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The beauty of life is…..

“The beauty of life is
while we cannot undo what is done
we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change 
so that every new moment is spent 
not in regret, guilt, fear or anger 
but in wisdom, understanding and love.”

– Jennifer Edwards

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Text & image source: Precious World https://www.facebook.com/ourpreciousworld/

Annie Kagan on the Light, Universal Intelligence and Afterlife!

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“The same intelligence that grows trees from seeds,
that lets birds fly,
that waves the ocean
and gives birth to new stars – that same Intelligence

also breathes your breath, beats your heart,

and heals your wounds.”

“Being in an earthly body and looking through physical eyes limits the way you perceive the light. Your eyes can’t see the light directly, only the things it shines upon, so the light remains invisible, just like the soul does. That causes a good deal of suffering down there on your planet because it’s hard to believe in what you can’t see. The light here makes visible what is invisible on earth: the divine nature of all things.”
― Annie Kagan, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death

Quote Source: https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/6626918.Annie_Kagan

Sunday Reflection #2……I am God, not man!

“The power that is greater than us comes from the Divine which human spirits should look up to in humility with reverence.
What is Divine is far ABOVE the human spiritual. Human spirits don’t actually carry anything Divine within.

This is contrary to what so many would be spiritual teachers and “masters” claim. They seek to put the human spirit on the same level as the Creator of the Universe! when in reality we are tiny little spirit sparks who *can* develop so that we can reach what is the the highest in a *spiritual* sense only.

Human spirits can never become Divine. The chain of being in Creation certainly extends upwards BEYOND the level of the human/spiritual. Man who develops aright, as a spiritual creature is on the lowest level of Creation for a creature that can become self-conscious.”

Photo and text credit: Return To Eden on Facebook

Engraved In Gold Series #2…In the name of God?

Engraved In Gold Series  #2

Not a means to Govern!
Not a means to Intimidate!
Not a means to Enslave!
Definitely not a means to Kill!

Yet we do all these and more,

SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY {so familiar yet, so misunderstood}

SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY {so familiar yet, so misunderstood}

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Recalling the tail end of our last essay “From Seed-germs to Human Beings,” the human spirit is now living in the ethereal realm in a male or female human form, with self-consciousness and a refined free will. Spread out before it is a wide variety of the good and not so good; both pure and impure vibrations and impulses.
The spirit is at liberty to choose which experience to taste, attract, or indulge in. It can now consciously live life to its heart’s content, but, (and a very big but) must bear the responsibility of reward and punishment for the free choices it makes.
We tarry a while in the ethereal because, it is a major turning point for the first-time spirit! Some spirits never make it beyond this realm! Out of spiritual indolence, they either remain infants and babies galloping and gamboling in the meadows of the ethereal for eons of years or, get bogged down by following this or that impure passion which eventually hangs like a burden, an albatross around their necks!
Luckily an enormous number of spirits move on following the urge to develop which is spurred by the deep longing for maturity. They recognize or, at least, sense that only full spiritual maturity guarantees their return to The Kingdom of Bliss, their Real Home, where they can live for eternity in joyful service.
While we tarry, let us make some clarifications:
Strictly speaking, the spirit is now best referred to as a SOUL. This is because a human soul is actually a conscious human spirit in the beyond that is embodied in a substance other than spiritual substance and invariably experiencing life outside the spiritual realm. In comparison, just as the spirit becomes an earthman or earthwoman when it is embodied in flesh and blood in the physical world on earth, so is it a soul when embodied in ethereal or other non-spiritual material!
Simply expressed: outside the spiritual realms, the human spirit takes on a soul body while in the beyond and a physical body while on earth!
However, it does not discard the soul body when it enters the earth; rather, it exists like a coconut with layers of different substances. On earth, the human being (like me and you) is a combination of spirit, soul and physical body, i. e. three bodies in one!
The spirit is the core, the real and most permanent personality, the soul is fairly permanent, while the physical body has the shortest life span!
The spirit and soul are therefore, neither the impersonal components of human nature nor, levels of inner feelings. On the contrary, they are real personalities (like the physical body) in real worlds, with capabilities to experience life in real time and space, in their different worlds.
Let us take a glimpse at this trinity at work:
1. Activities like jumping, walking, reading and other physical exertions are activities of the physical body. These are obvious to everyone!

2. Most ‘real’ contact with friends, relatives and other humans who have passed on (physically died); astral phenomena like projection, sensing, phantom pains, etc, are soul body activities. Also, an overwhelming majority of mediumship, spiritism, hypnotic communication, are soul body activities because the organs of reception/interaction are the soul body organs.

3. On the other hand, the spirit body is at work during divine mediation, like the reception of the biblical Book of Revelation, visions of the Queen of Heaven (not Mary the mother of Jesus) and visions of the luminous ‘Throne of God.’
The frequently experienced deep, quiet and still voice that speaks to us, distinct from the din and rattle of the intellect, is the voice of the spirit; the intuitive perception.
These activities are merely separated to illustrate the principal body at work. In reality they are not individually independent; an activity started by one body dovetails into and necessitates the cooperation of the other body or, bodies before it can reach consummation or perfection. For instance, the physical activity of vocal praying or chanting, requires the cooperation of the spiritual volition to propel the main wish of the prayer for fulfillment. Words alone can only reach medium gross matter which is extremely far from the Throne of Grace.
Today we had to reflect on the fine distinctions of spirit, soul and the physical body so that we are clear-sighted as we proceed with the evolving spirit into the rather fluid lower realms. In these deeper planes life is more vigorous, coarse and exposed to opposing energy vibrations. We enter the real battle ground of the Light and Darkness!
May the Grace of the Lord which gives peace and understanding be with us all!

The gods are not to blame………Part 1

…….once (and still) friends, teachers and helpers who were made gods by man……

After a brief examination of the spiritual realms in our last essay (SPIRITUAL REALMS………………The Luminous Heights of Creation) we are turning our gaze to the animistic realms which lie immediately below the spiritual. And so ladies and gentlemen, come with us as we enter the land of the gods and goddesses!

The gods! Scholars, philosophers, gurus and some celebrated ‘sages’ have racked their minds trying to find the correct interpretation of the gods of old and their relevance in modern day. These efforts are sincere and well-intentioned but unfortunately, up till now not very successful. The failure is largely because the investigators select specific periods of god-cult in say, the Greek, Roman or Hindu culture instead of a comprehensive survey from the beginning of the human race up to the present day. It is like judging the evolution of earthman by concentrating on the Neanderthals or Homo Olduwan era only. Such endeavors can only yield limited results so long as there is no connection between the previous and succeeding eras. To start with, let us understand the creature called man.

Man has his origin in the spiritual realms, his core is spiritual and he can rightly be described as a spirit being. However, he starts off as a seed and for him to reach full maturity the seed-core must be planted or exposed to suitable conditions and nurtured. In the case of the human seed germs, so long as it remains in the spiritual, it will continue to exist as a seed because, the Light pressure in the spiritual realms, does not permit it to unfold at that height. It therefore has to descend to the relatively cooler and coarser realms where the conditions are perfect for a slow development. These are the realms of the animistic, the ethereal and the world of matter.

As luminous spirit sparks, the seeds depart their spiritual home as if from the hands of a sower. At the border of every realm, they are wrapped in a cloak which would enable them to experience life in that realm, evolve in the process and move on. Onwards like pilgrims they proceed maturing, learning, tasting, enjoying and constantly being reminded of their heavenly home. By the time they arrive in the world of matter, the spiritual core has metamorphosed into a human form, albeit youthful, and enveloped in animistic, ethereal and fine matter cloaks or bodies with all the respective sense organs. They can now be likened to a collapsible transistor radio antenna pole where the leaner upper sections successively slide into the lower sections until you have a short piece sticking out. Also, the maturing spirits have developed ego-consciousness and self- will which also come with the corresponding responsibility for their voluntary decisions.

For me and you, in exercise of our free will, we chose the universe Ephesus and so our paths have repeatedly led us to the planet Earth.

The earth took millions of years to reach a state where it could support plant and later animal life. It emerged from the long process of development at the right distance from the sun, under the canopy of a protective atmosphere; with amazing varieties of vegetation, breath taking landscapes nourished like nerve strands by streams and rivers, enchanting oceans and bowels laden with metals, precious stones, minerals, oil, gas, you name it; bowels that can also spit fire and brimstone. All of these did not come into existence by accident or spontaneous manifestation but were painstakingly guided by the servants of God. Hefty hands hurled large masses of boulders and earth crust; giant snouts fanned water and air storms; delicate fingers tended the rose, lily and other delightful flowers from seed to blossom. Everything that forms part of nature on earth is brought in existence, sustained, refined or disintegrated by these hands.

These same hands prepared the bodies which the human spirits stepped into and still carry today as earthmen. This was a multi-dimensional process that unfolded in a perfect divine synchronization: while the first human spirits were striving downwards, the helpers were busy evolving the animal bodies that would receive them on earth. By the time the spirits arrived, the helpers had also achieved the noblest animal form; so, instead of an animal soul incarnating in the bodies, the human spirits stepped in through the astral bridges also prepared for this purpose. The spirits took over from there and gradually developed the bodies to the beautiful humans you find all over the earth today.

These helping hands are the last species of animistic beings generally known as elemental beings or simply as elementals.

Elemental beings! The gnomes, elves, sprites, salamanders, nymphs, pixies, sylphs, fairies, etc. Like back-room boys and girls, they stand behind the veil guiding the whole cycle of genesis, existence and disintegration on the physical plane. Many readers have probably heard of them although very few know of their line of duty and significance. More on them in this series of posts.

And so the pilgrims arrived on earth and had to first master their bodies and grapple with the elements. They had ready teachers and friends in the elemental beings who taught them how to identify and preserve food and herbs, how to clothe, shelter and protect themselves, etc. Living simple and close to nature our forebears were able to see, hear and easily learn from the beings. They also recognized that the beings were not physical entities but ‘friends from the beyond.’

The beings in turn, benefited immensely from the presence of the human spirits. Their arrival brought more spiritual energy to the earth and the elementals drew strength from this. Some enlightened ones, say the advent of humans marked the spiritual fructification of the earth. The relationship was therefore mutually beneficial to both humans and elementals; and the earth was the better for it. There was harmony everywhere; a uniform swinging in receiving and transmitting of the power of the Light. Life in Creation pulsated with the magnetic radiance of the Light from above and all the way down to the earth; here and there the Gardens of Eden began to spring up on earth through the joyful activities of human beings as a reflection of the beauty in paradise, their eternal spiritual home.

This was the golden age for humanity on earth! When man relied on the spirit, the power within and had an intimate connection with nature and nature beings. Tidings of higher realms and beings even up to the Light Castle at the summit of Creation reached him easily; the age when man knew that he is a spirit with a physical body and not a physical body (Jones or Linda) struggling to have spiritual experience.

It was also the age when man did not make ‘gods and goddesses’ out the beings but simply regarded them as friends, helpers, teachers and servants of the Almighty. The beings on their  part were perfectly satisfied with this childlike relationship because it strengthened their core, added wings to their maturity and allowed them to move on to higher activities. They never requested to be deified, worshiped or paid any obeisance. Any such practices by man are completely unsolicited.

SPIRITUAL REALMS……….The Luminous Heights of Creation.

–        – -and a garland of gratitude for the lives and times of Truth Bringers like Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao-tse, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed, Jesus, the Christ and Abd-ru-shin.


In our last essay (In Creation’s Light Trail) we took a peek view of Creation. Today we are exploring the highest and most luminous realms which are collectively known as spiritual creation; and to update our readers, let us refer to a portion of the said post; ‘’as the radiations streamed out, the strongest took on form as the Light Castle and the uppermost spiritual part of Creation while the weaker remnants continued downwards propelled by the pressure of the Light. Next, the weaker spiritual deposits to complete the spiritual realm, followed by the animistic, the ethereal and the world of matter.’’

Thus, here and there radiation deposits detach from the main stream and take on either conscious or unconscious form. The unconscious forms are planes of hills, valleys, meadows, foliage, sea, air, fire, other features we associate with nature on earth and buildings. They are however of transcendent, luminous opulence far beyond human comprehension. Every blade, every speck, sparkles with pristine beauty as a reflection of the awesome glory that surrounds the Almighty.

The conscious forms include animals and similar entities as well as ego-conscious beings bearing the human spiritual form but of outstanding sizes and beauty. First, the Knights as the guardians of the Light Castle and pillars of Creation followed by other beings who could take on form as mature self-conscious beings without needing to develop from children even with the tremendous pressure in this first part of creation—this is The True Primordial Creation. The remaining spiritual components in the radiations that could not withstand the pressure at this level are thrust further downwards.

At appropriate distances and a corresponding slackening in the pressure some deposits again detach and open up another chain of worlds, almost replicating the first part. Almost; because for the first time, we find children as well as mature beings and the forms are denser in comparison to those of the first part but, all the same, still of amazing beauty. This is the second spiritual part of creation which is a weaker spiritual species only because it can only form at a greater distance from the Light than the first part. They are not a weaker kind of the same species as the first part but, a different spiritual species which are regarded as weaker because they require an easing off in the Light pressure to be able to manifest.

It is however, important to note that each part contains a virtually uncountable number of gradations and sub sections depending on the ability to bear the Light pressure and the uppermost plane seamlessly transits into the lower. Looking at it from bellow, they, figuratively speaking, appear as an immensely huge flight of stairs spanning an immeasurable distance. Each step is adapted to the intensity of pressure at the level it exists. The beings are permitted to rove the staircase but, the highest step they can   personally reach is at the level of their individual origin. Hence it is rightly said that when it comes to spiritual experiencing, the origin defines the limit. Anything seen, heard or perceived beyond this point of origin is mediated through higher guides and helpers. More on this in later discussions.

Finally, the spiritual realms come to a close after all spiritual extraction that are capable of taking on form have detached from the main radiation stream. Again some deposits on this last outpost, or final frontiers, come into existence as self-conscious beings after a shorter or longer period of development. After the strong and weak extractions have manifested their individuality, there is still a residue of spiritual radiations which is too weak to take on conscious form. This species possesses the urge for life but can only swirl around because of the Light pressure even at these remote regions. With time, they react with the spiritual atmosphere and evolve into precipitations. A faint reflection of this process on earth is the formation of water droplets through the reaction between vapor and the earth’s atmosphere. These droplets or precipitation are spiritual germs or seeds with life and full propensities to develop into fully matured spiritual beings. Very soon we are going to return to these spirit germs. To deliberate on it will only divert us from the lofty picture of the spiritual realms before our gaze today.

What more can we say about the final frontiers? They bear exquisite beauty as a reflection of the opulence of the higher realms and within these frontiers is the often mentioned but grossly misunderstood PARADISE. Yes Paradise, the city with gold paved streets and edifices often mentioned in various scriptures and legends. Paradise! The land of bliss and crown of the human spirit.  

Tidings of these spiritual realms have over the ages reached mankind through Truth bringers, called ones, deeply moved poets, etc. In this regards, we are profoundly grateful to the Almighty God for the lives and times of Krishna, Lao-tse, Zoroaster, Buddha, the Prophet Mohammed, Jesus the Christ and most recently Abd-ru-shin, through his work ‘In The Light Of Truth’—The Grail Message.