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You are a treasure..sent forth by Love!


It’s easy to lose sight of our brilliance,
We’re too quick to doubt our light.
In a world that tells we’re wrong,
Sometimes it’s hard to feel alright.
But know this:
You are beautiful, powerful, and wise.
You are connected, loved, you provide
Goodness in our world
Right now.
YOU are loved.


With blessings to all,
– Steff
Photo & text credit: Angel’s Insight https://www.facebook.com/Angels-Insight-273126974510/?fref=photo

The Day of the Mayans!


As 21st December, 2012 approached humanity was deep in frenzy! The Mayans had earlier predicted that a great cosmic cataclysm which may wipe out the world was in the offing!

I still remember the ominous 12: 21: 12! The media, mystics, scientists and the hoax pages on the internet buzzed with pros and cons. The anxiety was palpable as we drew closer to the dooms date. Even those who trashed the prediction could not calm our nerves when asked: what if? What if the Mayans are right after all?

Like I said some days later, “…the Mayans were both right and wrong! They were right because 12: 21 is the winter solstice and on such days the earth is aligned to peculiar radiation frames that make the day special or stand out. The solstice of 2012 was particularly spectacular because it coincided with incisive cosmic movements which some call the galactic alignment. This exposed the earth to intense pressure, gravitational pull and increased electromagnetic particles. These are once in a lifetime events. If anything the Mayans should at least be appreciated for predicting cosmic events ages ago which by and large happened.

They were again right again because they were celebrating the preservation of their culture for thousands of years. They called for a huge celebration, made a spectacle of it and the world noticed. About 5200 years ago the Mayans predicted the end of their calendar in 2012 which would also mark the beginning of another cycle called Job Ajaw. The beginning of the previous recycle witnessed serious climatic events and so they predicted that the elements would go haywire in 2012. On that count, they scored a pass.

The Mayans were however wrong when they went forward to predict or, allude to an apocalypse. In doing so, they overlooked the fact that the fate of the earth is intricately interwoven with that of earthman and by implication, overlooked the Divine prescription for the destruction or salvation of earthman. Where would man be if he had not reached his time before the earth and the fullness thereof are removed from under his feet?…”
Whichever way, I still remember 12:21:12, the Day of The Mayans!

Photo credit: http://www.examiner.com/

Go within everyday!


“Go Within Everyday

And find the Inner Strength

So that the World will not blow your Candle out!”

~Katherine Dunham
Photo & text credit: Jude Teme Adonne https://www.facebook.com/timadonne?fref=photo

Contemplation for January……..in the year ahead!

Photo credit: Elżbieta Edinger on Facebook

May the Flames of longing for the Light blaze in my heart,
and this longing burn clear and straight within me!

May the love for my Creator’s Light never waver, even once,
and every word I speak vibrate in the Will of the Light and be beneficial!

The Grand Cross Full Moon!

Photo credit: Dorine Vercarre‎ on Facebook

Once again Astarte throws open the Portals of the moon and floods the earth with powerful light streams, invigorating energy and wisdom from On High! As usual, the elements on earth receive the unfurling waves in a jubilant waltz!
And this time, the lunar tango is really comprehensive! It is a Grand Cross Full Moon! This means that there are planets in all the cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and they are conforming or opposing each other! In other words, this is a period for either, crisis or, major realization! It’s an opportunity for inner shift; shift for the worse or, for the better.. and the choice is yours!
Like Pleiadian Delegate puts it on: http://iamthequeenoflight.com/2015/01/04/full-moon-in-cancer-january-45th-2015/
“This Full Moon, as it shines its Full Moon Light, into the hidden aspects of your Subconscious Mind, will activate, within you, what is drawing your attention. This may reflect areas, that are calling within you to be looked at more deeply, as a result of the intentions, that you have set in motion. Be really clear with yourself, what you have intended, and see clearly, what is arising within you.
Do you have wounds within yourself that desire your Love and Attention? Have you neglected being Nurturing to yourself?”

Welcome to the first full moon of the year!

Reflections for the Holy Night!

Photo credit: Return To Eden shared World of Collages @ https://www.facebook.com/YvonnePfeifer

Imagine seeing every encounter you have today as a holy one.Think “The Light in me salutes the Light in you” before saying or doing anything, and watch what kind of day unfolds.
~ Marianne Williamson

You just can’t please everyone!


“You can be the ripest,
juiciest peach in the world,
and there’s still going to be
somebody who hates peaches”

– Dita Von Teese
Photo credit: The Silva Method https://www.facebook.com/thesilvamethod

Random thoughts #3….while at the stream!

net tent
Photo credit: http://www.sansbug.com/meditate-with-sansbug-net-tent/

Down at the stream-side it is serene almost ethereal! But for occasional chirping and fluttering in the overhead foliage, the quietude is palpable!
During flood tides like now, the small stream glides so smoothly that it appears stagnant! You can ‘see’ its rhythmic movement as floating twigs dance downstream to the silent music of unseen hands and feel the gentle breeze bringing good tidings from Neptune, the sea Maid, also waltz in synchrony with the same music—nature’s music!
Go with the flow; everything seems to be doing so; more like the order here, and so, unconsciously I turn to the down-stream direction…. just then, the soul expanded and time stood still!
When kind came back to kind, the intellect picked up the threads of thought where it left off: “Go with the flow; flow with the tide!”…… but; the fishes, diving in every direction, balancing like aqua choppers and frolicking as if to taunt the tide! In every direction, apparently at their choice and pace; not minding the flow, not going with the flow!
So it is true:
“Only dead fishes go with the flow!”

But, what happens when the tide ebbs; when the stream empties swiftly into the bowels of the sea and becomes a meandering rivulet barely ankle deep? The fishes; no diving, no delicate balancing, no frolicking fins! All gone with the ebb tide only to come back with the tide changes!
So it is also true after all:
“Both dead and living fishes go with the flow!”
Truth O, Truth! How you confound the Seeker!

Lenten Blessings!

Photo Credit: Signs of Angels page on Facebook

Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of this year’s Lent!
Lent! The sober period of abstemious living, praying and contemplation which prepares the Christian for Easter, one of the greatest spiritual Festivals linked with the Mission the Son Of God, Jesus!
We wish our Christian friends the strength to inwardly experience the period and the grace to live the profound lessons learnt therefrom!

Welcome to the first day of Lent!