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The Grateful Heart Never Lacks!


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Let the Thankful Heart sweep through the day and, as Magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some Heavenly Blessings!


Henry Ward Beecher





A very hearty welcome to Purple Rays. Welcome to the fold of serious seekers for the Truth. Here we share with you our recognitions and experiencing.

RECOGNITIONS: Although meditation, exercises and prayers have their merits; although good works, chastity, charity, faith and religious fervor are praiseworthy; the first and foremost need of man is true knowledge. Seek the Truth, find the Truth and live your life in accordance with the Truth. That is the prime task of Man.

EXPERIENCING: That palpable feeling of relief that envelopes one when one finds threads of the Truth. That lightness that comes with the spirit reaching out to its element; when the deep finds the deep.

These are the things we want to share with you.

May you bask in the ray of Truth or at least find the impetus for spiritual reflection through purple rays.

Wisdom and Joy.