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45 Likes in 3 Minutes! How Did He Do It?


Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Last Tuesday, I opened my mailbox to find that one blogger (not a follower) had hit Purplerays with 45 likes. This kind of got my feelings mixed up!
For sure, I value every visitor to my blog, no matter how casual, and truly appreciate those who go further to like, comment, reblog, nominate, or, take any other similar action. More so, the blog has opened up a whole new world of warm friendship and selfless sharing! For this and many more reasons, I am eternally grateful to WordPress and my friends on the platform!
On the other hand, experience has shown that mass likers are impatient readers! They simply skim through your post, click some likes and move on. The big boys and big girls (bloggers) are the worst culprits! They don’t visit often and when they come calling, in a jiffy, they drop 4 or 5 likes; more like a pat on the back.
This fellow must have been around for a good while! Was he? So, I did a quick check and viola—this guy ‘went through’ 45 posts in 3 minutes 26 seconds! This to me was record shattering:
45 posts comprising, 37 text, and 8 photo materials all inside of 4 minutes; i.e. approximately 5 seconds per post?
I checked out his blog and believe me, he is not just another new kid on the block! With over 132,000 hits, 1,400 followers and an archive dating back to October, 2010, the guy has sure got a handle on blogging! What am I missing?
Unsure of what happened, I left his blog with the following message:
“Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. You liked 45 posts in less than 5 minutes. I am just wondering how you covered so much in short a time. Please, how did you do it?”

Still waiting for a reply!