High recognitions . . . The Little Flower Fairies



The Little Flower Fairies

The little flower fairies have the same radiant beauty as their great guardians. Their size varies according to the size of their flowers. However, they are hardly ever over six inches tall. Since the enteallic nations are also subject to a development process, the daughters of the flowers fairies are consequently very tiny little creatures.
All flowers, without exception, are under the fairies’ care. This, however, does not mean that there is a fairy in every flower; only especially protected flowers are directly cared for by the fairies. It is not too hard to spot these flowers, for in their luminosity and beauty they surpass all others. The flower fairies do not live in flowers of gross matter, but in the somewhat finer layer, which still belongs to the world of gross matter, and permeates Earth entirely, enveloping it as if it were another Earth.
Let’s take an exceptionally beautiful, earthly rosebush, for instance. In the exact place where it grows, or immediately around it, in the finer layer that encircles Earth, there is a much larger rosebush with correspondingly larger and more luminous flowers. It is in these flowers that the fairies live.
This earthly rosebush is, thus, completely enveloped by a much larger version of itself, invisible on Earth. The earthly roses receive some of live luminous energy from fairies who live in the roses of finer gross matter.
Everything that grows and lives on Earth, was formed according to models that were already developed in this somewhat finer layer of gross matter much before the condensation process on Earth began; this layer can also simply be called “intermediary layer.” Consequently, all flowers, whether they flourish in vases or on trees, are cared for by the fairies just as all other flowers.
Flower fairies surround all of the especially beautiful tree flowers located in protected places. They dance around them and radiate their energy towards them. When humanity had no burden on their souls, the fairies could often be seen dancing around the trees.
All fairies have transparent wings, as if woven by fine silver threads. The shapes of their wings defer from one another however. While some wings resemble those of butterflies, others resemble that of dragonflies; all of them, however, are very delicate and transparent. The dresses these small creatures wear are equally delicate and diaphanous, made of incredibly fine fabric , whose colours complement perfectly the colour of their particular flowers.
All fairies, except for the queen fairies, have long wavy hair, with a metallic-like shine, held back by slim bands. The queen fairies, who are somewhat bigger than the common fairies, wear a tiny flower crown, made of precious stones, on their small heads.
The fairies are the most wonderful little creatures that exist in Subsequent Creation. Long ago, when they still nurture warm feelings toward the human beings, they would often sit on the hands of women and children who cared for the flowers or who simply simply cherished their beauty.
Constrained by the intellect, human beings can no longer conceive how love and happiness used to envelop them while they were still connected to the enteals.

Roselis Von Sass: The Book Of The Last Judgment. (The author draws Inspiration from The Grail Message, In the Light of Truth by Abdruschin)





Text and image source: Andrew Ezeudegbe https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02Guk3pT2WTzpm61GCqAN4HqVRfVffDQzBEn5LXnWLnYKPzDpdYuLcNcKCQpeeri4Gl&id=100003959785265&mibextid=Nif5oz


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