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Smile, remember what went well today and get some rest.


Count your blessings – Name them one by one.
Smile remembering what went well today and get some rest.




Photo & text credit: Begin with Yes https://web.facebook.com/beginwithyes/

Faithful even in adversity!


“The flower that follows the sun
does so even in cloudy days.”

~ Robert Leighton




~ Image by Marta Cernicka
Text & image credit: The Garden Of Pensiveness https://web.facebook.com/The-Garden-Of-Pensiveness-367268523352486/

Consciousness Divine

A profound example of the Pilgrim’s Journey: First he seeks and grows in consciousness! When he finds, he bows down in prayer and vows to do the Will of his “Dear Father of all!”

Source of Inspiration

There is a flow of Divine
Consciousness that is the
matrix around and within
all things. As we perceive
this consciousness and seek
to allow it to manifest
through us as co-creators,
we open our own consciousness
to the multiple realities
that share our worlds. We
attune our lives to these
currents of life, allowing
our minds and spirits to
flow freely within this matrix.

Dear Father of All,
Creator Supreme,
please help me to be
in accord with You
at all times, manifesting
Your will in all that
I do. I come to Thee
in humble gratitude,
wanting only to love
You, to serve You,
to honor all You create.

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