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The evening prayer: an elixir for a good night rest!

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“During sleep the human spirit can come in contact still much more closely and lastingly with various power-currents, and even receive spiritual warnings, or also sudden solutions to certain questions and problems. In reality the natural rest at night is like this: Only the earthly brain, the intellect sleeps; the spirit however is awake, and blissfully yields to the strengthening influences, provided no excessive intellectual activity makes itself felt beyond the threshold of sleep. But the possibility of preventing this is given by the deep inner perceiving of the evening prayer.”

–“What lies behind it…!” by Herbert Vollmann. The author has drawn his knowledge from The Grail Message(In The Light of Truth) by ABD-RU-SHIN

Sunday Reflection……the Heavenly Melody we no longer hear!

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“When people far from their earthly homeland meet with others of their countrymen, the joy of seeing each other again is often endless, and they are proud of their earthly country. But do they then no longer know that they call yet another Homeland their own, one much more beautiful, much more flourishing? Why do they never speak of this, their original Home, Paradise, why do they not rejoice together over it when they meet down here on the earth-plane during their long journey through the Worlds?
Has the sublime song of Heaven then grown so completely silent in the hearts of men? Does not its melody after all still secretly sing and ring, where seeking men on their long journey truly long for it?”

–“What lies behind it…!” by Herbert Vollmann. The author has drawn his knowledge from The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth) by ABD-RU-SHIN.