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Sunday Reflection #2……I am God, not man!

“The power that is greater than us comes from the Divine which human spirits should look up to in humility with reverence.
What is Divine is far ABOVE the human spiritual. Human spirits don’t actually carry anything Divine within.

This is contrary to what so many would be spiritual teachers and “masters” claim. They seek to put the human spirit on the same level as the Creator of the Universe! when in reality we are tiny little spirit sparks who *can* develop so that we can reach what is the the highest in a *spiritual* sense only.

Human spirits can never become Divine. The chain of being in Creation certainly extends upwards BEYOND the level of the human/spiritual. Man who develops aright, as a spiritual creature is on the lowest level of Creation for a creature that can become self-conscious.”

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Vintage Comments!

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Some comments make instant positive hits; they fill you with inspiration, encouragement, love, peace and joy! They are the ones that make your day; the blogger,s delight and reward!
I consider myself particularly lucky for attracting many such comments on daily basis and also being privileged to connect with amazing minds from all walks of life and all over the globe! Connecting with the side of humanity that makes you proud that you belong to the human species! There is hope for humanity!
In spite of the daily gory tales of woes, the hypocrisies of religion,  subterfuges of politics,  meanness of commercialism and the enervating effect of spiritual Darkness, there is still hope for humanity! There are virtuous souls out there that you can truly call friends, brothers and sisters! Souls who fill their every word with life and blessings!
As a token of appreciation I am starting this series titled “Vintage Comments” to share the thoughts of these inspiring minds; like the saying goes, “a blessing shared is a blessing multiplied”! For now it will comprise responses to posts on this blog but, with time, I hope to feature excerpts from other blog posts/comments after obtaining necessary permission!

The Outpouring of The Holy Spirit!

The Outpouring of The Holy Spirit!

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The most authentic and reliable accounts of the missions of Truth-bringers and other Light happenings come from transmitted writings. Through these writings, we are able to unravel the true unfolding of spiritual events in existing religious records and thereby identify what have been added to the records for historical and cultural effects.
The writings are authentic because, firstly, the writer is only a pen or stylus and adds nothing of his own beliefs, opinions and prejudices. Secondly, the writings are drawn from pure sources since they are either received by the side of an Envoy of the Light whose presence provides the anchorage for pure spiritual consummation or, they are handed down in radiated pictures and impulses from the Light realms of Creation.
However, transmitted writings should not be confused with the ‘Channeled messages’ we read about every now and then. While some are outright fakes, real channeled messages are a medley of conversations and interactions with human souls and other entities in the beyond who in many cases are not more enlightened than earthmen. Death does not convey any special enlightenment on a soul. Apart from the consciousness of continued existence, the dead is no wiser than he/she was while on earth! Spiritual ignorance is not interred with the body!
From the said transmitted writings, we are permitted the knowledge that Truth-bringers like Zoroaster, Buddha and Muhammad (to mention a few) recounted their experiences in special days when Creation vibrated with stupendous waves of energy. On such days, angels and other heavenly hosts form radiation ramparts from the Primordial realms of Creation all the way down, swinging in vigorous streams of power. The spiritual Masters described such days in glowing terms as worth more than thousands of days: in all accounts, they are days of intense out-flowing of Spiritual Power!
The most spectacular account of the Outpouring of Power, is recorded in the New Testament of the Christian scriptures in Acts 2:1-4
“2:1 And when the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. 2 And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent, rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3 And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves, and they rested on each one of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance.”

The events leading to Pentecost were quite momentous:
Jesus, the Christ, was brutally crucified and his disciples came under the heavy hands of the chief priest and his loyalists. To evade their wrath, the disciples either scampered out of Jerusalem or hid in surreptitious dim-lit chambers. Even Peter, the Rock had denied his Lord and was hiding his face in shame. The mission and sacrifice of the Son of God were coming to nothing!
Jesus had to do the uncommon (although, not unusual or extraordinary)! He materialized before his disciples at various occasions to pull them back to Jerusalem in one fold and to encourage them to keep faith with the Master’s Word. “Peace be upon you” was the herald of his appearance!
About forty days later, it was time for the Lord to permanently detach from material life and commence his journey back to the White Light from whence he came. He had counseled the disciples enough and they were now spiritually and psychically calm. Once again Peter had taken charge, replaced Judas, the betrayer and expanded the inner circle of followers. They were ready to go!
But, one last thing! The Master knew that the Hour of Power was yet to come! He therefore asked the disciples to stay together in harmony, prayer, contemplation and await the bestowal of Power.
It was with pure, unassuming volition that the disciples, now numbering about 120 and generally called Apostles, assembled for the Jewish feast of Pentecost. Their spirits were open, the energy and synergy among them, electrifying and their ascending Lord paved the way for the unusual to happen: the rushing, the vibrations, the tongues of fire, etc. all manifesting the Outpouring of Power by The Holy Spirit.
About 2,000 years later, adherents of the Christian religion celebrate this event as a commemoration of the bestowal of Power on their patriarchs/matriarchs, the ‘Birthday of the Church’ or the beginning of Pentecostalism.
Unknown to Christians and the overwhelming majority of humanity, the event was not an isolated, extraordinary or specially brought about for the disciples!
It is the moment the Creator rejuvenates his work by sending out a new supply of vital energy into the entire Creation. The Love of the Almighty pulsates throughout the Universe with a renewed impetus for strength and the urge for new life.
Through mediated knowledge we hear that, from time to time on the Day, the Holy Dove as the outward form of the Holy Spirit appears at the summit of Creation and transmits the magic Power into Creation. The Power is received with joy and exaltation throughout the Universe! It is as if the doors of Heaven are thrown open and all creatures are showered with new invigorating Power.
Only mankind fail to notice what is happening around him and his soul during the moment.
..and this Day (30th of May, every year) is fast approaching. Those who know are already preparing themselves inwardly and outwardly for a great Festival.
To these knowing ones and all humanity, we wish everyone a joyful experiencing! May our spirits be open so that the Power will touch us with blessings and strengthen our volition to live according to the Will of the Almighty!
Happy Festival of The Holy Dove, dear friends!

In Creation’s Light Trail

‘’By an Act of the Will of God embodied in the holy command `Let There Be Light` a Part of His Holy Essence was placed at the outermost boundary of the Divine. This Essence or to use our analogy, Super Substation, now gave light and life to a sphere of existence below the Divine which we now know as CREATION. All radiation residues that were not strong enough to take on form in the Divine (see our essay, `Divine Splendors`) then had the opportunity to stream downwards, embody or gradually develop and manifest their full potentials, or, proverbially speaking, live life to the fullest.’’

 The passage above which is lifted from our earlier piece ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT’ summarizes the unfolding of the realms of creation. It contains two important events connected with the origin of Creation, namely, (a) the anchoring of a Part of the Holy Essence God at the outermost boundary of the Divine Sphere. (b)  all radiation residues that were not strong enough to take on form in the Divine then had the opportunity to stream downwards, embody or gradually develop….

  Part (a) ushered in the Holy Spirit as a living, personal creative Will of God and the Lord of creation. We have deliberated on aspects of this happening in some of our previous essays and would sincerely encourage our readers to look them up. Part (b) will require careful explanation of the interconnecting happenings.

To start with, you have to recognize that God alone is the Origin and Source of power; the greatest possible power, the Primordial Power or, simply, The Power. In this Power there is the Origin and Source of Light also, the Primordial Light; thus, it is rightly said that God is The Power and The Light. Again, real Life is an autonomous ingredient that lies with God alone and nothing beside Him is truly living. This means that God alone holds the power in life, as part of the Primordial Power. This leads us to the further recognition that God is The Power, The Life and The Light.

 An intrinsic property of light is that it radiates and this radiation is the contact point with everything outside the light. The same is true of God, the Primordial Light! Everything that exists outside of God can only trace its origin and sustenance to the radiations of God.  Our readers will recall that in our essay ‘GOD! THE DIVINE AND THE LIGHT’ we explained that the Divine comprises the direct radiations of God and is known as The White Light.  This invariably implies that the Divine, as the direct radiation of God, contains all that is necessary for Creation.

Another property of light is that it generates heat which in turn produces pressure. As one would expect, the pressure is most intense around the light and decreases as the distance from it increases. The tremendous pressure generated by the Almighty, the Primordial Light not only ensures a powerful downward thrust but also keeps everything in motion. Knowing ones will tell you that motion is a law in Creation. But that is a topic for another day.

And so, ‘all radiation residue’ mentioned above were radiation species that contained life or the potentials for life but could not take on form under the enormous pressure even at the outermost end of the Divine. They had the urge to take on form but only had the possibility of swirling around as luminous cloud. It was this urge that rose as a petition to the Most High; and out of a love that can only issue from the Fountainhead of Grace, the Almighty granted their wishes with the command ‘Let There Be Light’.

The Deed immediately followed the command and a new world opened up below the Divine where, up till then, there was pitch-dark void. As the radiations streamed out, the strongest extraction took on form as the Light Castle and the uppermost spiritual part of Creation while the weaker remnants continued downwards propelled by the pressure of the Light. Next, the weaker spiritual deposits, to complete the spiritual realm, followed by the animistic, the ethereal and the world of matter. Of course each realm spans vast distances and contains various gradations; ranging from the strongest, (or finest) the medium, to the weakest (or coarsest). The weakest and lowest of the realm above is seamlessly mirrored by the strongest and highest of the immediate realm bellow to form a magnificent chain of life with the most perfect orderly transition  throughout creation.

 At the summit of every realm there is a castle which serves as the main collection/transmission point for the Power streaming from the Light Castle above. The very best of the best inhabitants in each realm are called to serve as guardians and knights in the courts of the castle. Through their unflinching commitment to service they mediate power to all parts of the realm and beyond.

Each realm has its’ own unique features and splendor which we shall explore in the coming weeks. Please join us as we journey through this masterpiece of the Most High called Creation.

Above all, as your recognitions increase, so also should your effort to be truly alive in this wonderful Creation we are permitted to live in.





“but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. It is an eternal sin.”…… Mark 3: 29



Now we have shared our perception on where the Holy Spirit came from, how He came to be, His personality and His abode; the Grail Castle. We have also emphasized that Creation is the direct radiation of the Holy Spirit and is thus sustained by Him. The natural question is; what is the import of this for Creation in general and mankind in particular? The answer to this question forms the subject of our discussion for today.

Let us start by saying that the Holy Spirit is the elixir of life, the A & O, and the Will of God in Creation. One can as well say that Creation is the work of His hand. He stands in service through His person (directly) and His power (by proxy) simultaneously.

His Being! By an unbreakable radiation tie, the very being of the Holy Spirit ensures an eternal mediation of power between God and Creation. Also, apart from presiding as Lord of the Light Castle, He personally intervenes in Creation to purify it and /or fulfill Divine promises. During such missions His volition takes on form and journeys to the point in distress to redress the situation. Through the grace of the Most High mankind is now permitted to know of some activities associated with such missions; prominent and decisive for the fate of mankind were the dethronement of Amfortas, the shackling of Lucifer and the institution of the currently raging World Judgment.

His power! Through His Radiation Power, the Holy Spirit touches every area of Creation up to the minutest speck of dust. Everything that was, that is, and will ever be in Creation could only unfold through the power of Holy Spirit. From the greatest to the smallest happening, from the most elaborate idea to the flimsiest thought, as well as all life forms, draw from this power and are guided by it. His power maintains order through a perfect system of privileges and responsibilities, of reward and punishment which are encapsulated in laws. These are not the laws of any nation, political system, religion, or, planetary system rather, they are natural universal laws which prevail throughout Creation from the pits of the regions of darkness and damnation to the earth and the entire physical plane up to the luminous heights. Man has recognized these laws right from pre-historic ages and has even reflected their aspects in his moral codes, norms and legal system. Enlightened ones have given various names, interpretations and subdivisions to the laws. Let us however settle for a precise and all- encompassing classification contained in an existing incomparable work of Truth:

  1. The Law of Homogenous Species…. Birds of the same feather flock together; like father, like son.
  2. The Law of Reciprocal Action………… Law of karma; what you sow is what you reap.
  3. The Law of Gravity…………………………  The denser a realm/outer cloak, the lower it stands.

The individual and combined effects of these laws, which are really expressions of the Holy Spirit, ensure a perfect process of development, evolution, balance and order in Creation. This is why it is often said that everything created must obey the law which invariably means, must subject to the Holy Spirit. You can then understand why in the Christian scriptures it is recorded that Jesus repeatedly drew attention to the paramount importance of obedience and affirmed his allegiance by saying that he did not come to upset the law and the prophets but to uphold and strengthen them.

And so our dear friends, in Creation, the Holy Spirit is the police, the prosecutor and the judge who must be obeyed. Any disobedience whether innocently, subtle or defiant is met with strict retribution. Very apt and portentous therefore is Christ’s admonition:

‘’Every blasphemy against me or any other sin can be forgiven all except one: speaking against the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven, either in this world or in the world to come.’’ Mathew 12: 31 (Living bible)