Christmas Bells #3….. because Christmas is not in the Bible…..

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“If Jesus did not say or do it and, it is not mentioned in the Bible, it is wrong, unscriptural and should be avoided!”
This is the iron curtain behind which many Christian believers hide to reject any spiritual knowledge they cannot fit into their established doctrines and creeds! It is also one of the main arguments against Christmas!
Similar sentiments abound in each and every religion! In every instance where spiritual teachings are transformed into a religion, there is always this rigid concentration on the person of the truth bringer, history and tradition! As religion evolves, a priesthood class emerges and gradually becomes the earthly voice of the Deity and custodian of truth and purity. New thoughts must be approved by the hierarchy or, consigned to the dust bin as blasphemous and their proponents punishable! This was the bitter pill Jesus Christ had to swallow and…

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Such is life!

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“Life will always be life. Feelings will always come and go. Sensation will always come and go, strong some days, weak others. Challenges will continue to show up in various forms, spin themselves out, and then resolve themselves in some way or other. Good times will always show up in various forms, live out their life span, and die. Life is fleeting, every moment precious; it is a whole beautiful miracle all by itself.”
– Christine Wushke

The Rays blaze again….good to be back!

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For about a month now activities have been down here! A combination of systems failure, health issues and relationship challenges all seemed to conspire to make life almost unbearable and access to the internet impossible! It was a trying period!
And what great opportunities slipped by: a full moon, December New month greetings, some important birth/death anniversaries usually mentioned here and the customary build up to end-of-year festivities/spiritual Festivals! Truly, not the best of times to have a down time!
Thank goodness, the worst is over and like the proverbial Phoenix we have risen from the ashes of frustration and uncertainties!
And now to the silver lining! How delightful to get back and be welcomed by a large cache of new followers, friendly comments and touching enquiries. Looks like some good old friends kept faith: in the absence of current posts they simply hit the archive to stir things up. A pleasant surprise!
A pleasant surprise and a lesson to learn: Purpleraysblog has taken on a life of its own…. while the hands behind the blog were virtually kissing the dust, the blog stood there like a luminous Pyramid attracting and reaching out to like minds, friends and well-wishers!
Compliments of the season to everyone and big thanks/hugs to all those who stopped by during the period! It’s good to back!
Once again, the Rays stream forth!

Christmas Bells #1………why we celebrate Christmas!

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Many Christians chose to have nothing to do with Christmas! They recognize Jesus as the Son of God alright, and believe in him as their Lord and Messiah but, they do not consider Christmas a festival worthy of celebration! As part of this series we shall look at the arguments for and against Christmas and explore the deeper spiritual implications of the festival!
Their main arguments against Christmas can be summarized as follows:
1. Jesus did not institute Christmas; neither did he nor, his disciples celebrate it! He rather urged his followers to commemorate his death; also, nowhere is Christmas mentioned in the Bible!
2. Christmas has heathen origins; it is merely a recycled pagan festival! Whoever celebrates Christmas, is practicing idolatry and paganism!
3. There are no accurate records of the actual year and date of Christ’s birth. With copious scholarly details, it is argued that…

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When doubt becomes a habit…….

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“There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.”


No proof of Love….what I saw in the congregation!

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Love! A word most used, most familiar and even larger than life yet, most misunderstood!

Love! A notion most sermonized, most extolled, yet when the Preacher asked:
“What is the greatest proof of love that you can give to the One who Is total Love, your GOD?”
All heads bowed in confusion!

Less is More!

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“There is more to this thing called gratitude than we care to understand. Gratitude exemplifies itself in the law of less.
The moment you realise that you are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop, that is the moment you are born! You walk in the consciousness that you are not in this world to grab, albeit with haste, you know that all things you will ever need already surround you in glorious abundance, that now your mission consists more in giving out than in blind acquisition.

Then have you fulfilled the law:
Less is more!

You have touched many lives in a thousand different ways. You have lived a life pleasing to the Creator. Your gratitude has been genuine.”