Full Pink Moon Blessings!




Mother Moon will be in her full beauty on April 29! The Moon in Scorpio brings
light to our shadows that we avoid to deal with. Scorpio Moon is profoundly
transformational and invites us to contemplate the eternal transformations of
life, and how life continually creates new forms from the death of old ones. The
Moon encourages us to explore a shadow side of ourselves, face its presence and
let go everything that holds us back from our truth and purpose. We need to
learn to fearlessly manifest our true essence and true Self.

The name for this Full Moon came from the pink wild ground phlox, the first
blooming flowers in early spring. It was also called the Egg Moon or the Fish








Photo: Athar Javed
Text & image source: Rivers in the Ocean


Happy Blue Full Moon in Libra!





The Full Moon in the cardinal air sign invites us to contemplate the balance in
different aspects of our lives, learn to understand contrasting positions and be
truthful to our authentic self. Full Moon brings energetic surges that can push
us from our comfort zones to embrace the changes and encourage the new growth.
Let’s be free to express yourself with careful consideration of ripple effects
and impact of our actions on others.

The name for this Full Crow Moon came from the northern native tribes who
observed that the crow cawing heralds the end of winter. Sometimes it was also
referred to as the Full Crust Moon because the snow cover becomes crusted from
thawing by day and freezing at night, or the Full Worm Moon since the earthworms
appear from the thawed soil and attract the birds.




Text & image credit: Rivers in the Ocean

Super Blue Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!




“Let’s connect with the rhythms of Universe and celebrate Super Blue Blood Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!
On January 31st Mother Moon will rise as a Full Moon, Supermoon, and Blue Moon!
On the top of that, Moon will experience a total lunar eclipse and appear blood
red or copper-red in the sky. This celestial coincidence has not happened in
more than 150 years. It is a Blue Moon because it is a second Full Moon in
January. It is also a Supermoon because it is in the closest position to the
Earth and appears much larger than usual.
The eclipse symbolizes opening of new doorways and closing of old ones. It is a
transformative time to transmute old emotional scars into new understanding.
Stay positive and balanced during this time when feelings are amplified and new
unfamiliar energies of high intensity come into play. Stay true to yourself and
let the river of love flow freely from your heart.”

<3 Rivers in the Ocean







Text & image credit: Rivers in the Ocean

Full Super Moon Blessings!




Full Super Moon Blessings!
Today let’s greet Wolf Moon in its enchanting fullness.
This is a perfect time to embark on something new!
Focus on your big dreams, crystalize an intention
and clarify all ingredients needed to fulfill the dreams.
Full Moon energy is powerful and will help you to
start moving forward to assure your success.
It is also a right time for releasing things
that no longer serve your higher self…..

The name for January’s Full Moon was inspired by the wolf packs
howling hungrily outside Indian villages, amid the cold and deep snows
midwinter. Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon.






Text & image credit: Rivers in the Ocean

Full SuperMoon Blessings!




The Full Cold or Long Night Moon in Gemini will shine its beauty on December 3rd. This Moon invites us to examine communications with ourselves, and world around us. Do we walk our talk or make compromises for the sake of our convenience? Do we realize the power of our words and the ripples they create on the fabric of existence? Grandmother Moon helps us look deeply within and amplify our intuition and emotional power.




Image & text credit: Rivers in the Ocean

November 4th Full Moon



“Full Moon Blessings to everyone!
Full Beaver Moon will shine its magic light on November 4th.
This Moon in Taurus is also influenced by Venus….
Strong influence by this Moon on everyone’s emotions can be balanced
by a grounding, supportive force of Taurus.
We should try to stay focused on what we truly need to thrive and reconnect with our inner strength and values.”

~ Rivers in the Ocean







Photo by Bomobob, Etsy
Text & image source: Rivers in the Ocean

Harvest Full Moon Blessings!


Full Moon Blessings!
The Harvest Full Moon in Aries on October 5th!
Aries is the most individualistic Zodiac sign,
and having the Full Moon in opposition to Mercury,
the planet of communication,
can trigger negative reactions, dramatic decisions
and angry resolutions.

So, try to stay grounded, neutral and calm.
Let your wisdom, not fear guide you through challenges,
shifts and transformations.
Open your heart to empathy and compassion
that is what the world needs most right now.






Text & image source: Rivers in the Ocean