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Happy New Month of November!


A friend once said if the world is to come to an end, it will probably happen in November! She is not alone in this sour view about November. Indeed, apart from Thanks-giving Day messages, all you hear about November is, dreary, blue-nosed misery, a dying year, lethargy, etc. Thomas Hood stridently drives home the so-called gloom of November in his iconic poem No!
“….No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member –
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds –
For all the gloomy things said and written about the month, I chose to savor the beauty of Chrysanthemums, the birth flower of November! Chrysanthemums sometimes called mums or chrysanths, are not just ornamental plants of high economic value, but are popular for their culinary, environmental and medicinal uses. Chrysanthemums tea is acclaimed for easing respiratory problems, high blood pressure, inflammation and calming the nerves. Some reliable sources say mums contain the kind of Vitamin A that helps in slowing down the aging process and age related blindness.


I choose to feel the energies of November birthstones, Topaz and Citrine! Expensive Precious Topaz which symbolizes love and affection, is reputed to enhance understanding/wisdom, control angry passions, aid in tissue regeneration and bestow strength on those who wear it; while, the more affordable Citrine is known as the “healing quartz” because it supports vitality and health, helps in ridding the body of toxins as well as inspire hope, energy and warmth within the wearer.

I chose to celebrate November babies; fabulous men and women who have given so much to humanity! How can I forget these fabulous friends, whose cheerful and lighthearted nature I draw so much hope, love and joy from!

Above all, I look forward to the new month of November with confidence in the Grace of the Most High!

Happy New Month, dear friends!

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A Full Moon in Capricorn is here!

Photo & text credit: https://www.facebook.com/AskAngelsFan

Happy Full Moon!

“The energy is really strong…
So don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit tired or out of sorts,
just take some time to meditate, relax and recharge.”
– Ask-Angels.com

Behold the Super Moon

“Super Moon Over The Grand Canyon.” by Sun Gazing

Behold a special Full Moon, the Super Moon!
Behold the Glow of the Lunar Orb!
Behold the Portals of Life thrown open by Astarte!
Behold the Threads of Light as they glide through her hands!

Hear the Songs of the Swan Maidens!
Hear their calls for you to weave on earth all the Flowers of Virtue!
Hear the Songs of Womanhood from the Luminous Spheres!
Hear the Swan Maidens calls for you to reawaken morality!

Astarte, the Swans are but Messengers and Loyal Servants!
Harbingers of Justice, Love and Purity at the behest of The Most High!
Ha! See nature: the elements, birds, animals, fishes and insects!
Tidal waves, the wolves, dolphins, cats… all do the Full Moon dance!

Enjoy the intense flow of energy!

Pure Womanhood leads the way to the Light!

Photo & text credit: Return To Eden on Facebook

“Through this she uplifts her nation and all humanity, yes even the whole of Subsequent Creation, for in her gentle working alone lies that sublime power which is irresistible and compelling and, if of the purest volition, blessed by Divine Power. There is nothing to equal it, for she carries beauty in its purest form into everything she does and everything that proceeds from her!”
– quote from The Grail Message http://grailmessage.com/en/volume-one/for-your-guidance/

Another Super Moon is here…..Astarte spreads her wings again!

Photo credit:  Spiritual Events Directory shared Chris Crocker‘s photo. on Facebook

“A Super Moon is when the Moon is closer to the earth than

at any other time making it appear much bigger in the sky.

The scientific name for this is a Lunar perigee. The Super

Moon will bring high tides and heightened emotions.”

By their radiation ye shall know them!

Photo Credit: Family Crystals’s photo on Facebook.

“In earthman the radiations of the finer covering, together with the radiations of the physical body, form a combination which results in a colourful wreath of radiations, called by some aura and by others od, the “fluid” that surrounds man. With this radiation-wreath he determines the strength of the waves for the vibrations which he absorbs out of the cosmic radiation-system. ……
The knowledge of the radiation of earthman is part of the image of man which will be decisive for the New Age.
In many cases of judgment, the aura will indicate the real condition of the soul to one who looks deeper. HERE NO DECEPTION IS POSSIBLE.”

–“A Gate Opens” by Herbert Vollmann. The author has drawn his knowledge from The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth) by ABD-RU-SHIN. As with the Grail Message itself, his words are meant to speak to the spirit of man, his true ego.

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THE GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME.11………Even Demons Were Made gods By Man!

In our last essay, (THE GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME……….Part 1) we followed the human spirit spark from home down to the earth and relived his era of joyful experiencing on earth. We called it the Golden Age and pictured it as follows:

“This was the golden age for humanity on earth! When man relied on the spirit, the power within and had an intimate connection with nature and nature beings. Tidings of higher realms and beings even up to the Light Castle at the summit of Creation reached him easily; the age when man knew that he is a spirit with a physical body and not a physical body (Jones or Linda) struggling to have spiritual experience.

It was also the age when man did not make ‘gods and goddesses’ out the beings but simply regarded them as friends, helpers, teachers and servants of the Almighty. The beings on their  part were perfectly satisfied with this childlike relationship because it strengthened their core, added wings to their maturity and allowed them to move on to higher activities. They never requested to be deified, worshipped or paid any obeisance. Any such practices by man are completely unsolicited”

With time, earthman started to think things through. He gradually realized that he is endowed with a tool that set him apart and could really make him lord on earth. With this tool, he could device the means to move, hunt, fish, clothe and house himself better; with a tool like this, he enthused, the sky is the limit.

This tool is the INTELLECT! The seat of reasoning or thinking faculty!

And so he went ahead to stimulate, educate, and cultivate it! He devoted so much time cultivating the intellect that it became the yardstick for virtually all his decisions and, the intellect being a tool of the outermost cloak, which is the physical body, turned man’s gaze outward instead of inwards, his spirit. Thus, mankind developed the craving for earthly admiration, honor and respect: he who could subdue with brute force was admired and the size of his barn, harem, and physical acquisitions determined his worth in the eyes of his fellowmen.

Generations later, what started as a tickling of the intellect became a serious aberration. The intellect became over-cultivated and in the process stifled or virtually suffocated any spiritual growth. Without stimulation, the spirit grew weaker and weaker until like un-exercised muscles, it atrophied. The spirit, which is the kennel, the only living essence of the human being degenerated to living an indolent, enervating life and lost the ability to ‘hear from home’. The human spirit became the proverbial prodigal son- a prince who preferred to trade his grandeur for rags and offal.

Time and tide, the wise ones say, wait for no man! The golden age was now far behind him and long forgotten. It belonged to prehistoric times, long before the glacial age and all the revolutionary changes that took place on earth. Except for a few gifted ones here and there, mankind not only lost the intimate connection with the beings but also the knowledge of their existence. The only memories of the beings were left in badly rendered folklores.

Deprived of the friendly nudging and admonitions of the beings, mankind plunged into the upheavals in nature with enormous tragic consequences. Whole communities that could have been led to safety by the beings were wiped out. Cut off from spiritual help and the benevolence of beings, man now struggled alone apprehensive of the future and life in general.

With apprehension came agonizing fear and kindred negative propensities. The once resplendent ethereal atmosphere surrounding the earth became shrouded in dark ominous energy fields and worse still, dark regions of life were developing at sinister speed in the beyond. Life in these regions is so depressing and grievous that one can only describe them as living hell

These regions of darkness also have retroactive effects on earth. Apart from swarming the earth with their obnoxious negative energy, they also serve as breeding grounds from which inferior human spirits incarnate and create/populate equally base environments on earth. Let us look at one such environment.

Come with us in your intuitive perception to a primitive African society (no offence meant) of old. Here you find souls who either through indolence or burdened with heavy karma have to incarnate in such base circumstances. Imagine you are a medium or clairvoyant in such a community, what do you encounter? A slimy medley of dark gruesome forms that seem to be bearing down or crowding in on the humans! These are the demons, furies and similar base entities produced by the fears and cannibal instincts the human degenerates. Demons are products of human fears and negative passions; they are not and can never be creatures of the Almighty God.

You can then understand why there is the fear and worship of demons in primitive societies. This is what their mediums and medicine men see and this is what they tell the people about the beyond. The mediums also observe that courage seems to chase away these forms and so they prescribe courage-instilling contortions and rituals. They go further to direct the sculpturing of all manner of forms, prepare altars/places of worship and create a caste for themselves! Awed by the feeling of calm confidence engendered by the rituals and exercises, the people look up to the mediums for guidance! The mediums who were supposed to be servants of the people were instead revered as priests and ‘eyes of the gods’.

You probably will condemn the primitive man for worshiping idols, demons and all sorts of base entities. You are right; there is no excuse for spiritual indolence! But have you considered that they worshipped their realities? They worshipped what they saw, felt and experienced. Their faith was therefore based on personal conviction and not on adopted beliefs, not on things hoped for and therefore, not blind faith.

Once again the gods are brought into the fray without any prompting by them. Even demons have been made gods by man; why blame the gods?