High recognitions . . . error in the expression “weak woman”




“It is ridiculous to use the expression “weak woman”, for woman is psychically
stronger than man. Not in herself, but through being more closely connected with
the Creative Power, which grants her the more delicate intuitive faculty.
And this is just what the woman tries to hide today; she exerts herself to
coarsen or suppress it altogether.”

– In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message





Text & image source: Return To Eden

The moment a child is born,…




“The moment a child is born,
the mother is also born.
She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new.”

~ Rajneesh





Art © Claudia Tremblay
Text & image source: Rivers in the Ocean

This Mother’s Day weekend . . .




This Mother’s Day weekend let us also honor the women who chose not to have
children, those who wanted but were unable to have children and those who are
trying everything possible and would give anything they have to become a mother.
And let us remember those mothers who have lost a child and live on with broken
hearts. We know the passion for mothering is often expressed in surprising,
unexpected and all kinds of beautiful and loving ways. And we know that
expression of love is just as important, just as powerful and just as essential
as any love that exists.









Text & image source: Begin with Yes
Photo by Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld:

High recognitions #13…The Lord of All the Worlds bless the Woman…….



“High stands the demand of the Light on Earthly Womanhood…..
Equally high are the abilities lavished in her by The Creator..
As we approach the Festival of Purity….may the Lord enrich the Woman,
That she fulfill her high office of Power mediation….
For she is created to form the bridge to the Light Heights..
My thoughts solicit for the empowerment of Earth-Woman to achieve this task.
The Lord of All the Worlds bless the Woman…….


~ Obinna Magnobi




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Good mama!


“The joys of motherhood
are never fully experienced
until the children are in bed.”




Photo & text credit: “Precious Word”

To all mothers…who do the best they can!


“My Mother kept a garden,
a garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
that gave my life it’s start.
She turned me to the sunshine
and encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
the seeds of self-esteem…
And when the winds and rain came,
she protected me enough-
But not too much because she knew
I’d need to stand up strong and tough.
Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong-
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.
I am my Mother’s garden.
I am her legacy-
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me.”

~ Author Unknown




Text & photo source: “The Garden Of Pensiveness”

Sunday reflection…Woomanhood!


“Equipped with the greatest delicacy of intuition she should easily swing herself up to the purity of Luminous Heights, and form the bridge to Paradise for all humanity.
Woman! Streams of Light should flow through her. Her entire physical, gross material nature is adapted to this.
Woman needs only to will honestly, and all the offspring from her womb must be strongly protected and encompassed by the power of the Light even before birth!”

From: “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin:




Text source: TheWordRingsOut ‪#‎TheGrailMessage‬
Photo credit: Geetha Shankar

Mother’s Love, Priceless Love!


“There is nothing like the protection of a mother.
I have heard of mothers doing crazy things for their children. There are all kinds of incredible stories out there about this.
Periodically in the news you hear about a mother who lifts an entire car to release their pinned child trapped underneath.
Mothers run into burning building to save their children. Or you hear stories about a mother giving a child a new kidney or life-saving organ.
Mothers violently fight against any threat whatsoever it is that faces their child – it does not matter how great it is. When a mother feels that a child is threatened it is as if her own flesh and blood is threatened, for that child of her womb is of her own body – that child whom she birthed and nursed.
If necessary mothers will die protecting their children, and do so without thinking twice about it.”

– Rev. Michael Larson on



Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Naked queens!


The world is going naked and women are leading the way! What was considered a social inhibition and discomfort generations ago is now the norm and ‘in thing’! What was practiced in private clubs, restricted beaches and conclaves is now paraded in street shows and carnivals.
Nudity has become a philosophy, a culture, a political movement and by current trend, a religion! Called nudism or naturism, the philosophy propagates and defends the practice of private and public, i e, social nudity; the freedom of nakedness and a special female variety known as topfreedom or, toplessness!
Interestingly, among other principles, naturism/nudism teaches that there is no difference between man and animals! Meaning, if your dog can stroll in the park without panties, why can’t you do same and why should anyone condemn or question you?
Whether, as a philosophy or, in sports, entertainment, fashion, recreation, social and porn media, etc; the woman of today leads the pack in thin clothing and body exposure. The male runner wears shorts and boxers while his female counterpart wears G-strings and contraptions that barely cover her vital parts!
Far be it from us to condemn anybody’s chosen life-style! We are not competent to judge our fellow humans who like us, stand before and at the mercy of a higher, impartial and inflexible Will of the Almighty!
We may however, mention an irony! This clothes-shy modern woman would hardly imagine truly noble women like Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi in public clad in bikini! She would definitely be shocked beyond words if Her Majesty the Queen were to roll out her bike and join the World Nude Bike Ride in London or step out of Buckingham Palace topless. That would be abominable, condemnable and unbefitting of a queen and royalty! Yet, same cannot be said of the modern woman who in her own right is a noble woman.Is she not? Or, is it a case of what is good for the goose, is only good for the goose?
Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth 11 and their likes will not walk naked in public not because of their piety, office or royalty but because they bear within a treasure, a jewel and seal of true womanhood. This treasure is not restricted to any class, race, religion or, creed but, could be found among women in every walk of life: in the milk girl, the struggling mother, the chamber maid, unsullied youth, the chief executive, up to the corridors of political power. This jewel is— The Sense of Shame! This is what defines the womanhood in a woman!
A woman who has no sense of shame does not deserve to be called a woman and, a woman’s sense of shame is a reflection of her spiritual worth in Creation!
……so, when the modern woman drops her clothes in public without qualms or throws all moral caution to the wind, she is only displaying the lowly condition of her soul. It shows that she has stepped out of her lofty estate both in soul and body. The body is no longer a temple for the honor and worship of the Most High!
The revered vessel, queen and angel has descended so low as to dance naked in the village square!
You can then understand the admonition in the old saying:

“When the gods want to destroy a man they first make him mad but, when they want to destroy a woman, they make her shameless”



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