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Faithful even in adversity!


“The flower that follows the sun
does so even in cloudy days.”

~ Robert Leighton




~ Image by Marta Cernicka
Text & image credit: The Garden Of Pensiveness https://web.facebook.com/The-Garden-Of-Pensiveness-367268523352486/

and Osho spoke…existence is full of song!


“I have never been a serious person…
I am not serious at all because existence is not serious.
It is so playful, so full of song
and so full of music and so full of subtle laughter. …
It is pure joy, sheer dance, out of overflowing energy.”


Photo & text credit: Zura Shushani

Random thoughts #3….while at the stream!

net tent
Photo credit: http://www.sansbug.com/meditate-with-sansbug-net-tent/

Down at the stream-side it is serene almost ethereal! But for occasional chirping and fluttering in the overhead foliage, the quietude is palpable!
During flood tides like now, the small stream glides so smoothly that it appears stagnant! You can ‘see’ its rhythmic movement as floating twigs dance downstream to the silent music of unseen hands and feel the gentle breeze bringing good tidings from Neptune, the sea Maid, also waltz in synchrony with the same music—nature’s music!
Go with the flow; everything seems to be doing so; more like the order here, and so, unconsciously I turn to the down-stream direction…. just then, the soul expanded and time stood still!
When kind came back to kind, the intellect picked up the threads of thought where it left off: “Go with the flow; flow with the tide!”…… but; the fishes, diving in every direction, balancing like aqua choppers and frolicking as if to taunt the tide! In every direction, apparently at their choice and pace; not minding the flow, not going with the flow!
So it is true:
“Only dead fishes go with the flow!”

But, what happens when the tide ebbs; when the stream empties swiftly into the bowels of the sea and becomes a meandering rivulet barely ankle deep? The fishes; no diving, no delicate balancing, no frolicking fins! All gone with the ebb tide only to come back with the tide changes!
So it is also true after all:
“Both dead and living fishes go with the flow!”
Truth O, Truth! How you confound the Seeker!

Womanhood Quotes #3


“Why do women want to dress like men when they’re fortunate enough to be women? Why lose femininity, which is one of our greatest charms? We get more accomplished by being charming than we would be flaunting around in pants and smoking. I’m very fond of men. I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don’t want to look like one. When women gave up their long skirts, they made a grave error…”
― Tasha Tudor





Photo Credit: http://www.elegantwoman.org
Text Credit: http://www.goodreads.com

Mind what you sow!

 WE SOW (and reap) EVERYDAY!

Photo Credit: Wisdom Quotes on Facebook

Sowing good seed may be difficult in a World,
With so much anger and hate!
With so much wickedness and vengeance!
With so much falsehood and darkness!

But look within your being, your soul!
You will find Happiness and Love!
You will find Benevolence and Forgivingness!
You will find Truth and Light!

Which seed to sow is your choice to make!
But remember the Law strict and unavoidable!
“Whatsoever a man Soweth,
That shall he Reap”

INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

Early this week, the WordPress blogosphere, particularly the spirituality/philosophy axis, was awash with Inner Peace Award.
Summer’s blog started the avalanche, and within hours, many blogs were either offered or, already hoisting the Peace banner. It felt good! How I wish peace and good will could be spread among mankind with such love and generosity!
The award’s magic lies primarily in its wording: INNER PEACE! Who doesn’t wish himself or herself inner peace? “Go in peace”, “Peace be upon you”, “Peace, I leave with you”, are some of the unforgettable heralds given to mankind by Masters and Light Messengers over the ages!
A second catch is that the award is easy to accept: offer it freely to all your followers, nominate a few if you so wish and leave an inspiring word on peace. You don’t have to dust up your bio data and string out a long list of nominees who in any case, either already have the award or, are too busy to even acknowledge your nomination.
Purplerays benefited from the largese through nominations and open followership offers. See why I said it felt good?
In the spirit of the award, I offer it to all my followers and readers of this post. Where would Purplerays be without you?………….in the wilderness! I owe you all much more than I can ever repay! In addition, I want to specially thank these friends who nominated Purplerays:
1. Summer of http://summer4soul.com The searching one, who challenges you to “dare to be,” to say yes, or no, only out of inner conviction rather than bowing to herd mentality; but, to pursue your dreams with friendliness and love! She believes that “We all are born with a pure heart. That ‘pure inside’ of you, will always be a part of you no matter what…….”

2. Tatiana of http://poeticparadoxoflife.wordpress.com Easygoing but deep! She talks wisdom, love, success and happiness; one moment it is the usual everyday gist, the next moment, it is a sober spiritual reflection. That’s the paradox of life that Tatiana draws your attention to! Good, inspiring mind laced with a simple life principle….”love yourself and love ALL people”.

3. Soumyav of http://soumyav.wordpress.com The Lady of Words! She writes short, simple poems; but in their simplicity lie greatness and transcendent beauty. She breathes life into words and they become living pictures. You become part of the pictures and absorbed into a journey in non-physical space and time! Thank goodness, she always brings you back before signing off! .

Thank you, great friends, for wishing me inner peace! May you also reap bountiful peace and love!

….and now my word on Peace, which is a favorite quote from the Sage himself:
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” – Gautama Buddha

The Fall of Man, Hereditary Sin and the Intellect!

The Fall of Man, Hereditary Sin and the Intellect!

We have repeatedly emphasized that the intellect is not by nature a negative faculty! It is neither bad nor, is its cultivation or training sinful. On the contrary, the intellect is the highest of all that belongs to the earthly. Its fine ethereal dimension enables it receive spiritual urges for earthly application and manifestation while its gross material (earthly) dimension allows it to gather earthly experiences and transmit them to the spirit and the Universe for real experiencing and growth. The intellect is therefore the Facilitator of life on earth; no other faculty is endowed with such capacity.

However, the intellect could be likened to fire! If tended and stoked with care, fire is a good servant, helper and companion; but if not applied properly or allowed out control it becomes a hazard and raging disaster.

The natural and proper hand to tend and stoke the intellect is the spirit; but, if unwittingly left on its own and the wind, as human beings have done over the ages, the result is bound to be chaotic.

Today, we are going to trace the origin and development of the chaos while in the next post, we shall look at modern day examples of the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the intellect:

Like most fire disasters, the causes are usually small and seemingly harmless; a spark or smouldering hearth followed by a flicker and flames. So is it with the intellect!

When the human spirits first arrived on earth, they were saddled with bodies that were in their primal stage of development and with a consciousness not much different from today’s infants. One could say, with some measure of justification, that human beings on earth were glorified noble animals.

Gradually, they learnt how to walk erect, talk, shield themselves from the elements, collect and store food and so on! As the body evolved, the ego consciousness improved.

With time, they became conscious of the enormous potentials and capacity of the intellect; they realized that they were equipped with an intellect with which to think their way through life on earth and followed up by devoting more and more time to cultivating and sharpening the faculty. Generations later, the intellect became their standard bearer and alter ego!

The immediate fallout from this was that they stifled their intuitive capacity and gradually estranged themselves from the spirit and spiritual life.

On the other hand, the intellect grew in leaps and bounds and being a product of the earthly brain, it limited human perception to earthly time and space. Their attention and passions were primarily earthly and earth bound. They craved to taste of ‘the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ and as they tasted, they ‘realized’ they were naked; in short, they became vain and self-indulgent.

Another fall out was that their lopsided activity exerted undue pressure on the frontal brain which is the seat of the intellect and the body responded by nourishing the frontal brain more than the back brain. This later resulted in the disproportionate enlargement of the frontal brain compared to the back brain. Hence the designations large and small brains respectively.

This distortion was caused by humanity’s over-cultivation and subordination to the intellect. The spirit was relegated to the background and the intellect, once an amiable cub metamorphosed into a roaring wolf.

The intellect that was a gift, a blessing, became a curse, a sin. It became the Anti-spirit, the Serpent, the Original Sin which brought about the Fall of Man! The ‘Fall’ was the reciprocal effect of voluntarily disregarding the natural Order in Creation which is the same as disobeying the Will of God!

Fast forward to about 200,000 years from the present age and you have ‘new kids on the block’: Homo sapiens, the forebears of the modern man/woman. They come with refined gaits, straight limbs, rudimentary social and community life and large brains, ie large, overwhelming frontal brains and small, inert back brains. They received the enhanced frontal brains and crippled back brains from their immediate progenitors and also bequeathed same to their offspring who in turn handed down the distortion to their successors, on and on from one generation to the other.

This is the Hereditary Sin often misunderstood by many! The sin of the offspring inheriting physically distorted and handicapped brains from parents together with the propensity for only earthly passions and cravings! A purely PHYSICAL, gross material inheritance!

There is no such thing as Spiritual Heredity! Absolutely none! No spiritual DNA to pass on to your children! Spiritually we are self-contained and only bonded by karmic missions and ties or, the commonality of our Origin. Moreover, spiritually, the child could indeed be an older and more mature soul than the parents who actually receive help through the radiations of the child’s soul.

If human beings were left to their designs, they would have been spiritually lost and beyond redemption! But through the Unfathomable Love of the Almighty, we are constantly reminded and offered life belts to pull back, reflect on the real Purpose of Life and redirect our steps towards salvation, freedom and ‘oneness’ with the Light. These reminders come by way of events that have pushed us to our wits’ end, intuitive promptings and spiritual knowledge mediated to us by sages, prophets, called ones, messengers and Envoys of the Light.

In this we regard, we give thanks to the Almighty for the selfless, benevolent work of Truth bringers like Krishna, Lao-tse, Zoroaster, Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, the Son of God and Abd-ru-shin.

…and where do we go from here?

We should strive for freedom from the clutches of base propensities which are the symptoms of the over-dominating and enslaving intellect. In other words, we should strive for spiritual freedom; for inner freedom!





Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Easter Bells……..a call to reawakening for all human spirits!

 EASTER……a festival for all!

Photo Credit: Photos of Enlightenment on Facebook

This week, we join our Christian brothers and sisters in celebrating Easter Festival. This festival is considered the high point of the Christian religion as it touches directly on the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whose message forms the pillar of Christianity.


We join other seekers for Truth in reflecting on the significance of Christ’s life and mission; His death, resurrection and redemption work:
1. Was Christ’s work of redemption solely to lay down His life and with His precious blood wash away our sins? Does salvation lie only in His death and blood? If so, all we have to do for our salvation, is accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior and ‘’cast all our guilt upon Him; for He has redeemed us and by His wounds we are healed.’’
(1.2) How about the portentous intercession of Christ as He hung on the Cross in dire agony, ‘’Father! Forgive them for they know not what they do.’’ Was this not and indictment on all those who participated in His Crucifixion, who were supposed to be serving a Divine purpose? Was His crucifixion a criminal and condemnable act which was against the Will of God? Would any Christian believer today wish to have participated in the crucifixion as the fulfillment of a Divine Order?

2. Or, was Christ’s work of redemption to transmit unblemished Truth to mankind through His Word (message) and thereby open the way to the forgiveness of all sins? Does salvation lie only in His Word? If so, for our salvation, we have to absorb His Word and live our lives according to It! Thereby, the magnetic radiance of the Truth of His Word will cleanse us of our sins.
(2.1) How about His reassuring declaration, ‘’I am the Way, the Truth and Life….No man cometh unto the Father but by me.’’ Is this ‘ME’ limited and earthly personal, or is it the transcendental Christ-Spirit? Does the ‘Truth’ which Jesus stood for and brought to all mankind not embrace the Truths contained in other religions and teachings? Is salvation for Christians or Church members only?


We bow our spirits at the feet of the Most High in gratitude for His unfathomable Grace upon mankind in sending His Love Incarnate, Jesus Christ! We join Christians in spirit and volition in their Hours of Commemorative Worship!


May mankind heed the Easter bells as they proclaim the resurrection of the human spirit to Love, Peace and goodwill!
Just like nature, at this time of the year, shines forth in the splendors of spring, in rebirth and in reawakening, may the sublime crown of Truth shine forth in all lands, guide us to the Right Paths and free us from all Darkness!

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THE GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME.111……Most Missionary Work Of Today Only Produce Hybrid Believers!

Let us leave the degenerate humans, see ’’THE GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME 11’’. Writing that post was particularly depressing; it was like wriggling in mud in a white garment just to demonstrate how baleful or messy mud can be. You are plastered with mud and almost choked by the poisonous fumes stirred up by your action. In such situations breathing becomes a nightmare. Let us step into some fresh air!

Today we are following the primitive man on his path of spiritual awakening! People, here and there, are finding it difficult to come to terms with life in the community: a priest is yet to settle down after a blood chilling ritual, his head still swoons over the cries of the men hacked down for sacrifice. A woman sits by the fireside musing: why are we subjected to the whims and caprices of the menfolk? Why are we treated as sub-humans, only to be seen and not heard? A man who barely survived a raid by a neighboring community is green with hate while licking his wounds.

Anger, disgust, natural disaster, communal clashes, sickness, accidents and even positive impulses like love and care for a relative, all seem to nudge the people to seek something better. Their childlike and unassuming wishes rise like prayers, like petitions and therefore find connection with luminous homogenous centers and energies in the universe and cannot fail to return to them as the originators with blessings.

Working in the manner of a leaven, the blessings gradually strengthened their good volition and lightened their ethereal environment; attracted better souls to incarnate among them, while their fear of demons and other negative propensities weakened more and more. Gifted ones in the community began to see friendly entities like the elemental beings and, amazed by the love, peace and joy flowing from the beings, the mediums concluded that the elementals were the highest Essence in existence and therefore must the real gods.

You can then understand that, with time, they simply migrated from demon-worship to elemental-worship. The people followed suit because, this was what they were told about the beyond; this was their new conviction, their new realities and new anchorage for their faith.

Those who could not flow with the new faith were regarded as backward, and unprogressive. The unprogressive (particularly, the priests who stood to lose out in the new dispensation) on the other hand, regarded the so called progressives as infidels and betrayers of their fore fathers. This sometimes drew bitter emotional and physical struggles and consequent separation and formation of new communities and settlements.

As the spirits awakened more and more, they were able to see and perceive further layers of Creation. They were able to penetrate through the worlds of matter (which include the ethereal) up to the very heights of the animistic realms. Here they encountered more magnificent and enchanting entities and situations.

By reaching out to these higher realms the human spirits were thereby open to more luminous Light Streams and power, and drew so much help and enlightenment. This was reflected on earth by the dramatic improvements in humanity’s life styles, skills and sense of justice. This was the era when mankind refined his culture and civilization, built great picturesque cities and monumental structures, composed classic music and poetry, instituted the great citadels of learning and monasteries, etc. It was as if the Golden Age was back; refined and wide spread!

The Romans and the Greeks were among the firsts to reach this age. They were able to see, feel and hear the Lords of the Elementals and of the Elements!  A few mediums and clairvoyants among them even had an intimate relationship with these Rulers of the elements. Without doubt, the mediums were highly fascinated by the great Leaders and in devout earnestness regarded them and their habitation as the highest beings and realms in existence. They therefore regarded the Elemental Rulers as gods and called their impregnable fastness, Olympus and Valhalla.

Not the peoples mentioned above, only! Other peoples got to similar states of awareness in their own time and at their own pace. The Hindus for instance, not only had a god for every aspect of human endeavor, but also a hierarchy of semi-gods, demi-gods, gods and goddesses all the way up. Nor did every race make it to this state of awakening! Some races or sections of races stagnated in the worlds of matter and even continue in the fear and worship of demons, phantoms and other base forces to this age, or until the latter-day orthodox religions swept away their convictions and beliefs.

The simple lesson to draw from our discussion today is: The various religious cults that have existed throughout the history of mankind up till today are true reflections of sections of life in the beyond. They are not phantasies or figments of the imagination rather, they indicate sections of non-physical life; unless they have been corrupted and rubbished by rogues, impostors and mercenary opportunists.  But then, which profession does not have such miscreants or do we judge the integrity of any profession by the activities of miscreants?

This is also instructive for all missionary work of the future. The missionaries should first acknowledge that the gods of their converts really exist. They should explain that the beings came into existence through the Will of the Almighty and placed in Creation for beneficial purposes. They should then gradually lead the converts to the next level of consciousness and not straight on to the high concept of Divinity as if the lower realms of Creation do not exist. The process should be painstaking, leading from one step of conviction to the next immediate one; not based on the so-called automatic conversion, much less on manipulation, coercion or any form of violence. He who does not have the patience, the ability and the calling for such extremely serious work should refrain from it. He thereby spares his soul as well those of his converts so much anguish!

Most missionary work of today only produce hybrid believers! Believers who anchor their tap roots in the new faith, but still sink countless smaller  roots in their old gods and beliefs.