small causes…Great Effects




“Symphonies begin with one note;
fires with one flame;
gardens with one flower;
and masterpieces with one stroke.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo


“Great things are done by a series
of small things brought together.”

– Vincent Van Gogh


“You may be capable of great things,
But life consists of small things.”

― Ming-Dao Deng






Texts & image source: Harmony

If you can see through . . . you will find the true messages.


If you can see through the layer of deceit
and controlling rules man has added to each religion,
you will find the true messages.





Text & image source: Whispers For The Soul

When you get the bill, be prepared to pay.


“Life will let you get away with something for a while,
but sooner or later, you will pay the price.
Everything you do in life causes the effects that you experience.
When you get the bill, be prepared to pay.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant




Text & image credit: Iyanla Vanzant

Grail Thoughts #27 . . . motherhood exists for your earthly body only, that is all!


“Womanhood, by virtue of her innate abilities
such as a razor sharp intuition/ keen gaze
and her God given role in creation…
stands on a pedestal, a prescribed height…….in The Light of the Creator.

She is to serve as a mediator to mankind….
showing the right way to go,……
Genuine womanhood, is the…sight of Humanity.
But….she must occupy her pedestal to fulfill this duty aright.

The Grail Message is crystal clear on the true and noble role of Womanhood.”

~ Flora Eziuche









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Friendly advice…


Balance your energies . . .




Photo & text credit: GODDESS CENTRAL

Symbolism #6…the Oak, As above, so below.


Druid means “One of the Oak” or “Oak Wise”
The Oak was thought of as a doorway to other worlds.
The word Door comes from the Celtic “Daur” which means Oak.
It’s roots go deep into the earth as its branches across the sky.
As above, so below.




Photo & text credit: GODDESS CENTRAL

Sunday reflection…Gifts of the spirit!


“Jealousy, malice, hate, backbiting
are not the fruits of the spirit of truth.
That which is of the spirit of truth
is manifested in patience, love, fellowship, kindness.
These cost nothing, yet make returns in dividends in peace.”

– Edgar Cayce. –




Photo & text source: Obinna Magnobi

The nightingale sings Because love is in its heart!


“If you find a trusted friend,
tell him the secrets of your soul.
If you see a rose, sing from your heart,
like a nightingale.”

~ Rumi





Photo & text credit: Rumi Page

Iris, the Rainbow Queen!


Gorgeous Iris,
symbol of the Greek goddess Iris;
the rainbow goddess and heavenly guide!



Photo credit: Kim Anderson @ ‎What’s in Bloom