Life doesn’t actually knock you down.

Life doesn’t actually knock you down. It does, however, provide you with
many opportunities to evaluate your standing in life: what you stand on,
what you stand for, how you stand within yourself and for yourself.

~ Iyanla Vanzant

Text & image credit: Iyanla Vanzant

#SoftTuesday . . . . The step ladder to real growth…

Love isn’t material. 
It’s energy.
It’s the feeling in a room, a situation, a person.
Money can’t buy it. 
Sex doesn’t guarantee it. 
It has nothing at all to do with the physical world,
but it can be expressed nonetheless.
We experience it as 
giving, mercy, 
and intimacy…

~Marianne Williamson

Text & image source: Obinna Magnobi

Ode To A Mystic

I hope for you 
The fires of transformation
that burns away the dross of ego
leaving oneness, love, and light.

May you breathe the breath of being
With the wings of an eagle to soar
Cultivating the heart of a mother
to give life on every shore

For you are the spring of heaven
A breeze in the desert of life
Giving hope to the hopeless and broken
Bringing grace, being, and light.

~Bob Holmes 

Text & image source: Contemplative Monk

I must try to be alone for part of each year…

I must try to be alone for part of each year… 
and part of each day… 
in order to keep my core, my center… 
Women must be still as the axis of a wheel 
in the midst of her activities. 
She must be the pioneer of achieving this stillness, 
not only for her own salvation, but for the salvation 
of family life, of society, perhaps even of our civilization.

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Text & image source: Marianne Gillis

Sunday reflection . . . . The realm is a sacred vessel

Whoever takes hold of the realm
And wants to manipulate it
Will have no peace.
The realm is a sacred vessel
That should not be interfered with.
Whoever touches it will spoil it.
Whoever grasps it will lose it.
Some lead and some follow,
Some breathe easily, some breathe hard,
Some are strong and some are weak,
Some destroy: some are destroyed.
So the wise avoid excess,
Avoid the pompous, and the arrogant.

~Tao te Ching, XXIX
Art: Hildegard of Bingen, Cosmic Tree of Life

Text & image: _/\_Peggy @ ECUMENICUS