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Happy Pink Full Moon….. stay open-minded and be flexible.

The April 19th Full Moon is in Libra ruled by Venus! It means that all aspects of relationships are surfacing and need our attention. This is a good time to examine and rebuild interactions to become independent from others emotionally. This is also the best time to work on our relationships with ourselves. Self-love and ability of being yourself is absolutely essential for building healthy harmonious relationships with others. This Moon is in the opposition to Uranus, the planet of unanticipated changes and events, and could bring some uncertainty and challenges in our connections. So, we need to tread carefully, don’t react impulsively, stay open-minded and be flexible. 

Text & image source: Rivers in Full Moon

#FridayFantasy . . . .the pleasure of knocking off wild apples.




“To appreciate the wild and sharp flavors of these October fruits,
it is necessary that you be breathing the sharp October or November air.
What is sour in the house a bracing walk makes sweet. Some of these apples
might be labeled, “To be eaten in the wind.” It takes a savage or wild taste
to appreciate a wild fruit. . . The era of the Wild Apple will soon be past….
I fear that he who walks over these fields a century hence will not know the
pleasure of knocking off wild apples. Ah, poor soul, there are many pleasures
which you will not know! . . . the end of it all will be that we shall be
compelled to look for our apples in a barrel.”

Henry David Thoreau






Art Joanna Westerman
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook https://www.facebook.com/Snowwolfswoodlandnook/

Candid talk . . . family briar


“You don’t owe your family affection if they are being abusive and treating you poorly. I know that it’s so difficult not to feel guilty for holding back that love. I know that there are people who will tell you that you should just grin and bear it because they’re family. People who will shame you for the way you feel.
People who will try to convince you that wanting to take care of yourself in this way is selfish and unjustified. But the truth is that it’s not your responsibility to be kind or loving to people who have consistently hurt and mistreated you — especially when these people continue to disregard your feelings, ignore your boundaries, and refuse to take responsibility for their behavior.
Just because the person hurting you is family doesn’t make them an exception. Choosing not to be affectionate with family who have abused or mistreated you doesn’t make you a bad person. It isn’t selfish or disrespectful. It’s a form of self-care. It’s about you honoring your feelings and holding people accountable for their abuse. It’s about you standing up for yourself and your needs. It’s about you making your mental health a priority.
So if getting distance from certain family members is what you need right now, or permanently, then you have every right to withhold your love and leave. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of maintaining a relationship.”

~ Daniel Koepke




Photo & text credit: Spiritual Awakenings ॐ https://web.facebook.com/Spiritual-Awakenings-%E0%A5%90-105433989565465/

When a person doesn’t have gratitude…


“When a person doesn’t have gratitude,
something is missing in his or her humanity.
A person can almost be defined by
his or her attitude toward gratitude.”

~ Elie Wiesel




Text credit: : http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/e/elie_wiesel.html
image credit:Creative photography @ https://web.facebook.com/Soul-Healing-Mystics-Light-1437542323150756/

Symbolism . . . the cup, the heart.


” Sufis talk about the cup. The cup is the heart.
Once it is filled with this faith in God, then it has a taste.
It tastes sweet.
And then this sweetness gradually gets deeper and deeper
until it becomes what the sufis call, Divine wine…..”

—Shaykh Ahmed Sidi Kostas




Photo & text credit: Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness https://web.facebook.com/Mystic-Path-to-Cosmic-Consciousness-143005819116554/

Even the rough sea can be enjoyed . . .


“Life is tough
and if you have the ability to laugh at it
you have the ability to enjoy it.”

~ Salma Hayek ~



Photo & text source: Precious World https://web.facebook.com/ourpreciousworld/

How will you be polished?


“If you are irritated by every rub,
how will you be polished?”

– Rumi





Photo & text credit: Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness https://web.facebook.com/Mystic-Path-to-Cosmic-Consciousness-143005819116554/

Happy Sunday . . .Come out here


♡ Come out here where the roses have opened.
Let soul and world meet. ♡

— Rumi



Text & photo source: Flower Power https://web.facebook.com/FlowerPowerBliss/

There’s a time…and there’s a time.


There’s a time to be a nice person,
And there’s a time to say enough is enough.




Photo & text credit: Spiritual Awakenings ॐ https://web.facebook.com/Spiritual-Awakenings-%E0%A5%90-105433989565465/