Full Moon Faery Wish.



🌝Full Moon Faery Wish.
Upon ye evening of a full Moon, magic be in the air as the Moon shall be full and bright.. and ye Celestial beings shall be out all night
💫Tonights Beaver full Moon brings with it a magical faery wish, and here it be..
As darkness does fall upon us, ye must go outside and stand neath the full Moons golden glare.

🌝 And, in your hands you’ll have an old empty handbag, one that you can zip up to close. Or you can use a make up bag.
As you face the Moon, hold the open empty handbag up towards ye full Moon.

🌝 Say out the words “fill it up”

You can ask for all your hearts desires be it good luck, be it good health, be it what ever you desire. Ask the moon to fill it up..

🌝 Still holding the bag up, you need to turn yourself around in a circle in a clockwise direction, one time, two time and three times.

As you finish the third turn, you need to zip the bag up quickly.

🌝 Now, put the handbag in a safe place, do not open it up for a month and do not place the bag on the floor.

This is a full Moon magic spell from the faery folk and if ye believe ye shall shall receive.

🌝 You can re-use the same bag for the next full Moons wishes.

May good luck be with ye💫

An Old Irish Faery Wish
Written by Athey Thompson
Art by William Heath Robinson





Text and image source: Tales of the old forest faeries https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0aGF2vFDCeoz4SAJ6G9VsdT3K3U6ifzugr5JUgLFd13gps6GB4KXKUqbPbWCHgy3jl&id=100042219078465


8 thoughts on “Full Moon Faery Wish.

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  2. Fascinating! In England they have a similar tradition (is it the West Country?) where they take their wallets out and open them so that the Man on the Moon will fill the wallets with Prosperity.


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