Celebrating Abd-ru-shin and The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth)

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abduschin April 18 is the birth anniversary of Abd-ru-shin, an Envoy of the Light and author of “In The Light Of Truth” The Grail Message ! We join all those who recognize his identity and are conscious of the spiritual significance of his birth in experiencing the Grace bestowed on mankind by the event.

Abd- ru –shin pursued his Mission with total but humane commitment. A strict opponent of any kind of sectarianism and dogma,  he forbade any undue personal attention or personality-cult. His constant admonition was “Heed the message, not the bringer.” However, since the day is about him, we are reproducing a brief biography by the publishers of The Grail Message:

“His civil name is Oskar Ernst Bernhardt. He was born in Bischofswerda, Saxony, on 18th April 1875.

In 1919 he became conscious of his task to open the way for a new Knowledge of Creation…

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Love and forgive this friday

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Sunlight slits open the dark clouds,
Crushing down my sins and bondage alike.
With Him we too were crucified that day -
Not as mere slaves or rebels but as Sons.

Forgiveness like a Balm to to my bruises,
My heart and soul now rejuvenated -
Speak – “Let the inner voice choose -
Forgiveness over vengeance !”

Harsh neighbors unite,
Arch rivals dialogue,
Nations come together -
As citizens of Humankind.

Judge Not ,nor be judged.
Condemn Not,nor be condemned,
But forgive and be Forgiven,
For Love is the only Balm for my pains.

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Double Commemoration on 18-4-2014!

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Two significant spiritual commemorations are taking place on the 18 April, 2014! One is Good Friday, the remembrance of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the other the birth anniversary of Abd-ru-shin, a Light Envoy and bringer of Truth and author of The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth)! It’s a rare and interesting coincidence!
Interesting because the lives and messages of both personalities have so much in come! First of all, Jesus is the Love of God incarnate and Abd-ru-shin the Will of God incarnate; both draw their teachings from Primordial Divine Essence! That is why Christian believers who casually read The Grail Message declare that the Message “has nothing new to offer”.
To some extent they are right because, the Message devotes so many pages to explaining the true meaning of the actual words of Christ and pointing out errors in transmissions/translations. But, a serious reader would find an extension of knowledge in the Message in areas deliberately held back by Jesus because the human beings at the time “could not bear all he had to give”. Thus, in simple words, the Grail Message goes further to describe the origin and structure of Creation; explain mind-boggling subjects like reincarnation, resurrection of the dead, astrology, Paradise, astral body, other Truth bringers in the past, faith, the personality and essence of the Holy Spirit and much more! For instance, under the topic “THE CRUCIFIXION OF THE SON OF GOD AND THE LORD’S SUPPER” the Grail Message has the following excerpt:

“It was not His death on the cross that could and should bring redemption, but the Truth He gave to mankind in His Word!
The Truth, however, was irksome to the religious leaders and heads of the temples of that time. It was an annoyance because it severely undermined their influence. It would be exactly the same today in many places! Mankind has not changed in this respect. The teachers of that time took their standing, it is true, on the good old traditions as do those of today, but through those who practised and interpreted them these traditions had become nothing but rigid and empty forms, wholly wanting in life, the same as may often be observed today!”

And so, a double-barreled wish: Happy Easter to all and joyful festive hour to the adherents of The Grail Message!

Wisdom Quotes #13….every one of us, a masterpiece!

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“Let no one look up to him whom he finds more beautiful than himself, and imitate him on that account;

for there is no man created who does not carry beauty in some form or the other within.”

Abd-ru-shin, author of The Grail Message (In the Light of Truth)

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Touching God

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Elements of nature
Touch my soul
And unite me to
All creation
Only when I walk in freedom
And in Love
Can I reach out
touch my fellow man
And know , that
I have touched

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