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High recognitions . . . earthbound souls

“When human beings were still connected to the Light, the delicate threads that still connect the body to the soul after death could be undone within twenty-four hours or oftentimes even less time. Today, however, and for ages already, the departed souls have to accompany their dead earthly bodies to the burial site and wait there until they are set  free”

– Roselis von Sass (The Book of the Last Judgment)
The author draws inspiration from “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

Text & image source: Garden of Illumination https://web.facebook.com/Garden-of-Illumination-1433140463620723/

#FridayFantasy . . . . And his Soul said to him,


“Before him lay his shadow, which was the body of his soul, and behind him hung the moon
in the honey-coloured air.

“And his Soul said to him, ‘If indeed thou must drive me away, send me not forth without a
heart. The world is cruel, so give me thy heart to take with me.’ “

From Oscar Wilde, “The Fisherman and his Soul.”

Pen and ink illustration by Art Nouveau artist and designer, Ben Kutcher, 1918.
Text & image source: Edmund Dulac https://www.facebook.com/Oct2282/

. . . . today’s mass living habits




“The human soul longs for things higher, warmer and purer
than those offered by today’s mass living habits”

– Alexander Solzhenitsyn






Text & image source: Return To Eden https://web.facebook.com/SpiritualTruths/

Wisdom Quote #21…..seeking within with Carl Jung!

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“When you are up against a wall, put down roots like a tree, until clarity comes from deeper sources to see over that wall and grow.”


“The only meaningful life is a life that strives for the individual realization–absolute and unconditional–of its own particular law…To the extent that a man is untrue to the law of his being…he has failed to realize his own life’s meaning.
The undiscovered vein within us is a living part of the psyche; classical Chinese philosophy names this interior way “Tao,” and likens it to a flow of water that moves irresistibly towards its goal. To rest in Tao means fulfillment, wholeness, one’s destination reached, one’s mission done; the beginning, end, and perfect realization of the meaning of existence innate in all things.”
― Carl Jung

Quote Source: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/38285.C_G_Jung?page=4

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The Astral Body: A Must For Child-birth!

Today, we conclude the series “The Human Spirit and Gender”:

The soul now approaches heavy gross matter or what is generally called the physical world. Its density now permits a close interaction with this outer world and preparations are in top gear for its incarnation!
The processes of preparation which are mostly carried out by elemental beings are painstaking, elaborate and perfect to the minutest detail: the state of consciousness of the soul, its inner volition, propensity, mission, redemptive threads (karma), etc; as well as, the prevailing vibrations of light and stellar radiations are all carefully matched with the condition of the new body it will take on, the condition and circumstances of its future earthly parents/guardians and the environment it will live in.
The soul gets the parents it deserves and the parents get the child they deserve! The Laws of Homogeneous Species (like flocks with like) and that of Reciprocal Action (an eye for an eye; Karma) weave intricate threads and conformities to ensure a seamless and just consummation!
Progressing further, the soul approaches and hovers around the prospective mother who is already pregnant and (soul) radiates towards the developing body in her womb!
However, the soul cannot just slip into the growing body! That would be impossible because, the consistency of the soul is fundamentally different from the consistency of the growing body. Therefore, to ensure a proper bonding, the elemental workers construct a go-between, an implement or, bridge! This bridge is the Astral Body of the child!
Generally, astral bodies are prototypes in medium gross matter of everything existing in the physical world. Thus, the sun, stars, every planet in the physical cosmos; the earth as well as every grain of sand, rock, every plant, human or, animal body, water, air, even abstracts like skills, craftsmanship and technologies all have their astral counterparts.
Fashioned by the delicate hands of elemental beings who stand as servants of the Light, everything you find on earth including the most stupendous invention and countless others yet to be discovered already exist in the astral world in the most beautiful, exquisite and ideal form.
It is a sad testament to humanity’s failure that earthmen are still ignorant, groping, mistaken about the astral world and generally unable to draw from the immense resources and values in the astral world for earthly application. Only a relatively few know of and see astral things; even these few are still in the periphery of this vast, ‘unconquered’ world; although, they make big claims and fan themselves as masters!
It is regrettable that real knowledge of the astral world is still lacking among mankind! For now, let us return to the soul’s pilgrimage to the earth!

Through the embryo’s astral body, the soul takes control and moves it. Complementing the soul’s effort, the growing body also strengthens the bond by using the physical radiations pulsating though it to bind the soul to itself. This creates or better said, forms the foundation for a strong, sustainable radiation union between soul and body which lasts until the proverbial, ‘death do them part’!
With this, incarnation is complete: the soul now glows through and takes over the development of the child-body; the mother feels the first kicks and absorbs the volition of the new soul thus feeling happy or otherwise depending on the disposition of the soul nestling within her.
Months later, the child is born! The soul enters into earth life bearing the gender it freely took on years back in the ethereal realms.

It has been a long arduous journey for the soul and an enriching experience for us as we captured stages of the journey:
Starting as a sexless unconscious spirit-seed, “The Human Spirit And Gender…..Part 1” to acquiring ego-consciousness and gender, “From Seed-germs to Human Beings…..Human Spirit And Gender-Part2” descending into the world of gross matter “The Soul’s Pilgrimage Continues” and finally, landing on earth through birth. Many of souls never make it to the earth or take thousands of years to make it!
We hasten to observe that the explanations in the series do not exhaust the happenings and weavings connected with the evolution and development of all souls. Not by a long chalk! There are indeed, countless primary and secondary threads and events that interweave and unfold to the extent that the experience of each soul is unique, personal and different from that of other souls.
The path may be the same, but the experiences are different!
The big question is: Why do souls embark on this journey to the earth?

Engraved In Gold Series #1…..Love, the soul of Genius!

Engraved In Gold Series  #1

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence
nor imagination nor both together go to the making of a genius.
Love, love love, that is the soul of a genius”
-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY {so familiar yet, so misunderstood}

SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY {so familiar yet, so misunderstood}

Photo Credit: http://www.ascensionearth2012.org

Recalling the tail end of our last essay “From Seed-germs to Human Beings,” the human spirit is now living in the ethereal realm in a male or female human form, with self-consciousness and a refined free will. Spread out before it is a wide variety of the good and not so good; both pure and impure vibrations and impulses.
The spirit is at liberty to choose which experience to taste, attract, or indulge in. It can now consciously live life to its heart’s content, but, (and a very big but) must bear the responsibility of reward and punishment for the free choices it makes.
We tarry a while in the ethereal because, it is a major turning point for the first-time spirit! Some spirits never make it beyond this realm! Out of spiritual indolence, they either remain infants and babies galloping and gamboling in the meadows of the ethereal for eons of years or, get bogged down by following this or that impure passion which eventually hangs like a burden, an albatross around their necks!
Luckily an enormous number of spirits move on following the urge to develop which is spurred by the deep longing for maturity. They recognize or, at least, sense that only full spiritual maturity guarantees their return to The Kingdom of Bliss, their Real Home, where they can live for eternity in joyful service.
While we tarry, let us make some clarifications:
Strictly speaking, the spirit is now best referred to as a SOUL. This is because a human soul is actually a conscious human spirit in the beyond that is embodied in a substance other than spiritual substance and invariably experiencing life outside the spiritual realm. In comparison, just as the spirit becomes an earthman or earthwoman when it is embodied in flesh and blood in the physical world on earth, so is it a soul when embodied in ethereal or other non-spiritual material!
Simply expressed: outside the spiritual realms, the human spirit takes on a soul body while in the beyond and a physical body while on earth!
However, it does not discard the soul body when it enters the earth; rather, it exists like a coconut with layers of different substances. On earth, the human being (like me and you) is a combination of spirit, soul and physical body, i. e. three bodies in one!
The spirit is the core, the real and most permanent personality, the soul is fairly permanent, while the physical body has the shortest life span!
The spirit and soul are therefore, neither the impersonal components of human nature nor, levels of inner feelings. On the contrary, they are real personalities (like the physical body) in real worlds, with capabilities to experience life in real time and space, in their different worlds.
Let us take a glimpse at this trinity at work:
1. Activities like jumping, walking, reading and other physical exertions are activities of the physical body. These are obvious to everyone!

2. Most ‘real’ contact with friends, relatives and other humans who have passed on (physically died); astral phenomena like projection, sensing, phantom pains, etc, are soul body activities. Also, an overwhelming majority of mediumship, spiritism, hypnotic communication, are soul body activities because the organs of reception/interaction are the soul body organs.

3. On the other hand, the spirit body is at work during divine mediation, like the reception of the biblical Book of Revelation, visions of the Queen of Heaven (not Mary the mother of Jesus) and visions of the luminous ‘Throne of God.’
The frequently experienced deep, quiet and still voice that speaks to us, distinct from the din and rattle of the intellect, is the voice of the spirit; the intuitive perception.
These activities are merely separated to illustrate the principal body at work. In reality they are not individually independent; an activity started by one body dovetails into and necessitates the cooperation of the other body or, bodies before it can reach consummation or perfection. For instance, the physical activity of vocal praying or chanting, requires the cooperation of the spiritual volition to propel the main wish of the prayer for fulfillment. Words alone can only reach medium gross matter which is extremely far from the Throne of Grace.
Today we had to reflect on the fine distinctions of spirit, soul and the physical body so that we are clear-sighted as we proceed with the evolving spirit into the rather fluid lower realms. In these deeper planes life is more vigorous, coarse and exposed to opposing energy vibrations. We enter the real battle ground of the Light and Darkness!
May the Grace of the Lord which gives peace and understanding be with us all!

The good, the bad and the ugly colors of the Intellect!

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Today we conclude our series on the intellect by looking at a few of its good, bad and ugly aspects!

THE GOOD! In science and technology, the intellect scores top grades. There is hardly any aspect of human life that is not touched by the products of science and technology nor, can one imagine life in today’s world without these gadgets, facilities and conveniences. Where do we start? Is it in health and medicine? communication, engineering edifices, agriculture and transportation? The evidence of science and technology abound everywhere on earth and even beyond…. As we speak, some earth citizens will be having their next meal in space!

That the intellect has excelled in science, technology and technical matters is no surprise!  Science by its nature deals with testable, verifiable parameters, i. e., upholds only tangible proofs and deductions. Thus, it operates primarily within the realms of coarse and fine gross matter, which are also the main Creation spheres of the intellect. So, the intellect and science are on home soil and can easily touch base with each other.

From what experts tell us, we are still in the early days of science and technology; the best is yet to come.

THE BAD! Religion: A Truth-bringer is born like any other child; only those who are spiritually open can perceive the intense wave of spiritual activities and radiations accompanying the birth; otherwise, the event passes with the usual customs and traditions of the community. He grows up like any other youth; enjoys the open air, loves birds and pets, admires the starry skies at night, etc. Outwardly, he is just a man among men!

The only perceptible difference is an unquenchable longing for ideals that cannot be satisfied by parents and the society around him. Not even the available wise men could calm his disquiet.

Spiritually, a bandage is placed above his eyes so that he can personally experience the plight of humanity and the vibrations of life on earth. He must seek the answers to the human question and strengthen his resolve to help humanity. The inner tumult and need for deep meditation/reflection may necessitate his temporary withdrawal from the society and living an ascetic and abstemious life.

At the right moment, the bandage falls and the seeking one becomes an enlightened one, The Master! He recognizes his mission and the guidance that has prepared him even before his current earth life and receives the strength for his Commission.

Thereafter he sets out on his benevolent mission to the whole of humanity. With arduous toil and in the face of stiff opposition from the Darkness and its minions he assembles some disciples and a circle of followers to spread his teachings and mediate spiritual Power to suffering humanity till his departure from earth life.

After his passing on (death), the disciples extend the circle of followers, document the Master’s teachings, organize Orders of Worship and create a culture out of the teachings. Before you know it, a religion is born!

..and our foxy old intellect creeps in to figuratively, contaminate the water  from a pure fountain head!.

First, the Master is deified. He is either made a god, or, a personality-cult created about him. His everyday habit and attire become divinely ordained. If he wore a long beard, it becomes a special trade mark; if he shaved his hair, all devoted followers must do same. His simple abstemious life becomes a passport to heaven; poverty and austerity are gloried as virtues!

It does not really matter if the Master did not jot down one single word, whatever the disciples hand down becomes unquestionable truth: the only truth; and no other truth beside it either here on earth or above.

They do not see the Grace of the Almighty in that this Master, like other Truth-bringers, was a jewel in a ring of Light Messengers who have been carefully selected and placed at the perfect time and among the right people for the spiritual enlightenment and maturity of humanity. They shut their minds from and blindly disparage other teachings by simply branding the teachings as issuing from or the handiwork of the devil, Lucifer or whatever name they chose to call the Darkness.

Things really get to a tragic-comic head when those who profess the same religion bitterly disagree on the interpretation of the Master’s word.

Undoubtedly, this can only happen through the intellectual interpretation of a spiritual work. A work that should have been perceived and experienced spiritually from inside out is intellectually dissected and presented in a more ‘pragmatic’ or ‘modern’  version.  Worse still, the underlying cause of dissentions may be the selfish protection of political, economic and other personal benefits.

THE UGLY! The worst product of the intellect is vanity! Excerpts from a profound Source of spiritual knowledge, “In The Light of Truth”(The Grail Message) by Abd-ru-shin, speaks of vanity as follows:

“THE GREATEST BURDEN with which the human soul has encumbered itself, and which will hinder every possibility of ascent, is vanity! It has spread ruin throughout the entire Creation. Vanity has become the most powerful poison for the soul, because man has cherished it as a shield and mask for all his shortcomings……….

As the worst outgrowth of the intellect (which is earthbound and gaining the upper hand), vanity must be disposed of – vanity which is the root of so many evils, such as envy, hatred, slander, and the craving for all kinds of earthly pleasures and possessions. Everything that is ugly in this world is really anchored in vanity, which expresses itself in a great variety of ways.”