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Happy Fathers Day!

“The father sets the standard. Set a high standard; that’s your legacy.
More than your money, more than your success, more than your accomplishments,
your values, your principles, what you stand for, that’s being passed down to the next generation.”

~ Joel Osteen

Artwork: Robert Coombs @ Garden of Bright Images https://www.facebook.com/GardenofImages/

#HappyFathersDay . . . he believed in me.




“My father gave me the greatest gift
anyone could give another person,
he believed in me.”

– Jim Valvano






Text & image source: Cynthia Davies https://web.facebook.com/cynthiadavies1976

HAPPY FATHERS DAY (and not forgetting mothers)

HAPPY FATHERS DAY (and not forgetting mothers)

Photo Credit: Enlightenment (healing and medium) on facebook




Greetings to MANHOOD!
The father of all fathers!
The hewers of wood!
The boots in the battle field!
The hoarse voice and muscle in the home!
We salute you all!

I have very little to offer you,
For the world has given it all to you!
Human beings are called mankind,
Or simply man!
Leaders and rulers are mostly brothers!
Only brothers can be priests in some religion!
Let me not mention some cultures,
Where you are the prosecutor and judge!

Make no mistake about me!
I am also a brother, a man!
Just that, on days like this, I think of those
Who tend the hearth with love!
Who had to hew wood for a runaway father!
Above all, who are
The guardians of The Holy Flame of Purity!
I think of them!
And bless them from the depth of my being!