Think of it…always.


“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall.
Think of it…always.”

•Mahatma Gandhi





Photo & text source: “Earthmother Holistic Events”

That had always been the beauty of the wind.


“That had always been the beauty of the wind.
It could only be seen through its actions, its effect on others.
A gentle reminder that reality does not only exist in the seeable, the palpable, the understandable, but also in the figments and daydreams, the steadfast beliefs and unexplainable uncertainties.
Reality is seen and yet unseen. Wholly and absolutely relative.
The wind had taught him that.”

― Kelseyleigh Reber





Photo & text credit: “Harmony”

Bring anger and pride under your feet!


” When you see the face of anger
look behind it
and you see the face of pride.

Bring anger and pride
under your feet, turn them
into a ladder and climb higher.

There is no peace until you become
their master.
Let go of anger, it may taste sweet
but it kills.

Don’t become its victim
You need humility …. to climb
to freedom. ”


Photo & text credit: “Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Poems and Quotes)”

Books are my life!


“Books are my Life.

They were always there for me.

I can not imagine a Life without Books.

They are like hundreds of little Souls I wear outside myself to warm my own.”

~Andrea Reinicke.

Photo & text credit: Jude Teme Adonne

Care for the body, care for the soul!


“The soul should take care of the body, just as the pilgrim on his way to Makkah takes care of his camel;
but if the pilgrim spends his whole time in feeding and adorning his camel,
the caravan will leave him behind,
and he will perish in the desert…ಌ”




Photo Art source: tumblr (by Konstantin Makovsky)
Text credit: Soul Healing Mystics’ Light

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse….inspiration from Anie Belton!

Photo & Text credit: Global Love Project page on Facebook;

“Total Lunar Eclipse, April 4th, Libra Full Moon.
“The Great Wheel Turns” >> Eclipses are potent times.
There can be shake-ups.
Doors may close, others may open, there is deeper insight and illumination, patterns may surface for release or healing, things may be stripped away that no longer serve – within or without.
Opportunities may arise.
Visions, inspirations, callings.
There may be endings, beginnings, purgings, transformations.
With Pluto plugging into this lunar eclipse a re-birth theme is highlighted more so.
You are walking through a doorway.
This eclipse also relates to other previous ones and to the intense Pluto-Uranus squares the last few years have seen, very recently over, though a last taste with their connection to this full moon.
Life will never be the same again.
It is time to step fully into the new.
Let your heart lead the way.
Let love embrace you, imbue you, wash around and through you!
A new era dawns.

Much love,”
Aine Belton

Hope is sweet!


“Hope is sweet.
Hope is illumining.
Hope is fulfilling.
Hope can be everlasting.
Therefore, do not give up hope,
Even in the sunset of your life.”

― Sri Chinmoy





Photo credit: “Scentimental Floribunda Rose” by Vintage Belle Broken China Jewelry