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High recognitions . . . We all have a garden in the land of the spirits

“We all have a garden in the land of the spirits, where fruit grows and flowers blossom.
However, the best-tasting fruit grows on the tree that blossoms out of human faithfulness!
All we feel, and all we do, takes shape in the gardens of the spirits!”

– Roselis von Sass (Atlantis, The End of a Continent)
The writer draws inspiration from “The Grail Message”
(In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

Text & image source: Garden of Illumination https://web.facebook.com/Garden-of-Illumination-1433140463620723/

The Soul’s Pilgrimage Continues!

Welcome to Part 4 of our ‘Human Spirit and Gender’ series:

 THE SOUL MOVES ON! It steps into gross matter guided by animistic beings and spirit helpers along the paths prepared by the beings well beforehand. The driving force propelling the soul is its longing for maturity through experiencing. The longing leaves it with no rest, so, downward it glides!

 Once more, it feels like a stranger because of the new radiation cycle: the streaming down from above and the bouncing back from the physical world, the interplay of both Light and Dark energies and the conflicting passions and volitions. It can now perceive the push and pull of life in Creations’ outermost outpost i.e.  final frontiers and can perceive the thoughts and feelings of fellow human beings in their physical bodies.

 For us in the Universe of Ephesus, the outpost is the Earth! Through mediated knowledge, mankind now knows that there are seven universes and that the earth belongs to the universe, Ephesus! This is a subject for another day!

 The evolving soul still has a lot to learn through experiencing before it can enter into earth life; so, let us look around these magnificent realms which have very incisive influence on earth as well as on the core of human beings, the spirit.

 To represent life in the immediate beyond, or precisely, fine/medium gross matter with just one or, a few pictures will largely misrepresent the magnitude, variety and mobility of life in these regions. It would be akin to describing life in our solar system to a strange entity by presenting the living conditions in Badagry, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria. Obviously, this would be an utterly poor representation of life in Lagos, the state/region, the country Nigeria, Africa, the earth, the sun and other bodies within the solar system. Even then, our solar system is infinitesimally small in comparison with the regions of fine/medium gross matter.  

 Life in these regions is therefore so divers that a soul’s knowledge is rather limited, personalized and can only go as far as its inner maturity and the information/pictures mediated or passed on to it by guides, allow.

 Well documented and reliable accounts from Divinely inspired knowledge and from souls that have passed on, describe life in these regions in a wide variety ranging from rapturous beauty, bright invigorating sunshine, ordinary, enervating climate, dim-lit eeriness, nauseating baseness to the hot ovens of Hell.

 As a first timer our subject soul, with little or no Karmic burden, is likely to be ushered into an environment befitting its innocence and youthfulness:

 …….the soul arrives at a habitation; it berths at an anchorage homogeneous to its inner nature and propensities; a real abode complete with houses, courtyards, lawns, landscapes, neighborhood and ‘kindred’ neighbors (souls). Guides are on hand to welcome and acclimatize the new comer.

 The schooling continues and the perfect Laws of Creation provide all the helps it needs and ensure that no harm befalls it unless the ones it brings upon itself. It learns by experiencing:  chooses this or that impulse to taste, enjoy or follow and learns the lessons from its free choices. No untoward pressure; no arbitrary reward or punishment! Whatever it sows, that does it reap!

 Today, as we leave the soul to grapple with life in its new ‘home’ we give thanks to the Most High for caring for us human beings with the love of a solicitous mother and for always providing every generation with the knowledge to live a victorious life!


 Joyful Service, dear friends!