Books break the shackles of time.




“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person,
perhaps someone dead for thousands of years. Across the millenia
the author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head,
directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions
binding together people, citizens of distant epochs who never knew one another.
Books break the shackles of time.”

~ Carl Sagan





Text & image source: Earthschool Harmony


Society grows great when . . .




“Society grows great when old men plant trees
in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

~ Greek Proverb





~ Image “Tales in forest” by Lumpy2
Text & image source: The Garden Of Pensiveness

Life and the Universe . . . .




Life and the Universe have a funny way of bringing us to the exact people,
places, circumstances, and messages that our souls are calling for at the right
time. What appears as an accident in our lives is not always what it seems.
Nothing happens by chance, and there are no coincidences. We begin to understand
that there’s a reason for the way our life is unfolding even though it may not
always be immediately apparent.








Text & image source: Spiritual Awakenings ॐ

A man cannot reduce the glory of God . . .




“A man cannot reduce the glory of God by refusing to worship Him….
The same thing that a lunatic can’t turn off the sun
by scratching the word…”darkness”…
On the walls of his cell.”

~ C.S. Lewis





Text & image source: Toni Perez

. . . so with present time.




“In rivers, the water that you touch
is the last of what has passed and
the first of that which comes;
so with present time.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci




Text & image source: Jana Eid

And the beggar turned into an angel.




A monk was meditating in the desert when a beggar came up to him and said:
“I need to eat”.
The monk – who was almost reaching the point of perfect harmony with the spiritual world – did not answer.
“I need to eat”, insisted the beggar.
“Go to the town and ask someone else. Can’t you see that you are bothering me? I am trying to communicate with the angels”.

“God placed himself lower than men, washed their feet, gave His life, and no-one
recognized Him”, the beggar replied. “He who says he loves God –
who does not see – and forgets his brother – – – is lying”.
And the beggar turned into an angel.
“What a pity, you almost made it”, he remarked before leaving.

– Paulo Coelho (The Beggar and the Monk)





Text & image source: Whispers For The Soul

Sunday reflection . . . I am that which has emerged from the fire.




I do not define myself by how many
roadblocks have appeared in my path.
I define myself by the courage I’ve
found to forge new roads.

I do not define myself by how many
disappointments I’ve faced.
I define myself by the forgiveness
and the faith I have found to begin

I do not define myself by how long
a relationship lasted.
I define myself by how much I have
loved, and been willing to love again.

I do not define myself by how many
times I have been knocked down.
I define myself by how many times
I have struggled to my feet.

I am not my pain.
I am not my past.
I am that which has
emerged from the fire.


-UK Artist






Text & image source: Spiritual Quotes Meditations & Beautiful Photographs