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Engraved In Gold Series #2…In the name of God?

Engraved In Gold Series  #2

Not a means to Govern!
Not a means to Intimidate!
Not a means to Enslave!
Definitely not a means to Kill!

Yet we do all these and more,



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This is the first of a 3-part series on the intellect. The series is intended to draw the attention of our readers to the far-reaching role the intellect plays in both the spiritual and physical evolution of earthman. We shall keep it simple, straightforward and short on complex philosophical and psychological theories. In our usual way, it is going to be a spiritual journey!

Let us start with the human self; the personal I AM!

The new international students’ edition of Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines ‘self’ as “a person’s inner being, including the mind and spirit.’’ Some philosophers, psychologists and metaphysical adepts might dismiss this definition as being too simplistic but, we find it very instructive and a true description of earthman’s personhood. Firstly, it recognizes that ‘self’ is a person’s inner being and secondly, it highlights the spirit and mind as two important components of the self.

The Human Spirit! This is the core and innermost essence of the human being. In our previous essay; “MAN KNOW THYSELF” we discussed the genesis and existence of the spirit. Readers can look that up while following us as we trail the intellect.

The Mind! The mind can be described as the network of faculties which provide the capacity for awareness (some would say, consciousness) and the resources to react to the demands of such awareness. Generally speaking, the mind enables us to recognize ourselves, people, places, objects, impulses, etc; and generates thoughts, plans and decisions as reactions to the things recognized. As the last outpost of the self in the physical plane, it impacts directly on the physical body and, the point of contact is the brain. Indeed the mind is so intricately connected with the brain that both are spoken of interchangeably and even experts are still debating whether the mind is a separate entity or just another name for the brain. This naturally leads us to the brain.

The Brain! This master-organ/s is one of nature’s wonders! It has a complex array of sections, sub and mini sections but, the big picture is that the brain proper comprises two main parts connected by a stem. The main parts are the frontal brain or cerebrum and the back brain or, cerebellum.

Also known as the small brain, the back brain is the seat for the intuitive mind! This means that it is by nature attuned to the voice and vibrations of the spirit, the promptings of other non-physical entities and the frequencies of the higher energies of the Universe. If for instance our spirits send signals, the faculties of the small brain are best suited for receiving and processing such signals. Through these same resources of the back brain, real experiences in the physical world are transmitted to the spirit and the Universe for posterity. Those who know something of this archive associate it with the Akashic records. Thus, the back brain is the actual gateway between the spirit and the physical body.

On the other hand, the frontal brain is the seat for day consciousness. It is the rudder with which we navigate our way on earth because its’ faculty is more adapted to earthly life. The super busy large brain is the platform for the powerhouse of earthman’s consciousness: receiving physical impressions and deciding which ones to trash, which ones to respond to and which ones to pass on to the spirit through the small brain; while, at the same time, receiving impressions from the small brain for earthly application. The faculty that it uses, or better said, that uses the large brain to perform all these functions is the INTELLECT! That’s it!

The Intellect! Variously known as the thinking faculty, the sense of reasoning, the conscious mind or just the mind, sits as the altar of the large brain. It is the actual ‘powerhouse’ mentioned above and most importantly, the anchorage of the spirit and spiritual volition on earth. A great endowment for which we should be grateful to the Almighty!

However, the intellect is rather too terrestrial because it depends largely on the physical body and earthly perception of time and space. As a product of the brain it evolves with the physical body and needs to be nurtured, cultivated and trained. Also, its’ life span and memories are limited to one earth life and so it thinks in the now, today, tomorrow and short spaces. It does not understand the concepts of bliss, love, reincarnation, infinity, eternity, divinity, etc.

To cure the shortcomings of the intellect, nature has ordained that it should work as a tool and handyman of the spirit. Like a lamb, it is expected to subject to and completely cooperate with the guidance and leadership of the spirit. Where it fails to do so, the intellect becomes a wolf; and a very bad wolf as illustrated in the popular old Cherokee proverb. See our photo post captioned “The Intellect Continually Wars Against The Spirit”

As we are coasting home, let us recap the journey so far:
1. The human self is the inner being with two main components: the spirit and the mind.
2. The spirit is the core and highest essence of the human being. We have previously discussed the spirit in our post, MAN KNOW THYSELF.’
3. The mind is the collective name for the faculties of consciousness, thinking, learning, rationalizing, deciding, etc. It works directly with the brain.
4. The brain has two main parts namely, the frontal brain and the back brain.
5. The back brain has the faculty for receiving the intuitive perception of the spirit and non-physical energies. Thus, although the spirit is connected to the physical body at the solar plexus, the real gateway of the spirit to the physical world is the back brain.
6. The frontal brain hosts the so called day consciousness and faculty for reasoning. The faculty it uses is the intellect.
7. The intellect is the steering substance for earthly consciousness and the highest endowment of the human being on earth. However, as a product of the brain, it is limited to the earthly conception of time and space.

Now we know the whence and what of the intellect. Subsequent posts in the series will explore the fruits, ie what mankind have made of the intellect.

A big thank you for all those who have stayed with us this far! It has been a somewhat long journey and the online reader is not known for much patience. Thank you for your time!

The BUDDHA Birthday is here……Happy Flower Festival!

THE BUDDHA DAY….A Blessing For All But, Cherished By A Few!

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April 8, is the traditional birthday of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha! We joyfully join our Buddhist brothers and sisters in their festive season.
The Buddha birthday is celebrated on different days between April, May and up to early June in various countries, cultures and schools of Buddhism. This is not surprising in view of the age of the birth and the various calendars that have evolved over the years. Similar situations abound: For instance, some popular religions are yet to agree on the exact birth date of their originators and New Year’s Day is not celebrated on the same day throughout the world!

We chose to join today because, it is one of the earliest celebration dates; we want to catch the early birds and key in all the way, as the earth vibrates again in the energy of a great spiritual consummation.

Buddha, The Enlightened One was a lesson in humility, benevolence, personal sacrifice and perseverance! He tirelessly committed himself to the exalted mission of freeing the human spirit and leading it to gradually unfold and receive connection with the Rays of Light of the Divine Grace; thus, showing mankind the road to Paradise as well as living an earth life of love, peace and joy! With uncommon humility, he shunned all personal accolade or homage instead, he directed his listeners to honestly and genuinely strive to follow his teachings which he received from pure Sources. At that time, his teachings were a great revelation and are still today a masterpiece in spiritual enlightenment!

But, what is left of His Legacy today? The majority of mankind are either too immured in their own religions and do not want to hear anything else or, simply do not have the time for ‘spiritual things’. The world would rather pay attention to, honor and make cult-heroes of brute boxers, furious car drivers, mundane entertainers, economic and political leaders and fiction writers.

A good number of his adherents are not helping matters either! They study his teachings, follow prescribed doctrines and make considerable adjustments in their lifestyles but, like the followers of other religions, they tie their allegiance to the religion rather than to the pure teachings of the great Truth mediator; they turn a pure, timeless universal Truth meant for the whole of mankind into a limited cultural order. The saffron (hood) is placed on the same pedestal the Dharma (teachings)!

A laurel for all those who truly follow the teachings of the Sage! We join you as you renew your vows to nurture your spirits, lead noble lives and spread love, peace and harmony among mankind. We also join you in gratitude to the Most High as you commemorate the life and times of The Buddha.

Happy Flower Festival, Vesak, or whatever name you call the Festival in your language, dear friends!

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..and a good starting point is to know what your spirit is

The Spirit! There is so much confusion as to what the human spirit is. For some it is something that manifests in an unhealthy manner hence, it is associated with ghosts and ghost science. For others, it is variously regarded as the life force, vital energy, aura or, the astral body. Others still, explain it away as the sub-conscious mind (as opposed to day-consciousness), the inner consciousness, the God essence in man, etc. Our cerebral friends equate the human spirit with knowledge thus, a knowledgeable person who is versatile in conversation, is said to be rich in spirit. The spirit theories and descriptions are endless but, what really is the human spirit?

In simple words: The human spirit is a living entity with a distinct personality. As one religious priest puts it, ‘the human spirit is the personhood of man’. It is called spirit or spirit being because it originates from the spiritual realms of Creation and is made of spiritual substance. It is not a puff of air or a nebulous energy field but a tangible spiritual substantiality that can see, feel, hear and perceive with spiritual organs. In accordance with the immutable Laws of Creation, which also govern the processes of evolution and development, the spirit is structured to start life as a seed germ, (embryo) grow to a baby, progress to a youth and then, on to full maturity.

And now to some details! Descending from above, Creation is divided into four broad realms namely, the spiritual, the animistic, the ethereal and the worlds of gross matter. Each realm has sub regions and transitional planes which seamlessly unite successively to form a continuous flow of life and power throughout Creation. The human spirit seed originates from the tail end of the spiritual realms and for it to develop to full maturity, it has, of necessity, to leave the spiritual realms and descend all the way down to the worlds of matter. A very faint (but definitely not an equivalent) reflection of this process happens on earth when a baby has to be ejected from the mother’s womb for it to grow to a mature adult.

In a previous essay ‘The Gods Are Not To Blame..Part1’ we explained the human spirits’ journey for maturity as follows:

 ‘’ As luminous spirit sparks, the seeds depart their spiritual home as if from the hands of a sower. At the border of every realm, they are wrapped in a cloak which would enable them to experience life in that realm, evolve in the process and move on. Onwards like pilgrims they proceed: maturing, learning, tasting, enjoying and constantly being reminded of their heavenly home. By the time they arrive in the world of matter, the spiritual core has metamorphosed into a human form, albeit youthful, and enveloped in animistic, ethereal and fine matter cloaks or bodies with all the respective sense organs. They can now be likened to a collapsible transistor radio antenna pole where the leaner upper sections successively slide into the lower sections until you have a short piece sticking out. Also, the maturing spirits have developed ego-consciousness and self- will which also come with the corresponding responsibility for their voluntary decisions’’.

So ladies and gentlemen, all of us on earth can be likened to the said antenna poles or, onions with a spiritual core and layers of cloaks or coverings! Each cloak is a body with sense organs and bears the human form known to us on earth. Also, in conformity with the Law of Homogenous Species, when beyond-earthly entities are seen, it simply means that the inner eyes corresponding with the realm of the entities are in use. Thus a spiritual phenomenon can only be seen by the spiritual eye, the ethereal by ethereal eye and so on.

 Our physical bodies are simply the outermost cloaks which we identify as Mary, John, the priest, the president, the destitute, the European, the Asian, the American, the African, etc. All these differences and distinctions are but external, ephemeral and cosmetic tags tied to the physical body. In truth, we all from one source, children of one Father, who gave us His Spark in adequate measure and with equal possibilities. The real difference among human beings lies in their spiritual maturity and not in a partial distribution of endowments and possibilities!

At earthly death, the spirit drops the physical earthly body and takes up the next inner body corresponding with the realm it now lives in. This is a fresh birth of the spirit into a new world and freedom from the aches, pains and deformities of the physical body. The spirit lives on, it never dies with the physical body and does not recline in slothful rest after shedding the physical body.

It is therefore an illusion when we wish our dear departed ones to rest in peace (R.I.P.) or rest in the bosom of the Lord. At death, the spirit passes on to further activities and experiencing!

That, in brief, is the human spirit, the ‘good wolf’ in us! It speaks to us in a small but deep voice that prompts us to sow love, peace, joy; to show due consideration for all living things (including plants and animals) and, above all, not to let the it slumber within us.


The gods are not to blame………Part 1

…….once (and still) friends, teachers and helpers who were made gods by man……

After a brief examination of the spiritual realms in our last essay (SPIRITUAL REALMS………………The Luminous Heights of Creation) we are turning our gaze to the animistic realms which lie immediately below the spiritual. And so ladies and gentlemen, come with us as we enter the land of the gods and goddesses!

The gods! Scholars, philosophers, gurus and some celebrated ‘sages’ have racked their minds trying to find the correct interpretation of the gods of old and their relevance in modern day. These efforts are sincere and well-intentioned but unfortunately, up till now not very successful. The failure is largely because the investigators select specific periods of god-cult in say, the Greek, Roman or Hindu culture instead of a comprehensive survey from the beginning of the human race up to the present day. It is like judging the evolution of earthman by concentrating on the Neanderthals or Homo Olduwan era only. Such endeavors can only yield limited results so long as there is no connection between the previous and succeeding eras. To start with, let us understand the creature called man.

Man has his origin in the spiritual realms, his core is spiritual and he can rightly be described as a spirit being. However, he starts off as a seed and for him to reach full maturity the seed-core must be planted or exposed to suitable conditions and nurtured. In the case of the human seed germs, so long as it remains in the spiritual, it will continue to exist as a seed because, the Light pressure in the spiritual realms, does not permit it to unfold at that height. It therefore has to descend to the relatively cooler and coarser realms where the conditions are perfect for a slow development. These are the realms of the animistic, the ethereal and the world of matter.

As luminous spirit sparks, the seeds depart their spiritual home as if from the hands of a sower. At the border of every realm, they are wrapped in a cloak which would enable them to experience life in that realm, evolve in the process and move on. Onwards like pilgrims they proceed maturing, learning, tasting, enjoying and constantly being reminded of their heavenly home. By the time they arrive in the world of matter, the spiritual core has metamorphosed into a human form, albeit youthful, and enveloped in animistic, ethereal and fine matter cloaks or bodies with all the respective sense organs. They can now be likened to a collapsible transistor radio antenna pole where the leaner upper sections successively slide into the lower sections until you have a short piece sticking out. Also, the maturing spirits have developed ego-consciousness and self- will which also come with the corresponding responsibility for their voluntary decisions.

For me and you, in exercise of our free will, we chose the universe Ephesus and so our paths have repeatedly led us to the planet Earth.

The earth took millions of years to reach a state where it could support plant and later animal life. It emerged from the long process of development at the right distance from the sun, under the canopy of a protective atmosphere; with amazing varieties of vegetation, breath taking landscapes nourished like nerve strands by streams and rivers, enchanting oceans and bowels laden with metals, precious stones, minerals, oil, gas, you name it; bowels that can also spit fire and brimstone. All of these did not come into existence by accident or spontaneous manifestation but were painstakingly guided by the servants of God. Hefty hands hurled large masses of boulders and earth crust; giant snouts fanned water and air storms; delicate fingers tended the rose, lily and other delightful flowers from seed to blossom. Everything that forms part of nature on earth is brought in existence, sustained, refined or disintegrated by these hands.

These same hands prepared the bodies which the human spirits stepped into and still carry today as earthmen. This was a multi-dimensional process that unfolded in a perfect divine synchronization: while the first human spirits were striving downwards, the helpers were busy evolving the animal bodies that would receive them on earth. By the time the spirits arrived, the helpers had also achieved the noblest animal form; so, instead of an animal soul incarnating in the bodies, the human spirits stepped in through the astral bridges also prepared for this purpose. The spirits took over from there and gradually developed the bodies to the beautiful humans you find all over the earth today.

These helping hands are the last species of animistic beings generally known as elemental beings or simply as elementals.

Elemental beings! The gnomes, elves, sprites, salamanders, nymphs, pixies, sylphs, fairies, etc. Like back-room boys and girls, they stand behind the veil guiding the whole cycle of genesis, existence and disintegration on the physical plane. Many readers have probably heard of them although very few know of their line of duty and significance. More on them in this series of posts.

And so the pilgrims arrived on earth and had to first master their bodies and grapple with the elements. They had ready teachers and friends in the elemental beings who taught them how to identify and preserve food and herbs, how to clothe, shelter and protect themselves, etc. Living simple and close to nature our forebears were able to see, hear and easily learn from the beings. They also recognized that the beings were not physical entities but ‘friends from the beyond.’

The beings in turn, benefited immensely from the presence of the human spirits. Their arrival brought more spiritual energy to the earth and the elementals drew strength from this. Some enlightened ones, say the advent of humans marked the spiritual fructification of the earth. The relationship was therefore mutually beneficial to both humans and elementals; and the earth was the better for it. There was harmony everywhere; a uniform swinging in receiving and transmitting of the power of the Light. Life in Creation pulsated with the magnetic radiance of the Light from above and all the way down to the earth; here and there the Gardens of Eden began to spring up on earth through the joyful activities of human beings as a reflection of the beauty in paradise, their eternal spiritual home.

This was the golden age for humanity on earth! When man relied on the spirit, the power within and had an intimate connection with nature and nature beings. Tidings of higher realms and beings even up to the Light Castle at the summit of Creation reached him easily; the age when man knew that he is a spirit with a physical body and not a physical body (Jones or Linda) struggling to have spiritual experience.

It was also the age when man did not make ‘gods and goddesses’ out the beings but simply regarded them as friends, helpers, teachers and servants of the Almighty. The beings on their  part were perfectly satisfied with this childlike relationship because it strengthened their core, added wings to their maturity and allowed them to move on to higher activities. They never requested to be deified, worshiped or paid any obeisance. Any such practices by man are completely unsolicited.

Profound wisdom or musings of a wandering soul?

Profound wisdom or  musings of a wandering soul?

What do you make of the poster? Will you call it wisdom, native intelligence or the reflections of a wandering soul?………photo posted on facebook by sun gazing


“but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. It is an eternal sin.”…… Mark 3: 29



Now we have shared our perception on where the Holy Spirit came from, how He came to be, His personality and His abode; the Grail Castle. We have also emphasized that Creation is the direct radiation of the Holy Spirit and is thus sustained by Him. The natural question is; what is the import of this for Creation in general and mankind in particular? The answer to this question forms the subject of our discussion for today.

Let us start by saying that the Holy Spirit is the elixir of life, the A & O, and the Will of God in Creation. One can as well say that Creation is the work of His hand. He stands in service through His person (directly) and His power (by proxy) simultaneously.

His Being! By an unbreakable radiation tie, the very being of the Holy Spirit ensures an eternal mediation of power between God and Creation. Also, apart from presiding as Lord of the Light Castle, He personally intervenes in Creation to purify it and /or fulfill Divine promises. During such missions His volition takes on form and journeys to the point in distress to redress the situation. Through the grace of the Most High mankind is now permitted to know of some activities associated with such missions; prominent and decisive for the fate of mankind were the dethronement of Amfortas, the shackling of Lucifer and the institution of the currently raging World Judgment.

His power! Through His Radiation Power, the Holy Spirit touches every area of Creation up to the minutest speck of dust. Everything that was, that is, and will ever be in Creation could only unfold through the power of Holy Spirit. From the greatest to the smallest happening, from the most elaborate idea to the flimsiest thought, as well as all life forms, draw from this power and are guided by it. His power maintains order through a perfect system of privileges and responsibilities, of reward and punishment which are encapsulated in laws. These are not the laws of any nation, political system, religion, or, planetary system rather, they are natural universal laws which prevail throughout Creation from the pits of the regions of darkness and damnation to the earth and the entire physical plane up to the luminous heights. Man has recognized these laws right from pre-historic ages and has even reflected their aspects in his moral codes, norms and legal system. Enlightened ones have given various names, interpretations and subdivisions to the laws. Let us however settle for a precise and all- encompassing classification contained in an existing incomparable work of Truth:

  1. The Law of Homogenous Species…. Birds of the same feather flock together; like father, like son.
  2. The Law of Reciprocal Action………… Law of karma; what you sow is what you reap.
  3. The Law of Gravity…………………………  The denser a realm/outer cloak, the lower it stands.

The individual and combined effects of these laws, which are really expressions of the Holy Spirit, ensure a perfect process of development, evolution, balance and order in Creation. This is why it is often said that everything created must obey the law which invariably means, must subject to the Holy Spirit. You can then understand why in the Christian scriptures it is recorded that Jesus repeatedly drew attention to the paramount importance of obedience and affirmed his allegiance by saying that he did not come to upset the law and the prophets but to uphold and strengthen them.

And so our dear friends, in Creation, the Holy Spirit is the police, the prosecutor and the judge who must be obeyed. Any disobedience whether innocently, subtle or defiant is met with strict retribution. Very apt and portentous therefore is Christ’s admonition:

‘’Every blasphemy against me or any other sin can be forgiven all except one: speaking against the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven, either in this world or in the world to come.’’ Mathew 12: 31 (Living bible)