#AustraliaBushFires . . . Our children will bear witness

Be a witness:

We see you as your rain forest burns
ancient green lungs erupting into flame
we hear your anguished cries
the same ones mass media ignore
we will give a voice to the voiceless

We will be a witness

Greed and eco terrorism rule
trade deals and wealthy landowners
deal in secret handshakes and dirty money
genocide ecocide sabotage corruption and lies
human impact fuels the flames

We will be a witness

This holy green cathedral burns
sacred land and sentient beings fall
billions promised for bricks and mortar
the hypocrisy of government and religion
trying to blind us to the truth

We will be a witness

We each need to look within
reassess our individual greed
reassess our individual need
make change and take account
all living beings equal

We will be a witness

No fear only love
no violence only action
no longer blind we see
we choose to rise
in gentler ways

Our children will bear witness

~ Earthschool Harmony 💚

Text & image source: Earthschool Harmony


Pray for Australia! . . . from the hearth of the inferno

For some time now, it appears all the elemental salamanders and fire beings on earth have relocated to Australia to roast the land. The destruction is massive and heart-rending but, in the throes of it all are brave souls like our friend Michelle.  May our prayers and loving thoughts continue to strengthen her and her ‘bunch’.
We are posting her comments on Purpleraysblog as inspiration and encouragement for everyone going through the effects of any form of tragedy right now:
“… I am from Australia and live in a bush fire affected area. I live at the bottom of a stunning mountain in north east Victoria and we currently have fires nearby. We are praying to stay safe and so grateful to our amazing fire crews for keeping us safe up until now. These fires are devastating parts of our beautiful country, but we are a strong bunch and we stick together to be strong. XX It is lovely to know so many people are praying for us and wishing us well.”


Art Credit: Melina Illustrates @ Sacred Sanctuary*F

Prayers for Sri Lanka……

May the threads of Love and Comfort find the paths to their lives.
May the Mantle of Mercy enfold the deep recesses of their souls.

May the cold fingers of revenge never touch their hearts
and start another vicious cycle of hate death and Karma.

Photo credit: Whispers

When sorrows palette,…

When sorrows palette, all of grey
Colours, covers all my days
I’m not that blithe and brilliant Saint
Who can simply smile and paint
A bold new shade of cheery rose,
Obscuring all my dreary woes,
But I can use my little brush to dab and and dab.

With each small joy I seek and find,
Each glimpse of nobler humankind, 
Each precious scrap of happy news,
I can fleck some brighter hues;
I can practice and persist,
And learn to be a pointillist,
To lighten up the somber palette
Bit by bit by bit.

By J M Tillman.

Artist Rovina Cai
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

There is no limit to the concern one must feel…..


There is no limit to the concern one must feel for the suffering of human beings,
that indifference to evil is worse than evil itself,
that in a free society, some are guilty, but all are responsible.
~ Abraham Joshua Heschel

Text & image credit: Jana Eid

Courage Nice, courage France!


“I know well there is no comfort for this pain of parting.
The wound always remains,
but one learns to bear the pain,
and learns to thank God for what he gave.
For the beautiful memories of the past,
and the yet more beautiful hope for the future.”

~ Max Muller 1823 – 1900





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Thoughts and prayers go to our French friends.


AGAIN – Senseless…. a terrorist truck attack in Nice, France leaves an estimated 60 dead and 100’s more injured.
Prayers for victims and families!




Photo credit: Sun Gazing