British Museum.

“I and Pangur Ban my cat,
‘Tis a like task we are at:
Hunting mice is his delight,
Hunting words I sit all night.

Better far than praise of men
‘Tis to sit with book and pen;
Pangur bears me no ill-will,
He too plies his simple skill.

‘Tis a merry task to see
At our tasks how glad are we,
When at home we sit and find
Entertainment to our mind.

Oftentimes a mouse will stray
In the hero Pangur’s way;
Oftentimes my keen thought set
Takes a meaning in its net.

‘Gainst the wall he sets his eye
Full and fierce and sharp and sly;
‘Gainst the wall of knowledge I
All my little wisdom try.

When a mouse darts from its den,
O how glad is Pangur then!
O what gladness do I prove
When I solve the doubts I love!

So in peace our task we ply,
Pangur Ban, my cat, and I;
In our arts we find our bliss,
I have mine and he has his.

Practice every day has made
Pangur perfect in his trade;
I get wisdom day and night
Turning darkness into light.”

Artist Jessica Allain




Text and image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

Amazing Nature . . . “fire rainbows”


These are called Iridescent Clouds- known as “fire rainbows” or “rainbow clouds”
This is a diffraction phenomenon caused by small water droplets or ice crystals individually scattering light.
Pic – Elaine Joseph





Text and image source: Soul Alchemy

Full Moon Blessings!


Full Corn Moon in Pisces on September 2nd.
This Full Moon will intensify our emotions, sense of insecurity and confusions that everybody continues to experience on the personal and collective levels. The water sign Pisces invites us to contemplate the lessons of water and its healing, nurturing and restorative properties. Water can gracefully handle any obstacles by facing them without stopping and by effortlessly finding the way around them. It teaches us to be fluid and flexible, and not to fight the boulders on our path, but to find new ways to evolve and grow with a life flow. Water teaches us connectivity and relationships between all living spices and surroundings. We are all connected. It is beneficial to spend time by the water and find calmness and balance between our heads and hearts.

<3 @Rivers in the Ocean





Text and image source: Rivers in the Ocean

Maybe this is why we read…


“Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know.”
Alberto Mánguel

John Singer Sargent -Girl Reading by a Stream, 1888.





Text and image source: Ravenous Butterflies

The Animals Plea.



The Amimals Plea.

Feed me ‘til my belly’s full.
Please understand me too.
Know that all I’ll ever wish,
Is just to be with you.
I love you unconditionally,
Would die for you indeed.
I hope you love me just the same.
This is all we animals need.
Life in thoughts and words and actions,
Is simple, basic, true.
For peace of mind, don’t look for more,
Help me as I help you.
Together then, we’ll be as one,
Balanced in awesome truth.
Interlinked on circles Gold,
Growing both, to Sage from youth.

Rosi Caswell.
Artist Stephen Hanson





Text and image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

Our minds, as well as our bodies, have need of the out-of-doors.



Our minds, as well as our bodies, have need of the out-of-doors. Our spirits, too, need simple things, elemental things, the sun and the wind and the rain, moonlight and starlight, sunrise and mist and mossy forest trails, the perfumes of dawn and the smell of fresh-turned earth and the ancient music of wind among the trees.
~ Edwin Way Teale

~ Image by Justin kern





Text and image source: The Garden of Pensiveness

Just know, it is all part of the process.




Even on the spiritual path, things are not always going to be rosy. There will be difficult situations and people, bad days, and hard times all along the way. You have moments, days, sometimes weeks when you will doubt yourself. Just know, it is all part of the process.

  • Iyanla Vanzant





Text and image source: Iyanla Vanzant