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When sorrows palette,…

When sorrows palette, all of grey
Colours, covers all my days
I’m not that blithe and brilliant Saint
Who can simply smile and paint
A bold new shade of cheery rose,
Obscuring all my dreary woes,
But I can use my little brush to dab and and dab.

With each small joy I seek and find,
Each glimpse of nobler humankind, 
Each precious scrap of happy news,
I can fleck some brighter hues;
I can practice and persist,
And learn to be a pointillist,
To lighten up the somber palette
Bit by bit by bit.

By J M Tillman.

Artist Rovina Cai
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook https://www.facebook.com/Snowwolfswoodlandnook/

Mind what you sow!

 WE SOW (and reap) EVERYDAY!

Photo Credit: Wisdom Quotes on Facebook

Sowing good seed may be difficult in a World,
With so much anger and hate!
With so much wickedness and vengeance!
With so much falsehood and darkness!

But look within your being, your soul!
You will find Happiness and Love!
You will find Benevolence and Forgivingness!
You will find Truth and Light!

Which seed to sow is your choice to make!
But remember the Law strict and unavoidable!
“Whatsoever a man Soweth,
That shall he Reap”