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#WorldofSymbolism . . . . Handfasting




Handfasting is an ancient Celtic marriage ceremony
where the betrothed tie a ribbon around their wrists
in a show of eternal love





Text & image credit: GODDESS CENTRAL https://www.facebook.com/goddesscentral/

Marriage and Womanhood!


Marriages are made in heaven! Marriage is an institution ordained by God! What God has joined together, let no man put asunder! These and many more sayings are pointers to the strong connections between marriage and spirituality.
Even traditional/secular norms and practices have healthy regards for marriage: marriage ceremonies are big events across cultures and marriage creates new family ties with some privileges! The married woman is accorded some respect and liberties in public and work places while, the man of substance caps his achievements with a woman to live happily ever after!
Without doubt, marriage has immense merits and has proven to be one of the best bonds entered into by human beings on earth. If consummated correctly, in accordance with the Will of the Creator, it is a source of blessing for the partners, the offspring of the union and all who are connected with it in a helpful and positive way.
Such ideal marriages occur when two souls recognize in each other matching qualities which like the serrated edges of two boards, when glued together, dove-tail into each other and form a strong, clean and seamless joint.
The qualities are not identical but complementary: the weakness of one partner is the strong point of the other thus, producing a balance in mutual sharing and the impetus for a strong long-lasting bond!
Shoulder to shoulder, they joyfully and voluntarily face the ups and downs of life, drawing love and support from each other as the best of friends and companions. They pursue lofty ideals; not only attending to child bearing, parenting and everyday trivialities but, reaching up to the ennoblement of their spirits.
Marriage is indeed a great opportunity and beneficial experience for mankind!
Enchanted by the glorious stories about marriage the starry-eyed youth dreams of the ‘big day’, the walk down the aisle, flowers, festive decorations, traditional customs and vows! The young maiden is probably the biggest dreamer and her parents/relations, the dream makers! Almost from birth, she is carefully guided and groomed for the ‘right suitor’!
In addition to family subtleties, the maiden is rather brazenly nudged by insinuations from peers, society, culture, and religion! She is constantly reminded that marriage is a sacred mission, a woman’s crowning glory in life and she must do everything possible to avoid ending up as an ‘old spinster’!
With time, either convinced by the virtues of marriage or, yielding to persuasion, the fresh mind invariably accepts marriage as “the lot of all women”.
Years later, seeing what goes on around her in the name of marriage and from personal experience, she would, from time to time, quietly reflect: is marriage really a commandment of the Almighty that must be obeyed? Is a woman damned for going through life unmarried? Does marriage define the womanhood in a woman? Is it really worth all the frenzy and subterfuge?
Let us also pause here to reflect on these questions before the concluding part of this discussion! We hope parents are listening!
Thank you for your time and do have a wonderful week!




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