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In the Rays of the Full Moon!


The full moon is such a powerful time to honor the completion of another cycle, to notice how far you’ve come and to celebrate your inner beauty, radiant light and infinite potential.

Happy Full Moon!
Remember to breathe, quiet your mind, and take time to simply be, to flow through the continued changes with grace and ease.

Photo & text credit: https://www.facebook.com/AskAngelsFan

Behold the Super Moon

“Super Moon Over The Grand Canyon.” by Sun Gazing

Behold a special Full Moon, the Super Moon!
Behold the Glow of the Lunar Orb!
Behold the Portals of Life thrown open by Astarte!
Behold the Threads of Light as they glide through her hands!

Hear the Songs of the Swan Maidens!
Hear their calls for you to weave on earth all the Flowers of Virtue!
Hear the Songs of Womanhood from the Luminous Spheres!
Hear the Swan Maidens calls for you to reawaken morality!

Astarte, the Swans are but Messengers and Loyal Servants!
Harbingers of Justice, Love and Purity at the behest of The Most High!
Ha! See nature: the elements, birds, animals, fishes and insects!
Tidal waves, the wolves, dolphins, cats… all do the Full Moon dance!

Enjoy the intense flow of energy!