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High Recognitions . . . Christmas, a solemn Festival!


“While they were still connected to the Light,
all human beings were aware, through their spiritual and **elemental guides,
that around the time Christ’s birth is celebrated today, celestial Love would come down to them.
They knew that they must especially prepare themselves for the event,
in order to solemnly and befittingly partake in this gift from heaven.”

– Roselis Von Sass -(The Book of the Last Judgement”
**Beings that look after Nature and the development of the stars).





Text & image source: Garden of Illumination https://web.facebook.com/Garden-of-Illumination-1433140463620723/

Contemplation for January……..in the year ahead!

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May the Flames of longing for the Light blaze in my heart,
and this longing burn clear and straight within me!

May the love for my Creator’s Light never waver, even once,
and every word I speak vibrate in the Will of the Light and be beneficial!

Sunday Reflection……the Heavenly Melody we no longer hear!

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“When people far from their earthly homeland meet with others of their countrymen, the joy of seeing each other again is often endless, and they are proud of their earthly country. But do they then no longer know that they call yet another Homeland their own, one much more beautiful, much more flourishing? Why do they never speak of this, their original Home, Paradise, why do they not rejoice together over it when they meet down here on the earth-plane during their long journey through the Worlds?
Has the sublime song of Heaven then grown so completely silent in the hearts of men? Does not its melody after all still secretly sing and ring, where seeking men on their long journey truly long for it?”

–“What lies behind it…!” by Herbert Vollmann. The author has drawn his knowledge from The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth) by ABD-RU-SHIN.

By their radiation ye shall know them!

Photo Credit: Family Crystals’s photo on Facebook.

“In earthman the radiations of the finer covering, together with the radiations of the physical body, form a combination which results in a colourful wreath of radiations, called by some aura and by others od, the “fluid” that surrounds man. With this radiation-wreath he determines the strength of the waves for the vibrations which he absorbs out of the cosmic radiation-system. ……
The knowledge of the radiation of earthman is part of the image of man which will be decisive for the New Age.
In many cases of judgment, the aura will indicate the real condition of the soul to one who looks deeper. HERE NO DECEPTION IS POSSIBLE.”

–“A Gate Opens” by Herbert Vollmann. The author has drawn his knowledge from The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth) by ABD-RU-SHIN. As with the Grail Message itself, his words are meant to speak to the spirit of man, his true ego.

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