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Celebrating Abd-ru-shin and The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth)

abduschinApril 18 is the birth anniversary of Abd-ru-shin, an Envoy of the Light and author of “In The Light Of Truth” The Grail Message! We join all those who recognize His identity and are conscious of the spiritual significance of His birth in actively experiencing the Grace bestowed on mankind by the event.
Abd- ru –shin pursued His Mission with total but humane commitment. A strict opponent of any kind of sectarianism and dogma,  He forbade any undue personal attention or personality-cult. His constant admonition was “Heed the message, not the bringer.” However, since the day is about Him, we are reproducing a brief biography by the publishers of The Grail Message:

“His civil name is Oskar Ernst Bernhardt. He was born in Bischofswerda, Saxony, on 18th April 1875.
In 1919 he became conscious of his task to open the way for a new Knowledge of Creation. For this purpose he chose the name Abd-ru-shin.
In the years1923 to1937 there came into being those lectures which were later combined and published by him in the Work ”In the Light of Truth” The Grail Message.
He did not compile his Message from other teachings of ancient and modern times, but drew his Living Knowledge from the purest and highest Source, thus creating his Message from the Grail, which indeed is his actual identity!
Like every Truth-bringer he too was hindered in his beneficial working. Abd-ru-shin died on 6th December 1941. But his Work lives on, and works to help all men who are earnestly seeking the Truth.”

Now, let us turn to the Message!
Fortunately, for mankind, Abd-ru-shin recorded part of His redemptive Thoughts in writing starting from individual articles and lectures which were from time to time assembled into book Forms. In the modern era, the most easily accessible Form is the edition in three volumes. Copies are available in a growing number of countries and The Grail Foundation of America has an online downloadable copy at: http://grailmessage.com/en/contents/ 

It leads the reader in simple words into the Knowledge of Creation and explains even the most intriguing World-Happening from a spiritual standpoint. With clear thinking, the Message provides answers to the often mind-boggling  issues like: The meaning and purpose of existence, fate, hereditary sin, birth and death, the beyond, soul, spirit, intellect, intuitive perception, free will, other Truth bringers, incarnation and reincarnation, the sexual problem, marriage, the mystery of Lucifer, the Last Judgment, the Cosmic Turning-Point, the Holy Grail, the Grail Castle, the Mission of the Son of God Jesus and His death on the Cross, and the Mission of the promised Son of Man Imanuel.

A profound spiritual Work which addresses the individual seeker irrespective of his or her culture, race, religion or nationality! The seeker is only required to exercise a serious and earnest longing for the Truth; not  fitful toying or casual reading to fill idle time. This is aptly captured by the author’s Foreword:


THE BANDAGE falls, and belief becomes conviction. Liberation and redemption lie only in conviction! I am addressing serious seekers only. They must be able and willing to examine this matter objectively! Religious fanatics and irresponsible enthusiasts may hold aloof, for they are detrimental to the Truth. As for the malevolent and prejudiced, they shall find their sentence in the very words.
The Message will strike only those who still carry within them a spark of truth, and the yearning to be true human beings. To all such it will become the shining light and staff. It will lead them unswervingly out of all the chaos of the present-day confusion.
The following Word does not bring a new religion, but is intended as the torch to help all serious listeners or readers find the right path, which leads them to the longed-for height.
Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who uses extraneous aids for this, in the form of the ready-made opinions of others, only walks his path as if on crutches, while ignoring his own healthy limbs. But the moment he boldly uses all the abilities which lie dormant within him awaiting his call, to help in his ascent, he is employing the talent entrusted to him in accordance with his Creator’s Will, and will easily overcome all obstacles that seek to divert him.
Therefore awake! Genuine faith lies only in conviction, and conviction comes solely through an inflexible weighing and examining! See that you are truly alive in the wonderful Creation of your God!


Without doubt, just like a child is a blessing in the bosom of the right mother, so also is the Grail Message an inestimable life-belt in the hand of the serious seeker!
We celebrate with all those who individually and collectively draw the attention of mankind to the existence of the Grail Message on earth. Happy Festival, dear Bearers of the Cross of Truth!

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“but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. It is an eternal sin.”…… Mark 3: 29



Now we have shared our perception on where the Holy Spirit came from, how He came to be, His personality and His abode; the Grail Castle. We have also emphasized that Creation is the direct radiation of the Holy Spirit and is thus sustained by Him. The natural question is; what is the import of this for Creation in general and mankind in particular? The answer to this question forms the subject of our discussion for today.

Let us start by saying that the Holy Spirit is the elixir of life, the A & O, and the Will of God in Creation. One can as well say that Creation is the work of His hand. He stands in service through His person (directly) and His power (by proxy) simultaneously.

His Being! By an unbreakable radiation tie, the very being of the Holy Spirit ensures an eternal mediation of power between God and Creation. Also, apart from presiding as Lord of the Light Castle, He personally intervenes in Creation to purify it and /or fulfill Divine promises. During such missions His volition takes on form and journeys to the point in distress to redress the situation. Through the grace of the Most High mankind is now permitted to know of some activities associated with such missions; prominent and decisive for the fate of mankind were the dethronement of Amfortas, the shackling of Lucifer and the institution of the currently raging World Judgment.

His power! Through His Radiation Power, the Holy Spirit touches every area of Creation up to the minutest speck of dust. Everything that was, that is, and will ever be in Creation could only unfold through the power of Holy Spirit. From the greatest to the smallest happening, from the most elaborate idea to the flimsiest thought, as well as all life forms, draw from this power and are guided by it. His power maintains order through a perfect system of privileges and responsibilities, of reward and punishment which are encapsulated in laws. These are not the laws of any nation, political system, religion, or, planetary system rather, they are natural universal laws which prevail throughout Creation from the pits of the regions of darkness and damnation to the earth and the entire physical plane up to the luminous heights. Man has recognized these laws right from pre-historic ages and has even reflected their aspects in his moral codes, norms and legal system. Enlightened ones have given various names, interpretations and subdivisions to the laws. Let us however settle for a precise and all- encompassing classification contained in an existing incomparable work of Truth:

  1. The Law of Homogenous Species…. Birds of the same feather flock together; like father, like son.
  2. The Law of Reciprocal Action………… Law of karma; what you sow is what you reap.
  3. The Law of Gravity…………………………  The denser a realm/outer cloak, the lower it stands.

The individual and combined effects of these laws, which are really expressions of the Holy Spirit, ensure a perfect process of development, evolution, balance and order in Creation. This is why it is often said that everything created must obey the law which invariably means, must subject to the Holy Spirit. You can then understand why in the Christian scriptures it is recorded that Jesus repeatedly drew attention to the paramount importance of obedience and affirmed his allegiance by saying that he did not come to upset the law and the prophets but to uphold and strengthen them.

And so our dear friends, in Creation, the Holy Spirit is the police, the prosecutor and the judge who must be obeyed. Any disobedience whether innocently, subtle or defiant is met with strict retribution. Very apt and portentous therefore is Christ’s admonition:

‘’Every blasphemy against me or any other sin can be forgiven all except one: speaking against the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven, either in this world or in the world to come.’’ Mathew 12: 31 (Living bible)





THE HOLY SPIRIT……..His Personality and The Grail Castle.

Welcome back from Holidays! With all the hustle and bustle in a year like 2012, everyone needed a break, a pause, to relax have fun and welcome the New Year with hope and vigor. The Holiday experiences were inwardly enriching especially for those who were open to the radiations of Divine Love that streamed through Creation during the period. 12: 29 was the high point.

For us at PurpleRays we also basked in the glow of the season. In our last two posts we took a break from trailing the Light/Life path to celebrate the threefold festive period— Christmas, Festival of the Radiant Star (Rose) and the New Year. Now we are back to pick up the trail. Again, welcome dear friends.

 To refresh our minds and for the benefit of our new readers let us see how far we have followed the Light radiation path:

  1. We started by explaining that God is the Origin and Supreme Source of Light and Life. (see; GOD! THE DIVINE AND THE LIGHT)
  2. That the direct radiation of God constitutes what is generally known as the Divine Sphere of existence.  (see: DIVINE SPLENDORS)
  3. Thirdly, that Creation is distinct from the Divine. It came into being at the command of the Almighty God and is sustained by the Holy Spirit. Creation is therefore the direct radiation of the Holy Spirit. (see: LET THERE BE LIGHT)
  4. We went further to identify three aspects of the Holy Spirit and discussed one before the festivities. ( see: The Holy Spirit……..an eternal Envoy of God)
  5. Today we shall reflect on the second aspect which is,’ the Personality of the Holy Spirit’.

The Holy Spirit! So much conjectures and confusion lie in His true personality. For instance, the Trinity believers offer eloquent explanations about the Father and the Son but, when it comes to the Holy Spirit, they leave you somewhat bewildered. At best, He is the invisible messenger, executor, power, etc, of God. The mystics, masters of esoteric, gurus, philosophers, all alike do not present any clearer picture either. They tell us that we meet  the Holy Spirit (and by implication, God) in every leaf that rustles, every grain of sand, gentle breeze or storm, sea current and wave, animal, man, every atom that exists. Man is said to possess such a large dose of this essence that he virtually has a kingdom within and if properly nurtured can become one with God. These opinions are well-meant and not wrong as such, indeed, they contain grains of Truth and are of high ethical values. They however fall short because they are all describing the power, energy, emanation or, we may as well call it, the impelled motion of the Holy Spirit and not His substance or personality.  

Once again, we remind our readers that our descriptions of Divine/Spiritual life are drawn from a Wisdom that is available and accessible to all human beings who sincerely seek the Truth. We also recognize the limitations and rigidity of the human word in describing extremely mobile happenings at heights that are unapproachable to the human spirit. However, we are confident that whoever reads with an open mind, will definitely grasp the enlightenment we are trying to convey.

And now to the crux of the matter:

We had stated in an earlier essay that at the command of God Almighty, a part of His Holy Essence was placed at the outermost boundary of the Divine which then gave birth to Creation. This Essence did not just stand out as a Light ball rather, as It stepped out, It was simultaneously embodied or, enveloped in a cloak which we on earth recognize as the human physique. This form or body was provided with solicitous love and care by the Primordial Mother who is also known as the Queen of Heaven or, the Queen of Womanhood. Her radiated pictures have been seen or perceived over the ages and blessings dispensed at Her behest have been documented. There is therefore no mystery about her existence and benevolence.

From that moment, the Holy Spirit became a Person with a name! The Essence of God that has taken on form. Luminous in Splendor! Majestic in size and gait! Invincible! The Will of God that has become personal and living. The Radiation of God that forms the Gate from God to man and bears a name with the meaning…. “God With Us.”

Above Him stands the Divine Insignia as was once seen with Jesus, the Son of God. His Divine Light Core fills His presence with bright luminosity while His awesome Power streams forth through vast distances to form the realms of life and existence we call Creation. It is this Power that we experience every single second down here on earth despite our cosmic distances away from the summit of Creation and His vicinity.

Through a perfection that can only issue from the Almighty, the Holy Spirit did not just float about in the spiritual skies. Instead, He stepped into the inner courts of a castle so magnificent that the human mind can hardly imagine. Knowing ones tell us that at the summit of every realm in Creation there is a temple which acts as the transmission point for receiving the power streaming down from the realms above. These temples (or their radiated pictures) have been seen and given various designations like celestial sanctuary, citadel, cathedral, castle, mansion, palace, etc.

  The glorious Light Castle at the summit of Creation where the Holy Spirit is Lord and King is the GRAIL CASTLE. This is the spiritual abode of the substantiate conformity of the Holy Spirit.