Happy Spring Equinox!



🌼 Spring equinox 🌼

Woo hoo it’s that time of year everyone, warmer temperatures and some sunshine should be heading our way 🌞

It’s the season of growth and new life, a time to get into nature and watch them flowers bloom 🌷🪴 and look out for the birds, the bees and butterflies 🐝🦋🐧

There’s a variety of ways you can celebrate this equinox.

🌼 Get out on the garden, plant new flowers and food, enjoy giving new life and watch it flourish

🌄 Get out and witness the sunrise, awaken your body and mind, embrace the new day with the sun

🔥 Lots of cultures use fire to celebrate, get a bonfire going, gather with loved ones, set new intentions and release them into the flames

🎶 The good old spring clean. Open the windows, blast some music and boost your energy whilst you cleanse your home, wipe them winter months away!

💡 The Spring equinox brings balance, the perfect time for new beginnings. Clear your head and open up the mind to new possibilities, maybe there’s a project or idea to start!

Spring is my favourite time of year, I feel so connected to nature, I feel alive and energised and fresh, definitely like it’s a good time for new beginnings 💛 🥰

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Text and image source: Lindsey Victoria Collins @ Aurora Spiritual Health & Wellbeing https://www.facebook.com/groups/486201669594458/permalink/611020563779234/?mibextid=Nif5oz


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