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The great dangers!

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“Have no fear of robbers or murderers. They are external dangers, petty dangers. We should fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices the real murderers. The great dangers are within us. Why worry about what threatens our heads or our purses? Let us think instead of what threatens our souls.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Source: https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/13661.Victor_Hugo?page=3

Growing The Wings of Truth!

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“Learn, Weigh, Examine, Open your heart and Absorb of The Healing and Helping Rays of Radiation in The Eternal Laws of Creation bearing and expressing The Perfect Will of The Most High as The Path and Roadmap that unswervingly leads to The Light…!”

Share your happiness….and just BE!

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Today is your day to dance lightly with life,
Sing wild songs of adventures,
soar your spirit, unfurl your joy,
share your happiness and love and just BE!
~Dharma Safi

Happy New Month of July!

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I can’t believe it’s already you, July.
Half the year has now passed me by.
A moment ago it was New Year’s Day
With fresh resolutions to pave my way.
– Gregory Huyette

Welcome to the month of freedom and liberty! July has one of the longest lists of Independence Day anniversaries; more than twenty days of the month are Independence celebration days for various countries including good old Uncle Sam (USA)! It’s as if a special July energy triggers the ‘freedom hormones’ in humans urging them to break both individual and collective fetters! July resonates with the number 7! It is the 7th month of the year, one of the 7 months with thirty-one days! In two of our previous posts we enthused about 7 as the number of wisdom, Divinity, royalty, etc. and of course, Purple! The number is so intimately interwoven with the human spirituality and fate that there is hardly any religion, culture, mythology, or, esoteric endeavor which does not have a special place for 7! Indeed, 7 is universally acclaimed as magical by numerologists! For instance, an excerpt from a Facebook post by Jude Teme Adonne an enlightened mind who though not a numerologist/occultist is very conversant with the spiritual symbolism of numbers, shows the phenomenal recurrence of 7 in virtually every aspect of life and existence in Creation: “…Vibration of 7= The Will is being anchored and brought into being by the numbers 3 and 4 which combination gives birth to 7. Remember that 4= Nature and 3= Light which now resonates as the Lightening effect of the Eternal Laws of Nature borne with the Wings or Pinions of The WILL of GOD”…… Therefore, wherever 7 manifests the Will of God is present. The symbol of 7 is the 7-pointed star with 7 Tops, 7 Worlds, 7 candlesticks, 7 floors, 7 Gems in the Crown of Primordial, 7 niches, 7 days, 7 Chakras, 7 colors of the Rainbow, The 7 sounds and Notes , 7 Days, 7 Nights, 7 Wonders,, 7 Notes – A B C D E F G, 7 Seas , 7 Continents, 7 Sins, 7th Sign, 7 SEALED SCROLLS, 7 Angels , 7 Trumpets, 7 Metals of Alchemy, 7 Dwarfs , 7th inning stretch, 7th heaven, 7 Brides for Brothers , July – Independence Month, Andrew Jackson – 7th President,”

7095392-larkspur-delfinium-flowers-lots-of-them-on-the-background-150x150 Photo credit: http://coquillevalleyseedlibrary.org/portfolio/flowers/

The ‘magic’ of July is amplified by its birth flower, Larkspur particularly, the iconic ‘Larkspur 7 dwarfs’! Native to the North Temperature Zone, Larkspur is a genus of ranunculaceous delphinium plants with bright flowers combining shades of white, pink and purple colors! The plant is said to vibrate female energy and possess mystical powers! It is believed to be capable of helping to ward off ghosts and poisonous creatures! It has been known to be used in healing wounds and spells related to protecting and caring for soldiers, the nobles and others in authority! …and July babies! Like the various hues of rubies their birthstone, sometimes lively, adorable and happy-go-lucky, at other times, moody, almost pessimistic but, largely trustworthy! Happy Birthday on your various birth days! Happy New Month to everyone! May we all find the strength for spiritual freedom and ascent!

When all seems lost!

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*When all seems lost,
when the world appears to fall apart,
then search within yourself for that quiet inner voice that only leads upward.
Follow the direction of that gentle, yet firm and unrelenting inner voice, to the summit of The Holy Mountain where you will find your God.*
~~ Sari Putta