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Eternal Laws of Creation #5…….The Law of Gravitation!

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So far, we have identified the three principal Eternal Laws of Creation and briefly observed them at work. Now we are examining them individually as they weave through and connect all parts of Creation like the web of the finest gossamer threads; forming and sustaining or, disintegrating and giving birth to new life!
Let us start with the Law of Gravitation, sometimes called the Law of Gravity:
Earlier in the series, we briefly described the Law as “the heavy sinks while the light floats”! In other words, the mobility and course of a substantiate form as well as its domain of existence (the plane it occupies) in Creation depends to a large extent on its weight! By way of illustration, if water and oil are simultaneously poured into a jar, as the mixture settles down, water drifts downwards while oil spirals upwards in the opposite direction! If there is space left in the jar, you now have air as a third content! Thus, the lightest component, air, sits on top followed by the heavier oil before water at the bottom as the heaviest! Furthermore, it is possible for air, oil and water to interact because they are all material substances and their common domain of existence is the World of Gross Matter generally called the physical world! This faintly reflects the manifestation of the law throughout Creation!
Thanks to science, it is now common knowledge that “all matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration”! In the same vein, every substance in Creation is a condensation of radiation! Hence, the slogan among enlightened ones is, “everything is radiation”! When it is said that The Almighty created the heavens and the earth, it does not mean that He (in a general gender sense) went about forming, moulding, baking and polishing every single sphere, realm and object! Rather, the ‘creating’ unfolded and still unfolds in the most natural and perfect manner:
From eternity, the origin and source of life is enthroned at unapproachable distances above all substantiate existence. This awesome Essence is enveloped in the brightest and most magnificent white radiance imaginable. This is the Unsubstantiate Godhead that sends forth Creative Beams of Radiations downwards!
Within the creative radiations are all the motes, seeds, building blocks and prototypes for life and existence! As the radiations stream downwards, homogeneous motes collect to form pressure waves, currents, entities and landscapes, globes and worlds! The motes that cannot take on form at a particular height continue downwards until they reach the appropriate levels where they can detach from the main radiation stream and unite with other similar motes to form lower realms! One after the other, the planes and realms take on form either immediately or gradually; depending on the inherent capacity of the homogeneous formative radiation motes to bond!
Thus, for Creation to come into existence, The Almighty only gave the command “Let There Be Light”….. and Light shot beyond the Divine Sphere; the detached radiations then formed the Primordial Spiritual(the Light Castle, Guardians, Knights, etc.) and Spiritual Realms( including Paradise) followed by the Animistic Realms (the Kingdom of the Lords of the Elements, Olympus or Valhalla) and the Worlds of Matter (the ethereal, medium (astral) and gross matter)!
In summary, the Realms of Creation are simply levels of radiation precipitation! Looking up from the earth, they appear as huge seamlessly inter-connected, finely cut prisms swinging in resplendent harmonious colors and tones! Every plane, indeed every form like our own earth, unceasingly vibrating, rotating, tilting and moving in rhythm, pace and within specific domains according to the Law of Gravitation! Everything moves; nothing is at rest!
The Law of Gravitation provides the impetus and sustenance for motion which is why some knowing ones call it the Law of Motion or, consider motion as an integral part and basic principle of the Law!
How does the Law affect us humans? How do we live in line with the Law? What are the consequences for offending the Law? These are questions that will engage our attention in the next installment! As is well known, the online reader is not a patient reader! One small piece at a time!
Thanks for coming this far!