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Contemplation for the month of July…..the great purification!

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“Soon the ring will close. Things are piling up ever more, rising like a rampart which will soon collapse and crash down upon mankind, who go on living unsuspectingly in spiritual apathy. Finally, at the time of fulfillment, they will naturally no longer have the free choice!
They must now just reap what they sowed at that time, and also later on their wrong ways.

– The Grail Message “In The Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin

Spiritually Transmitted Diseases!

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A few days ago I ‘stumbled’ on an article titled “10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases” posted by Mariana Caplan Ph.D. MFT, on ASHTAR Command Community forum!
Mariana Caplan is a licensed psychotherapist, professor of yogic and transpersonal psychologies, the author of several books and contributor/resource person in numerous workshops, lectures and journals in the fields of psychology and spirituality! Her training and experience have no doubt nurtured an abundantly fertile mind and her opinion is truly worthy of respect!
The said article is true to type, and in my humble view, vintage Caplan! She starts by describing the field of human spirituality as a jungle like the rat race in our day to day lives! Just like the struggle to sustain our livelihoods is plagued by greed and avarice, so is our spirituality and spiritual endeavors ravaged by what she calls “the pervasive illnesses of ego and self-deception that are in all of us”! She concludes that these spiritual sicknesses are as deadly as sexually transmitted diseases to the physical body! In her words:
“As I have come to know hundreds of spiritual teachers and thousands of spiritual practitioners through my work and travels, I have been struck by the way in which our spiritual views, perspectives and experiences become similarly “infected” by “conceptual contaminants” — comprising a confused and immature relationship to complex spiritual principles can seem as invisible and insidious as a sexually transmitted disease.”

Any attempt to summarize the article will hardly do justice to the wealth of information it contains, I rather encourage the readers of this piece to get a full dose at: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/10-spiritually-transmitted-diseases
The 10 categories of spiritual diseases identified by Dr. Caplan are as follows:
1. Fast-Food Spirituality
2. Faux Spirituality
3. Confused Motivations
4. Identifying with Spiritual Experiences
5. The Spiritualized Ego
6. Mass Production of Spiritual Teachers
7. Spiritual Pride
8. Group Mind
9. The Chosen-People Complex
10.The Deadly Virus: “I Have Arrived”
If you are like me, you are probably wondering why the 10th is “deadly virus”! That indeed, is the best way to designate a pernicious propensity that not only grips virtually all religions, spiritual endeavors and philosophical/esoteric movements but also gradually leads believers and practitioners to stagnation! In spirituality parlance stagnation is retrogression and certain path to spiritual death! That is how deadly the disease is! Caplan’s words are very succinct:
“This disease is so potent that it has the capacity to be terminal and deadly to our spiritual evolution. This is the belief that “I have arrived” at the final goal of the spiritual path. Our spiritual progress ends at the point where this belief becomes crystallized in our psyche, for the moment we begin to believe that we have reached the end of the path, further growth ceases.”
….and there is much more to the article! See for yourself, it sure will be worth your while!

Between “born again” and reincarnation!

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To be born again is to be spiritually awakened and signifies a change in inner consciousness ie it is an inner spiritual experience, not something to be acquired through following doctrines of man made belief systems. Being “born again” refers to the spirit being re-born to the light.
Reincarnation on the other end refers to re-embodiment or rebirth of the soul in another earthly body.

The longing that brings lasting happiness!

The longing for the spiritual lies deeply embedded into the soul of man. Unless man opens himself up to these higher spiritual influences from the Luminous Realms of Creation he will not find lasting happiness.
“It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” – Matthew 4:4


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By their radiation ye shall know them!

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“In earthman the radiations of the finer covering, together with the radiations of the physical body, form a combination which results in a colourful wreath of radiations, called by some aura and by others od, the “fluid” that surrounds man. With this radiation-wreath he determines the strength of the waves for the vibrations which he absorbs out of the cosmic radiation-system. ……
The knowledge of the radiation of earthman is part of the image of man which will be decisive for the New Age.
In many cases of judgment, the aura will indicate the real condition of the soul to one who looks deeper. HERE NO DECEPTION IS POSSIBLE.”

–“A Gate Opens” by Herbert Vollmann. The author has drawn his knowledge from The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth) by ABD-RU-SHIN. As with the Grail Message itself, his words are meant to speak to the spirit of man, his true ego.

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When nature was children’s PlayStation!

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Today we breed them smart but indoors!
With smart phones and toys,
With fast foods and drinks!
Indoors at home, indoors in school!

Not with sights enraptured by nature!
Not with skipping and gamboling!
Not with wading and splashing!
Confined our breeding, confined their minds!

INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

Early this week, the WordPress blogosphere, particularly the spirituality/philosophy axis, was awash with Inner Peace Award.
Summer’s blog started the avalanche, and within hours, many blogs were either offered or, already hoisting the Peace banner. It felt good! How I wish peace and good will could be spread among mankind with such love and generosity!
The award’s magic lies primarily in its wording: INNER PEACE! Who doesn’t wish himself or herself inner peace? “Go in peace”, “Peace be upon you”, “Peace, I leave with you”, are some of the unforgettable heralds given to mankind by Masters and Light Messengers over the ages!
A second catch is that the award is easy to accept: offer it freely to all your followers, nominate a few if you so wish and leave an inspiring word on peace. You don’t have to dust up your bio data and string out a long list of nominees who in any case, either already have the award or, are too busy to even acknowledge your nomination.
Purplerays benefited from the largese through nominations and open followership offers. See why I said it felt good?
In the spirit of the award, I offer it to all my followers and readers of this post. Where would Purplerays be without you?………….in the wilderness! I owe you all much more than I can ever repay! In addition, I want to specially thank these friends who nominated Purplerays:
1. Summer of http://summer4soul.com The searching one, who challenges you to “dare to be,” to say yes, or no, only out of inner conviction rather than bowing to herd mentality; but, to pursue your dreams with friendliness and love! She believes that “We all are born with a pure heart. That ‘pure inside’ of you, will always be a part of you no matter what…….”

2. Tatiana of http://poeticparadoxoflife.wordpress.com Easygoing but deep! She talks wisdom, love, success and happiness; one moment it is the usual everyday gist, the next moment, it is a sober spiritual reflection. That’s the paradox of life that Tatiana draws your attention to! Good, inspiring mind laced with a simple life principle….”love yourself and love ALL people”.

3. Soumyav of http://soumyav.wordpress.com The Lady of Words! She writes short, simple poems; but in their simplicity lie greatness and transcendent beauty. She breathes life into words and they become living pictures. You become part of the pictures and absorbed into a journey in non-physical space and time! Thank goodness, she always brings you back before signing off! .

Thank you, great friends, for wishing me inner peace! May you also reap bountiful peace and love!

….and now my word on Peace, which is a favorite quote from the Sage himself:
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” – Gautama Buddha





A very hearty welcome to Purple Rays. Welcome to the fold of serious seekers for the Truth. Here we share with you our recognitions and experiencing.

RECOGNITIONS: Although meditation, exercises and prayers have their merits; although good works, chastity, charity, faith and religious fervor are praiseworthy; the first and foremost need of man is true knowledge. Seek the Truth, find the Truth and live your life in accordance with the Truth. That is the prime task of Man.

EXPERIENCING: That palpable feeling of relief that envelopes one when one finds threads of the Truth. That lightness that comes with the spirit reaching out to its element; when the deep finds the deep.

These are the things we want to share with you.

May you bask in the ray of Truth or at least find the impetus for spiritual reflection through purple rays.

Wisdom and Joy.