Eid-el-Kabir Takeaway . . . The Holy Prophet Muhammad never did so.


Stop calling yourself Aashiq of the Prophet ﷺ if you are not willing to adopt His beautiful behaviour.

You marginalise minorities and claim to be Muslims. But The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ never marginalised anyone in his life.

You treat Christians and other minorities different in your country. You think they are filthy and unworthy to drink in the same cup as yours. You keep separate cups and plates for them.

But The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ never did so. He did not have different Cups in his home for the non-Muslims. Even when was not among a minority anymore in Madinah he would still not marginalise non-Muslims. He accepted the invitations for meal by Christians and Jews.

You treat minorities differently and when you are in Europe you expect to be treated with respect.

You insult and swear at those who do not agree with your opinion. You claim to be scholars of Islam and use the Minbar to use the most insulting and filthy language for others.

But The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ never insulted or swore at anyone.

— Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri






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#Eid-il-Kabir . . . As much as you can, make a …. pilgrimage to the heart …


“On God’s pathway,
there are two Ka’bas.

One is the Ka’ba you can see;
the other, the …. Ka’ba of the heart.

As much as you can,
make a …. pilgrimage to the heart …

The heart’s value ….
is greater

…. than a thousand Ka’bas. ”

– Awad al- Din Kirmani





Text & image source: Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Poems and Quotes)
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High recognitions . . .the lasting benefit of Ramadan!


The New Moon ushers in Ramadan, the Islamic month of puritanical living! With the right attitude, Ramadan is beneficial both in outward form and inner experiencing! Like explains “The holy month of Ramadan comes to the Islamic world every year to remind the Muslim faithful on the need to return to Allah by following His teachings in all walks of their lives in order to achieve peace in this world and the Hereafter.”
The outward form includes fasting, increased reading of the Koran and praying, charitable activities, abstinence, reduction in purely material pursuits, etc. Without doubt, these are beneficial activities!
Fasting is well-known to have health merits if properly guided, charity and compassion are praiseworthy and like the cliché goes, ‘moderation is true temperance’! Imagine what the world would feel like if all who profess Islam would truly shun all forms of vices for one month!
Inwardly, Ramadan is a period for sober reflection, soul searching and re-commitment to the Will of the Almighty! This is what the quote above calls the “return to Allah by following His teachings in all walks of their lives”!
Every religion, indeed, every human being who strives for noble values has, or, should have a periodic ‘Ramadan’! It may not last for one month, one week or, even a day but, one should set aside and cherish those times when the soul enlivens its connection with the Light Source; when the spirit takes its rightful place over the intellect and the deep voice of the intuitive perception silences the chatter of mundane thoughts!
After such periods, one feels energized, ready to reach for the stars with joyful activities and very determined not to go back to dark old ways! It is always a great opportunity for spiritual reawakening! That is the essence and lasting benefit of Ramadan!
Unfortunately, mankind fails over and over again to make good use of such opportunities like the Ramadan! Even Muslims, to a large extent, allow the blessings of the month to pass them by unused!
But, let us not lose sight of the deep significance of the period. Let us not fail to appreciate the devout hearts that truly live the essence of Ramadan! These tiny sparks dotting the Islamic world are largely unsung and unpretentious Muslims who in sincere devotion open their souls to embrace the positive vibrations of the moment and thus, strengthen the threads of Light in Creation.
Like the ‘few’ unassuming adherents found in most religions and movements, they are the real faithful and custodians of the values and teachings of the Light Messenger, Prophet Mohammad!
Ramadan is here again! We wish our Muslim friends the inner strength and material means to experience the period successfully. May all who bow their souls in worship to The Most High with humility, truth and trust reap bountiful blessings!
Above all, may the faithfuls use the blessings to sustain positive change in the their thoughts, words and deeds after the Ramadan fast!
Welcome O’ Ramadan!




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Sunday reflection . . . the sultan bowed to the dervish


” A sultan was riding through the country
surrounded by courtiers and soldiers.
Everybody bowed as the sultan passed,
except for a single dervish.

The sultan halted his procession and had
the dervish brought to him.
He demanded to know why the man
did not bow to him.

The dervish replied. ” Let all these people
bow to you. They all want what you have ….
money, power, rank. Thank God these things
mean nothing to me. ”
Then he added. ” Furthermore, a free man ….
should not bow down to a slave. ”

” What do you mean? the sultan cried.

” You are a slave …. to anger and greed, ”
the dervish said calmly, looking the sultan
full in the face. ” I have made them my servants
…. and become a free man. ”

Recognizing the truth of what he heard, the sultan
…. bowed to the dervish ” …..

– Sufi Story







Text & image credit: Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Poems and Quotes)

Symbolism . . . the cup, the heart.


” Sufis talk about the cup. The cup is the heart.
Once it is filled with this faith in God, then it has a taste.
It tastes sweet.
And then this sweetness gradually gets deeper and deeper
until it becomes what the sufis call, Divine wine…..”

—Shaykh Ahmed Sidi Kostas




Photo & text credit: Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness

The soul should take care of the body but . . .


” The soul …. should take care of the body,
just as the pilgrim on his way to Makkah
takes care of his camel;
but if the pilgrim spends the whole time in
feeding and adorning his camel
…. the caravan will leave him behind,
and he will perish in the desert. ”

– Imam al- Ghazali

Photo & text credit: Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Poems and Quotes)

Do good…


” If thou desirest God to condone thy transgressions,

Do good to the people …. whom God created. ”

– Shaykh Sa’adi Shirazi




Photo & text credit: Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Poems and Quotes)

…but they keep no beads for idle words!


“People count with self-satisfaction the number of times they have Recited the name of God on their prayer beads,

but they keep no beads for Reckoning the number of idle words they speak”

– Imam al- Ghazali
Photo credit: Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Poems and Quotes)

Rather, God on High and Paradise!


Today is Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary! Occasions like this are veritable opportunities for all human beings of goodwill to reflect on their spiritual lives!

What indeed is religion?

What were the ideals of the various Truth bringers we follow? Are we living our lives according to those ideals or, simply harnessing ourselves to the cosmetic dogmas, doctrines and creeds of the clergy/cleric class?

What a great festive season it would have been; the birthday of the Prophet dovetailing into Christmas under the glare of the Full Moon, followed closely by the unfurling Rays of Love in the Festival of The Rose and the New Year’s celebrations! Sadly, ignorance, prejudice, bigotry and the like all combine to take the shine off an otherwise glorious season!

Ignorance and prejudice of those who judge the Prophet and his Mission from the negative conduct of many a believer; of those who have not made the effort to come close to the unadulterated accounts of the life and teachings of the Prophet before casting aspersions and taking standpoints!

Bigotry and intolerance of those who have made a one-sided, shallow, interpretation of Prophet Mohammad’s teachings and turned them into a religion of hate and vindictiveness!

We send our loving thoughts to the faithfuls who have absorbed the true teachings of the Prophet, and are continuously making the effort to live aright, as they celebrate his birth! May they find love, peace and joy!

May his lasts words as he lay on his death bed reverberate in the hearts of mankind:
“Rather, God on High and Paradise!”

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Sufi wisdom!


“Bringing joy to one heart with love
is better than one thousand repetitive prayer recitings”

~ Sufi saying ~





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Text source: Zura Shishani