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Photo Credit: Sun Gazing on Facebook

“Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older, he will remain upon it.”
Proverbs 22: 6 (The Living Bible)

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Shapes The Intellect

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Shapes The Intellect

Photo Credit: Sun Gazing on Facebook

In our last essay, (Intellect……..Unveiled) we took an overview of the spirit – intellect partnership. Today, we are looking at the origin and stages of this partnership in the life of the human being on earth:

The spirit – intellect partnership starts in the womb. This is obvious as we all know that a child is born a fully-fledged human being complete with spirit, soul and body. However, to understand the origin of the partnership we need to understand the processes of procreation.

Procreation involves conception, incarnation and birth. Conception and birth are familiar processes while incarnation requires a bit of an explanation.

Incarnation is the process whereby the spirit takes on a physical body as its outermost cloak. It is another example of the beauty of seamless synchronization in nature! When a pregnancy occurs, so many activities are set in motion in various directions and realms but, all these have to interconnect, coalesce and lead back to the pregnancy. One principal activity is that human spirits in their ethereal soul forms approach in their numbers seeking an opportunity for earthly experiencing. Nature then sifts through the multitude to select the soul that is homogeneous or has strong karmic linkage with the mother or anchor person, and best suited for this particular body. As the natural selection is going on, a radiation bridge capable of holding different elements is prepared and the embryo keeps growing to the point where it can withstand and sustain a close spiritual bond. The processes continue until all fronts are ready for the next big stage.

The stage is reached at the middle of pregnancy when the embryo’s basic organs have evolved…and so the miraculous happens: the spirit is guided in through the well-known silver cord; the mother feels the first kicks and if open to pure light streams, she also feels the presence of a soul as if merged with her being. Thus, a new human being has taken on form in the World of Matter growing towards his/her earthly birth!

Incarnation therefore takes place mid-way in pregnancy and signals the beginning of the spirit-intellect partnership. It marks such a significant milestone that in the eyes of the inflexible Laws of Creation, any willful termination of a pregnancy after incarnation, is plain murder.

In early life, nature allows the body and intellect a learning/maturity period. During this period, the spirit maintains a rather loose or slackened connection with the body to allow it mature unfettered. The infant body grows and the mind learns through imitative instincts, experiences and later, free will.

This period, which lasts till about puberty, demands the highest concept of motherhood, parenthood and education! The child should be grounded in nature; he/she should be guided to appreciate nature, respect plant and animal life and understand that the elemental beings behind nature are but servants of God, not gods and definitely not malicious and wicked entities. Religion should sharpen the intuitive mind by teaching the virtues through simple illustrations, stories and parables and not through the tortuous memorizing and recitation of scriptures and creeds, or the undue subjection to doctrines and dogmas. Education should prepare the child for a life of self-reliance and creativity without being pernicious and overly materialistic. Balance and moderation should prevail in these matters!
Parents should therefore not regard child-bearing as merely a means of propagation; of extending the family lineage. Rather, it is a sacred duty which must be undertaken only with a deep understanding of what procreation and parenthood are. Blessed is the hand that rocks the cradle with knowledge and discernment.

What becomes of the spirit – intellect partnership now depends largely on the human product that emerges from the period of learning:

If there is a balance between the intuitive and intellectual minds; if the child is aware that this world is but a small section of real existence; if the intellect has not been over cultivated and crammed with purely earthly knowledge, the spirit then finds a handy and harmonious partner in the intellect. The youth finds peace within and grows in the proverbial ‘strength and knowledge of God’.

If on the other hand, the child’s upbringing only made room for bread and butter, science and technology, or ‘survival of the fittest’ instincts; if the intellect is so cultivated that it is raised to an idol, the spirit then finds a disagreeable or unruly partner in the intellect. The intellect takes over as the lord of the manor, suppressing any intuitive perception (voice of the spirit) and living its passions to the full.

In between both extremes above, neither the spirit nor the intellect takes over completely. Instead, there is an internal struggle, a raging calm. Some religions call it the internal personal struggle between good and evil, spirit and flesh or refer to situations where the ‘spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’.

You can then understand the wisdom in the old Cherokee proverb (see our post “The Intellect Continuously Wars Against The Spirit”) which speaks of two wolves within us.

The choice of which wolf to feed is yours and the consequences…………..still yours to bear!