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This is the first of a 3-part series on the intellect. The series is intended to draw the attention of our readers to the far-reaching role the intellect plays in both the spiritual and physical evolution of earthman. We shall keep it simple, straightforward and short on complex philosophical and psychological theories. In our usual way, it is going to be a spiritual journey!

Let us start with the human self; the personal I AM!

The new international students’ edition of Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines ‘self’ as “a person’s inner being, including the mind and spirit.’’ Some philosophers, psychologists and metaphysical adepts might dismiss this definition as being too simplistic but, we find it very instructive and a true description of earthman’s personhood. Firstly, it recognizes that ‘self’ is a person’s inner being and secondly, it highlights the spirit and mind as two important components of the self.

The Human Spirit! This is the core and innermost essence of the human being. In our previous essay; “MAN KNOW THYSELF” we discussed the genesis and existence of the spirit. Readers can look that up while following us as we trail the intellect.

The Mind! The mind can be described as the network of faculties which provide the capacity for awareness (some would say, consciousness) and the resources to react to the demands of such awareness. Generally speaking, the mind enables us to recognize ourselves, people, places, objects, impulses, etc; and generates thoughts, plans and decisions as reactions to the things recognized. As the last outpost of the self in the physical plane, it impacts directly on the physical body and, the point of contact is the brain. Indeed the mind is so intricately connected with the brain that both are spoken of interchangeably and even experts are still debating whether the mind is a separate entity or just another name for the brain. This naturally leads us to the brain.

The Brain! This master-organ/s is one of nature’s wonders! It has a complex array of sections, sub and mini sections but, the big picture is that the brain proper comprises two main parts connected by a stem. The main parts are the frontal brain or cerebrum and the back brain or, cerebellum.

Also known as the small brain, the back brain is the seat for the intuitive mind! This means that it is by nature attuned to the voice and vibrations of the spirit, the promptings of other non-physical entities and the frequencies of the higher energies of the Universe. If for instance our spirits send signals, the faculties of the small brain are best suited for receiving and processing such signals. Through these same resources of the back brain, real experiences in the physical world are transmitted to the spirit and the Universe for posterity. Those who know something of this archive associate it with the Akashic records. Thus, the back brain is the actual gateway between the spirit and the physical body.

On the other hand, the frontal brain is the seat for day consciousness. It is the rudder with which we navigate our way on earth because its’ faculty is more adapted to earthly life. The super busy large brain is the platform for the powerhouse of earthman’s consciousness: receiving physical impressions and deciding which ones to trash, which ones to respond to and which ones to pass on to the spirit through the small brain; while, at the same time, receiving impressions from the small brain for earthly application. The faculty that it uses, or better said, that uses the large brain to perform all these functions is the INTELLECT! That’s it!

The Intellect! Variously known as the thinking faculty, the sense of reasoning, the conscious mind or just the mind, sits as the altar of the large brain. It is the actual ‘powerhouse’ mentioned above and most importantly, the anchorage of the spirit and spiritual volition on earth. A great endowment for which we should be grateful to the Almighty!

However, the intellect is rather too terrestrial because it depends largely on the physical body and earthly perception of time and space. As a product of the brain it evolves with the physical body and needs to be nurtured, cultivated and trained. Also, its’ life span and memories are limited to one earth life and so it thinks in the now, today, tomorrow and short spaces. It does not understand the concepts of bliss, love, reincarnation, infinity, eternity, divinity, etc.

To cure the shortcomings of the intellect, nature has ordained that it should work as a tool and handyman of the spirit. Like a lamb, it is expected to subject to and completely cooperate with the guidance and leadership of the spirit. Where it fails to do so, the intellect becomes a wolf; and a very bad wolf as illustrated in the popular old Cherokee proverb. See our photo post captioned “The Intellect Continually Wars Against The Spirit”

As we are coasting home, let us recap the journey so far:
1. The human self is the inner being with two main components: the spirit and the mind.
2. The spirit is the core and highest essence of the human being. We have previously discussed the spirit in our post, MAN KNOW THYSELF.’
3. The mind is the collective name for the faculties of consciousness, thinking, learning, rationalizing, deciding, etc. It works directly with the brain.
4. The brain has two main parts namely, the frontal brain and the back brain.
5. The back brain has the faculty for receiving the intuitive perception of the spirit and non-physical energies. Thus, although the spirit is connected to the physical body at the solar plexus, the real gateway of the spirit to the physical world is the back brain.
6. The frontal brain hosts the so called day consciousness and faculty for reasoning. The faculty it uses is the intellect.
7. The intellect is the steering substance for earthly consciousness and the highest endowment of the human being on earth. However, as a product of the brain, it is limited to the earthly conception of time and space.

Now we know the whence and what of the intellect. Subsequent posts in the series will explore the fruits, ie what mankind have made of the intellect.

A big thank you for all those who have stayed with us this far! It has been a somewhat long journey and the online reader is not known for much patience. Thank you for your time!