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Festival of Womanhood!


Today is the day of The Festival of the Pure Lily. Those who are conscious of the Grace, especially those who draw inspiration from, The Grail Message, “In The Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin, will observe the Festival in solemn worship! Their earthly celebration coincides with a stupendous re-invigoration of Purity in Creation; a special bestowal of purifying Light Power on Womanhood in particular and humanity in general. It is therefore, a toast to Womanhood!
Womanhood! Endowed with a delicate intuitive perception, woman is more capable of absorbing the pressure of Light Power and therefore, more equipped to stand and act in the Will of God! Man is by nature adapted to coarser, more vigorous and outward activities while woman is the inner shield, drawing higher powers for the nourishment and ennoblement of all living creatures and her surroundings.

She is therefore more suited for the mediation of the Flame of Power in Creation but, she can only fulfill her high calling if she stands in purity! For this reason, womanhood is in need of a refreshing supply of purity as a protecting and strengthening tonic for her ordained task.
Granting this need and, as an Act of Immeasurable Love, the Almighty permits a recurring outpouring of Pure Radiance in Creation, at specific times. Hence, the September Festival!
As is customary on this blog, most of the essays, excerpts, quotations and photo posts in the month of September will be dedicated to womanhood!
Dear sisters, as guardians and priestesses of Purity, lead us joyfully into the unfurling Rays!
Happy Festival!

Photo credit: http://wolpics.com