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Everybody needs beauty…


“Everybody needs beauty…
places to play in and pray
in where nature may heal and cheer
and give strength to the body and soul.”

~ John Muir




~ Image ‘Hwangmaesan flower valley” by Jaeyoun Ryu
Text & image source: The Garden Of Pensiveness https://web.facebook.com/The-Garden-Of-Pensiveness-367268523352486/

…and a knowing one prays!


“May The Alchemy of Love as Light from deep within our hearts
Transit and transform our Silent Struggles and Pains
Into Mighty Cycles of Pearls,
Ripples of Laughter…!

A M E N !!!

~ Jude Teme Adonne

Rhythm of the evening #2…The transition


The transition to evening reminds us that life is about transitions too.
When we understand that this is just part of the natural unfolding,
we resist less and become less fearful.
Everything will be OK!



Photo & text credit: Begin with Yes https://web.facebook.com/beginwithyes/

Sacred joy!


“From Joy I came.
For Joy I live.
And in Sacred Joy
I shall melt again.”

~ Yogananda

“Joy is the realization of the truth of our oneness,
The oneness of our soul with the world,
and of the world-soul with the Supreme Lover.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore




~ Image by Songsak Aeiddam
Texts & image source: ॐ Nature Heals, Nature Reveals ॐ https://web.facebook.com/%E0%A5%90-Nature-Heals-Nature-Reveals-%E0%A5%90-729612107082182/

You remember how you were taught to write….


ಌ You remember how you were taught to write….
Your mother put a pencil in your hand, took your hand in hers, and began to move it. Since you did not know at all what she meant to do, you left your hand completely free in hers….
This is like the power of God in our lives…… ಌ

~ Anthony of Sourozh ~





image: tumblr photography
Text & image source: Soul Healing Mystics’ Light https://web.facebook.com/Soul-Healing-Mystics-Light-1437542323150756/

So help me God!


“I will not kill or hurt any living creature needlessly
nor destroy any beautiful thing
but will strive to save and comfort all gentle life
and guard and perfect all natural beauty upon the earth.”

~ John Ruskin ~




Photo & text credit: Precious World https://web.facebook.com/ourpreciousworld/

Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”


“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.
Help someone’s soul heal.
Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”

~ Rumi

Photo & text credit: Rumi Page https://web.facebook.com/mevlana/

Threads of Light from the Swan Lake


“When the Lord of the Realm returns, He will find me in resplendent beauty.” Muttered Lucile
“O yes” echoed another swan maiden, “Every bit of my plumage will radiate in snow white”
One maiden after another expressed similar sentiments and before long the bevy in ecstasy, chorused their usual Life Chant until the strident voice of the venerable Swan Lady restored some calm:
“Hear me, hear me, my dear daughters, as you adorn your outward appearances and surroundings, also purify your inner beings; let your souls shine so bright that the Lord would see you from afar, even before reaching the Realm! Remember this and prepare, prepare, prepare yourselves in the right manner!
In a calmer motherly tone, she continued:
“Remember the ten virgins of the Sacred Parable! Did they not all receive tidings of the impending grand “nuptial event” and joyfully look forward to it as you do now? Did they not all approach the banquet hall resplendently attired and perfumed with choice fragrances?
Alas, only half of them carried enough nourishment for their lamps! The other half nourished their bodies, nourished their egos but, sadly forgot that which was most important, that which was to illuminate their paths and the banquet hall. They, one half, thus missed it all: the arrival of the bridegroom, the wedding, the object of their longing and are for posterity known as the “Foolish Virgins”!
Remember this my fair maidens of the Swan Lake!


Photo credit: http://wallpaperfolder.com/wallpapers/white+swan

High recognitions #16…Angels are drawn to your light


Angels are drawn to your light . . .
when your heart is open . . .
your light shines like a ray of the sun
into the higher dimensions




Photo & text credit: GODDESS CENTRAL https://web.facebook.com/goddesscentral/

…the bliss that is you in all your glory.


The higher dimensions co-exist right here with us.
They just vibrate at a much higher frequency of light
that you can only see with your inner eye
and when you open that eye . . .
you will feel the bliss that is you in all your glory.



Photo & text credit: GODDESS CENTRAL https://web.facebook.com/goddesscentral/